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As a pet owner for many years, especially a person who has raised corgi, there is really a headache, that is, the dog hair in the house. People say that corgi loses hair twice a year, once for half a year. This sentence is really not said in vain, so I gave my dog a nickname, called “hair shedding monster”. I think many pet owners will have the same troubles as me, it is true that pets can bring us a lot of happiness, but the daily maintenance of pets still requires us to consume a lot of energy.

Recently started a pet artifact on Xiaomi Youpin, Mao Mama G2 pet multi-function hair groomer, you can know from the name, this product is mainly for pet hair, so what is the magic, let’s evaluate it.

Unboxing Review:

Mao Mama G2 pet multi-function hair groomer, the whole machine is divided into several parts, which are the host, hose, and functional head. After unpacking, you can see that the size of the whole machine is 290mm long, 210mm high, 132mm wide, using high-quality ABS material, light and durable, weighing only 2kg, and will not occupy too much space in any position in the home.

The hose is 1.3 meters long for easy use. Although the length of the hose is relatively long, it is stored in a circular shape along the fuselage, and it does not need to occupy too much space when it is usually stored.

There are only two buttons on the pure white body, the switch button and the wind adjustment key, and the minimalist design makes the operation easier.

In addition to the main machine, there are also five different types of functional heads, namely vacuum shearing head, vacuum comb head, vacuum thin comb, vacuum cleaning brush, vacuum suction head, by replacing these special function function heads, you can achieve the use of different functions.

Usage Reviews:

Before, we had to go to the pet store every month to take care of our pets. Now with the Mao Mama G2 pet multi-function hair groomer, you can enjoy the care services of the pet store at home. You can easily give your pet a care.

Hair loss is one of the most common difficulties in our daily life, replace the vacuum comb head, and the pet comb on the market is roughly the same design, the area of the comb is relatively large, many fine hair comb teeth on it, blunt round needles, easy not jammed,

It also does not cause damage to the pet’s skin. During use, fine hairs such as floating hairs can be inhaled into the machine through the suction pore in the middle of the comb, so that the hair will not fly everywhere. Long hairs will be on the comb, push the back of the comb, you can easily remove the combed hair.

When summer comes, pets are also more difficult, after all, there are no sweat glands on their bodies, and the body temperature of pets is higher than that of humans, which makes them hotter. In summer, pet hair removal is more serious, so thinning hair in advance is also a wise choice. Change to vacuum thin comb, you can easily thin pet hair, will not cut short, only thin, mainly for hair removal, the effect is obvious. The thinned hair will also be quickly inhaled into the dust cup through the suction port at the lower part of the comb.

There is also a very practical function, that is, the shearing function. The shape is also the same as our common electric clippers. Replace it with a vacuum shearing head, and you can shear your pet. Suck while cutting, eliminate hair pollution, this time, the Mao mother G2 pet multi-function hair groomer innovatively combines electric clippers and “vacuum cleaners”, no longer afraid of the embarrassment of hair falling to the ground and flying everywhere when cutting hair.

The shearing head adopts imported alloy knife head, which is physically cooled by the knife head, safe and wear-resistant, and more safe and secure during use. At the same time, it also provides 4 optional sizes of limit combs, which are 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 4 lengths can be switched at will. Meet the needs of cutting hair of different lengths.

Finally, there are vacuum cleaning brushes and vacuum suction heads, which are also very practical accessories. Use a cleaning brush and a flat shampoo to clean the pet hair on the sofa and bed. It is also possible to clean up sticky hairs on clothing, or many sanitary dead spots. You can also use a brush to suck off the dust and dirt of your pet’s feet to prevent problems such as odor and interditis on the feet, which is still very practical.

During use, noise control is also good. Using low-noise motor, wind motor design, using the power of the wind to drive the knife head to run, in normal times, there is no excessive noise, but it brings a strong suction power, the cut hair is sucked into the dust cup, up to 98% of the hair is recycled into the 1L dust cup, the dust cup is easy to disassemble. And with large capacity, there is no need to pour the wool frequently.

On the whole, the Mao Mama G2 pet multi-function hair groomer integrates several functions such as combing, shaving, hair removal, and furniture cleaning. Let pet owners easily take care of their pets at home, and the innovative design, so that the process of care, become more relaxed and clean, really deep in my heart, I think you pet owners will also be attracted by its practical functions after starting.