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What brand of women’s sandals is good?

NO.1 Belle

Belle is China’s No. 1 women’s shoe brand, including leather bags, belts, wallets, business card holders, suitcases, leather care products, etc. It provides fashionable, elegant and easy-to-match women’s footwear products for the majority of female consumers. Belle advocates “Variety, the pursuit of different life experiences and life experiences, and the display of inner and outer perfection in the change.” So the “beauty” attitude is a fashion concept recognized by Chinese consumers.

NO.2 He her

He She is a women’s shoe brand of Belle Company, also known as She He. Tata’s website summarizes his brand culture as “Walk the way of love.” The service targets are white-collar women aged 20-35. He and she described the “stepping” sound when the leather shoes hit the ground, which means thanks; It symbolizes the fast pace of the city, represents the “feeling of gratitude”, advocates the sincere dedication between people, and advocates a positive attitude and healthy life.

NO.3 Spider King

Spider King Group is headquartered in Wenzhou, one of the “Top Ten Most Dynamic Cities in China”, and was founded on March 15, 1996. The predecessor of the group was Yongjia County Wuhuanqi Shoes Co., Ltd., which was still a small family-type workshop, renting other people’s factories, with only more than 100 employees, mainly producing women’s shoes, with a daily output of hundreds of pairs, and doubling the annual output from 1996 to 2001; On June 2, 2004, it was changed to Spider King Group Co., Ltd., which is now a large-scale private non-regional group company with footwear industry as the leader and diversified development.

NO.4 Mulinsen

Mullinsen is the first brand in China to use the latest high-tech fabrics and boldly apply leading expertise to the shoemaking process. Each finished shoe is made by the best designers exclusive to the brand, they pursue harmony, yearn for freedom, advocate nature, love life, pursue health, absolute practicality and comfort is the primary mission of the birth of every finished shoe. Therefore, every wearer of Mulinsen can feel a kind of natural happiness.

NO.5 days of good intentions

(Originally created by Hong Kong Miribo Group and acquired by Belle, a famous women’s shoe brand in the industry, a large-scale professional women’s shoe manufacturer, Belle International Holdings Limited) Tian Meiyi is a women’s shoe brand created for young women under Belle Women’s Shoes. The brand symbolizes the cultural life of the young generation, and its vitality and sense of the times are deeply loved by young people, becoming synonymous with “young, fashionable and leisure”, creating extraordinary achievements.

NO.6 Saturday

The ST&SAT women’s shoe brand is mainly young and fashionable. The operating brands are mainly young and fashionable, and the company has a standardized huge sales network and a professional brand operation team. The main brand “ST&SAT” (Saturday) has become a popular endorsement brand in the minds of Chinese fashion women, leading the fashion of China’s women’s footwear industry and becoming a fashion women’s shoe brand with a unique style favored by popular women.

NO.7,000 Baidu

Thousands of Women, a fashion brand rich in culture and romance, contains Milanese fashion trends, and is one of the main brands of Miramar Industries. The chief designer is a well-known Italian fashion designer, the design style is stylish, simple, comfortable and dynamic, keeping up with the world fashion trend. Since entering the Chinese mainland market in 1995, it has won the love of urban Chinese women.

NO.8 Daphne

The name “Daphne” comes from Greek mythology, with Daphne’s D as the basic element. Whether it is a girl of today or a woman of tomorrow, a confident woman will be guided by Daphne – a new birth. This mythical women’s shoe logo design is simple and generous, giving people simplicity and cleanliness, often simple things will give people a pleasing to the eye, coupled with mythology, its logo design uses Greek elements, covering Daphne with a veil.

NO.9 Senda

Founded in 1977, Senda Group is now a national large-scale enterprise, the vanguard of the national footwear industry, and the director unit of the National Leather Shoes and Tourism Shoes Professional Committee. The group has 7 member companies and 48 sales branches. There are 11,000 employees, including 1,508 college and secondary school students and scientific research personnel; The company covers an area of 4 million square meters and has net assets of 5.3 billion yuan; Senda trademark has been fully registered in nearly 20 countries and regions and 42 categories of trademarks, and is the first well-known trademark in China in the leather shoe industry, with a trademark value of 2.842 billion yuan, entering the ranks of 20 major famous brands in China.

NO.10 Red dragonfly

Red Dragonfly Group started in March 1995 and is located in Wenzhou. It is a national non-regional enterprise group integrating the main shoe industry, real estate purchase, department store format, education industry and financial investment. Red Dragonfly Group has become a national medium-sized enterprise, one of China’s top 500 private enterprises, one of the top ten national industries, a key private enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a “five batch” enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and has been rated as a major taxpayer in the industry for many consecutive years, and is a leading brand and enterprise in China’s footwear industry.

However, most of the boutique styles of the above brands are developed and produced in Guangzhou. So you get the idea!! If you want to keep up with fashion trends, please pay attention to Luxi Eslite.