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Author of this article: Xiao Shijing

I. Preface

I’ve been wearing my work uniform for more than a decade, and every weekend, I just want to take off my uniform and relax.

Opening my wardrobe is a comfortable and casual painting style, which is almost contracted by Uniqlo, GAP, and UR. I love these kinds of fast fashion brands that are comfortable and easy to wear:

At first glance, it is not amazing, it is not tired after watching for a long time, and it is simple and generous and does not be a demon.

In 2019, I have a new choice:

Lativ Sincere

Since its inception in 2007, Lativ has never had a physical store, only selling it through its own official channels.

But often on what is worth buying, it must leave an impression on this cost-effective leisure brand:

Reliable quality, low price, comfortable and versatile

, many of your friends are loyal fans.

I hate seeing each other late, and it is worth writing a 3,000-word long article to share my wearing experience.

Second, the impression of the Lativ brand

The unusual Lativ Chengyi did not open stores on Taobao and

There are three ways to buy sincere clothes:

Official website, mini program, app

Shopping in Chengyi does not require email registration, nor mobile phone verification, just use WeChat to scan the QR code to log in jointly, fast and convenient!

At the same time, the official website of Chengyi also gives people the feeling of being clean and tidy, just like its clothes are simple and fresh.

There are many basic clothing brands on the market, among which sincere clothes are famous for their high cost performance: Polo shirt 38 yuan ~ 69 yuan, T-shirt 19 ~ 49 yuan, dress 69 ~ 99 yuan, it is not easy to find a dress with hundreds of prices in their home in season!

The reason why daddy and granny like sincere clothes is that their children’s clothes are not only of good quality, but also cheaper!!

I can’t get my hands on the high price when I see the high price in the mother and baby store, and everything is harmonious when I open the clothes.

The price range of children’s clothing is concentrated in 19~39 yuan, and all of them, hats, shoes and socks, can be bought from the inside to the outside.

If I see such cheap children’s clothing from unknown brands on the side of the road, I may not dare to buy them. However, Chengyi’s clothing has been tested by a state-recognized third-party organization, so you can buy it with peace of mind.

If there is any bad experience in shopping in sincere clothes, it is that I personally feel that the styles are not rich enough, and individual colors are quickly broken on the shelves.

In addition, Chengyi’s user evaluation only has text and no photos, and people who are accustomed to turning over buyers’ show photos to make consumption decisions will be a little uncomfortable.

Then I’ll be the photo party for this hair show today!

Third, Lativ women’s upper body experience

Chengyi’s women’s clothing style is similar to Uniqlo and Muji, fresh and natural, taking a practical and versatile route. I chose a few timeless pieces to try on, all of them without stepping on the thunder, and even a few exceeded my expectations.

1. Ultra-light portable sweatshirt (price: 89 yuan)

Entering the spring, summer, autumn and winter shuffle season, a thin and portable sweatshirt is the life-saving item of the season – it can be folded and stored about the size of a pen pouch and can be easily placed in the bag to cope with the weather.

In addition to portability, the skin-friendly nature of this sweatshirt is also great! The texture is soft and light, and it hardly feels when worn on the body, as if it is integrated with the body.

Sincere ultra-light portable sweatshirt has 8 colors, fresh bean green is most suitable for spring, with T-shirts and polo shirts can be, the upper body is particularly thin!

It is worth mentioning that

All products use YKK zippers

, which further highlights the high cost performance of this 89 yuan sweatshirt.

Light portable coat – women

85 RMB

Mini program

2. Flannel shirt (price: 79 yuan)

The flannel shirt is very colorful and the 12 checks are eye-catching. Fortunately, the products of Chengyi have multi-colored tiled photos, and the differences in 12 decors can be quickly identified.

At present, flannel shirts are almost out of season, two pieces of 7.5% off are very affordable, but unfortunately individual colors are broken.

With a bow collar buckle, you can effectively prevent plaid shirts from becoming “programmer overalls”. A small item that makes a plaid shirt salty or sweet.

The flannel fabric is a little heavier than the gram of regular cotton shirt, and the fine fluff on the surface is soft to the touch, which is my favorite skin-friendly texture.

It must be reminded that flannel shirts are consumables, and the wear resistance of various brands of flannel shirts is average.

Whether expensive or cheap, after wearing a flannel shirt for two or three years, the neckline and cuffs are not as delicate as when they first bought it. Washing with slow water for daily washing is a good way to protect your clothes. But I recommend a more straightforward approach – buy often! Always wear and always new!

The original price of the flannel shirt of Chengyi is 79 yuan, often discounted, and it is not distressing to buy a new one every year.

Flannel plaid shirt – women

59 RMB

3. Oxford tunic dress (price: 89 yuan)

I love clean shirt dresses that can traverse multiple occasions.

Legend has it that the e-commerce industry does not look for dresses under 128 yuan to fall in love? Pierced the heart… I often buy shirts and dresses for less than 128 yuan.

For girls who love makeup, light-colored shirts are consumables, and it is inevitable that the neckline will rub foundation liquid after wearing it for a long time, and it cannot be washed off for a long time, so it is more reasonable to buy Changxin often.

The Oxford tunic dress has pink and white stripes and blue and white stripes, and the rounded hem of the lower body can be high. However, I feel that it is more suitable for a slim girl, and I am a little embarrassed to wear it, reminding myself to lose weight.

Oxford tunic dress – women

4. Printed T-shirt (price: 49 yuan)

You can’t find a T-shirt of more than 50 yuan in Chengyi, even if it is a well-known IP co-brand.

At present, the co-branded T-shirts on sale include Snoopy, Disney, Pixar, Moomins, etc.~

Snoopy’s t-shirt was so cute that I bought two.

White is embroidered, blue is printed, I prefer white! Not only is the chest embroidery finely made, but the background color is not dull pure white, it is a twist white mixed with gray and beige, fresh and naturally not cheap.

Another blue print T-shirt is not a single blue, but a twisted blue mixed with gray tones. I prefer a variety of twist-colored T-shirts, so I bought another Zootopia twist powder.

The color difference between the product photos and the real thing is very small, each piece of clothing uses macro photos to show the material of the clothing, and the models are also Chinese faces, basically what you see is what you get, praise.

Disney collection pocket print T-shirt – 71-woman

49 yuan

Snoopy print T-shirt-02-female

35 RMB

Snoopy pocket print T-shirt – 23-woman

5. Shorts (Price: 49~59 yuan)

I like to wear small terry shorts with a T-shirt.

I have to say, this is the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn! It’s great to be able to wear it at home and out in line with my daily laid-back temperament.

If I want to wear a fresh and energetic feeling, I will choose elastic shorts in a sincere shirt, this one comes in 8 colors, and it will be a hindrance for people to choose. I like the soft and breathable feeling can choose cotton and linen shorts, I want the red and yellow code break, residual thoughts…

Small terry shorts – women

45 yuan

Cotton and linen casual shorts – women

69 RMB

Elastic shorts – women

6. Polo shirt (price: 59 yuan)

Chengyi’s Polo shirt focuses on sweat absorption, classic design, not easy to make mistakes. The neckline and sleeves are also a modest length. Although the sense of fashion is almost meaningful, the effect of reducing age is still there.

The breathable material of the polo shirt mesh is thin and thick to the touch, striking a balance between wrinkle resistance and washability and soft comfort.

Sweat-absorbing mesh elastic horizontal polo shirt – women

55 RMB

Pima cotton stretch polo shirt – women

40 yuan

4. Children’s clothing fitting experience

Children grow too fast, children’s clothing will not be able to wear until the second season, but the price of children’s clothing in physical stores really can’t be seen directly.

The price of children’s clothing in sincere clothes is very close to the people:

T-shirt + shirt + cotton and linen trousers, get a children’s three-piece set in your early hundreds, super affordable!

In terms of quality, the children’s clothing of Chengyi is also quite reliable: the clothing is soft and comfortable to the touch, and it also meets the national standard and has been tested by third-party institutions recognized by third-party countries, so you can wear it to children with peace of mind.

T-shirt prints are also a favorite cartoon element for children, and boys and girls look good when wearing them.

Good quality and low price, you can also buy parent-child clothing in sincere clothes. The family is neatly dressed with happiness and warmth.

Snoopy print T-shirt-02-Tong

29 yuan

Pixar print T-shirt-09-children

Pixar print T-shirt-04-Tong

Check short-sleeved shirt – children

39 yuan

5. Men’s try-on experience

What is worth buying There are many men’s try-on experiences, and I will briefly talk about my buying experience here.

1. A wealth of basic items, simple and easy to match.

2. Each piece of clothing has real photos, and almost all clothes have model upper body pictures. The photos on the official website are color-corrected, and the color difference is not much from the real thing.

3. The size information on the product detail page is accurate, but the size standards are not exactly the same for different styles of tops. It is recommended to refer to the detail page for the first time purchase, do not place an order intuitively.

Bought an ultra-thin jacket for my husband. He said that the fabric is comfortable, the cut is close-fitting, and it can be quickly folded into a small bag, and the whole process is completed in less than 1 minute; The embroidery on the chest of the polo shirt is very fine, and the upper body is breathable and refreshing; The cotton and linen shirt can be worn inside or outside, and Lao Luo has the same navy blue color.

Light portable jacket – men

Sweat-absorbing mesh badge polo shirt – men

Cotton and linen long-sleeved shirt – men

89 RMB

6. Price analysis

The pricing of Chengyi is still very beautiful, and it is not easy to find a single item of more than 100 yuan in Chengyi in spring and summer.

The price range of women’s clothing is concentrated in the range of 50~80 yuan, men’s clothing is concentrated in the range of 60~90 yuan, and children’s clothing is concentrated in 20~50 yuan.

Compared with similar fast fashion brands of printed T-shirts, polo shirts, and flannel shirts, the price of similar products in Chengyi is always half cheaper than others.

In terms of shipping threshold, Chengyi has risen from 99 yuan package SF in the early years to 149 yuan package SF Express now, which is not very friendly to people who only buy one item. But there is an objective fact that most online stores of fast fashion brands have a free shipping threshold.

In terms of preferential promotions, Chengyi often has 2 pieces of 75% off, two pieces of 88% off and special event discounts. Especially women’s clothing, more than half of the goods on the entire page are on sale, whether it is the old model of the season or the new model of the season: some are a few dollars cheaper, and some are cleared at half price.

However, Chengyi does not support “sorting by price”, and it will be time-consuming to come here to scan ultra-low-priced goods. For me personally, what I need is “sort by new” and “filter by size” to save me time in selection.

7. Quality analysis

What is the quality of sincere clothes? This topic can never be debated on what is worth buying, Zhihu, and Douban, because the “quality standards” in everyone’s minds are different.

As the saying goes: 1 cent 1 cent, 2 cents 2 cents, 1 yuan 3 cents; Sincere clothes belong to the 2 cent standard. If you spend 59 yuan to fantasize about buying 599 yuan of quality, it is purely unrealistic fantasy.

Compare the few fast fashion brands common in shopping malls: ZARA, H&M, C&A, UNIQLO… The quality of Chengyi’s summer wear can reach above the average line, while the pricing is the lowest.

I have 20 dresses in my closet, all of good quality, no shocking items. Unlike the summer clothes of some European and American fast fashion brands, hanging on the shelves from a distance looks like a rag, and holding it in my hand is thin like a baby sweat towel, I have no desire to try it on at all.

Fast fashion brand summer wear is a consumable, itself is not designed to wear for three or five years, I only care about wearing a whole season, whether the clothes do not fade, do not go out of shape, do not shrink, do not hair, want to understand this, you will feel that sincere clothes are worth it.

Finally, to summarize my 5 favorite items for spring and summer 2019——

1. Women’s ultra-light portable sweatshirt

2. Women’s small terry shorts

3. Children’s Pixar print T-shirt

4. Children’s sports trousers

5. Men’s cotton and linen shirts

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85 RMB

85 RMB

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

Mini program

49 yuan

45 yuan

69 RMB

29 yuan

29 yuan