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#What to wear today#

#Celebrities teach you how to wear#

#Trendy Style Outfit#

I don’t know what kind of outfit you little sisters and their boyfriends have chosen to go out to show affection? Xiaobian thinks that couples wear the most

Perfect for small couples

In all kinds

Holidays, anniversaries

The outfit is out.

But many girls are not very good at choosing such clothing, Xiaobian really recommends everyone to choose T-shirt styles

Couple outfits

, both simple and comfortable and very suitable

Various occasions

‘s outfit is not so difficult for boys to accept.

So let’s follow the footsteps of the editor to see Wu Minxia and her husband

T-shirt wear

, refer to their collocation.

Wu Minxia and her husband are really husband and wife in the same frame, wearing the same suit to go out

Show affection,

It looks really good, and the simple blue-black T-shirt and slim jeans also make them wear it


Little couples, learn from them

Let’s match it.

Next, the editor will analyze them with you

T-shirt matching

to see where it’s worth it

Pay attention and learn

of it.

Clothing matching analysis

Blue and black T-shirt

Blue-black is a very

Outstanding color

Well, it looks more vibrant than black.

And more dirt-resistant than white,

And the blue-black cotton fabric has

Sense of premium

It is a color that is especially suitable for daily wear.

The blue-black color combination is also very simple, like matching

Light blue, black, brown, white

It’s all very good-looking, so you can feel free to make a bold choice


It is used as a color scheme for clothing.


Blue-black T-shirts have many styles for girls, and you can match them if you want to be ladylike

Black gauze dress

, or you can choose to wear it with jeans

Casual comfort.

And for boys, it might be a match

Jeans, leggings, cargo pants, cropped styles

Such a sporty style, but it is a very youthful and energetic match, and completely

Don’t worry about rollovers


Slim fit jeans

There are many choices of jeans, and you can choose a slimmer fit

Body curves

Retouched out, and selected

More lenient

Jeans to cover up and cover up ours

Small drawbacks

, for people with not very good legs like X-legs and O-legs,

Loose fit

The pants are simply a lifesaver when matching.

However, it is also necessary to match the loose-fit pants

Pay more attention

, otherwise it is easy to give people a visual one

Feeling obese.

◇ Points: Slim jeans

I believe that everyone is very clear and can match it well, so the editor wants to remind everyone that is

Loose fit jeans

The matching of loose jeans can not be blindly matched

Loose T-shirt and top.

This will make the whole look like it

It’s very bloated.

So we have to be visually different, like narrow at the top and wide at the bottom

Bright enough


Isn’t it still unfinished to see the little friends here? Then let’s take a look at Wu Minxia

Other T-shirt wear,

See if there are more

Pairing skills


More clothing matching tips

Light blue T-shirt with khaki wide-leg pants

Light blue like this

Bright tones

The color is very suitable for energetic little girls, especially for the student party.

You can show your own style and embellish it

Skin condition.

Cartoon print T-shirt


, whether adults or children can choose such clothing, it is especially suitable as a parent-child clothing, and it really matches

No difficulty


We want it when matching it with a light blue T-shirt

Pay attention to the coordination of colors

Oh, and the light blue and lighter colors are more compatible, like khaki, smoke, and of course it is the same as those

Versatile colors

Like black and white, it is very suitable.

Xiaobian recommends that everyone try to choose pants that suit their body when matching T-shirts, this matching is

The most brilliant


Simple white T-shirt with flared pants

Simple printed white T-shirts are in everyone’s wardrobe

Very common

But the difference we choose to match makes the difference

Style and character.

So the editor believes that there is no best collocation, only the most

Suit your own collocation

, and the printing pattern is real

Very versatile


No matter what it is, anyone can match it well, for collocation

Xiaobai and the student party

How can there be no such a versatile T-shirt?

We have a lot of options when it comes to matching printed T-shirts, and we can do it with a small modification of the T-shirt

Enhance the T-shirt design.

Like many outfit bloggers will choose in

Left of T-shirt


Tie up on the right

Part of it, go together

More eye-catching

, or roll up to show off your waist is also a good choice.

Slim striped T-shirt paired with slim jeans

Slim T-shirt to be honest for the figure

The test is great

, so small editor

It is not recommended for everyone to choose

, and it is not so simple to match clothes of this shape.

If you are not careful, it is easy to reveal yourself

Small fat on the stomach

Yes, the striped pattern editor recommends everyone to choose

Wider horizontal lines

will be a better match.

The slim T-shirt editor will recommend everyone to choose


, so that it will be matched


, such as matching suspenders, slip skirts, wide-leg pants, shorts, short skirts are all very good matches.


The pattern of the horizontal pattern

It will also make people look visually


A little, for girls with small meat

A little friendlier.

Wu Minxia and her husband are in the same frame and love, although the dress is simple, but the couple T-shirt

It’s quite eye-catching

。 The editor really recommends the little couple to learn Wu Minxia’s

T-shirt matching

Yes, really

Simple and eye-catching

If you have any doubts about wearing a T-shirt, please come to the comment area

Let’s discuss with the editor

Couple outfits