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The most basic black leggings are a must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s really surprising how practical it is, so over the years, despite the trend changing, black leggings are still one of the must-have items. Just how versatile it really is, let me tell you!

Small leg pants are not static, and today’s small leg pants have gradually bid farewell to the previous era of only functionality, and are more and more full of healthy and sexy taste and modern atmosphere. A 16-year-old girl can wear a youthful and lively feeling, and a 40-year-old woman can wear an elegant and mature plump. So black pencil pants are even more of a blank piece of paper, allowing you to freely describe your preferences.

The combination of black small leg pants can be said to be completely undifficult. Its biggest rule is: wear black single shoes, naked boots/boots… Matching shoes of the same color can make your legs longer and thinner. It’s just a yard of color! Keeping this principle in mind, no legs are bound to be visually elongated.

Wear single shoes and high heels according to different occasions. Pair it with a shirt and a small suit to easily create a stylish OL style.

For casual occasions, go out comfortably with long sweaters, board shoes, T-shirts, and flat shoes.

Autumn and winter priming, with boots is also easy and stress-free. Warm and show long legs, closed eyes to build one.

And the black leggings are also no difficulty in style. All kinds of rides!

Routine 1: Motorcycle jacket + black leggings

In the cold winter, wear a motorcycle fur integrated jacket, stylish and warm, with small leg pants that modify the shape of the legs, who is handsome enough!

Not only is this outfit strong and clean, but it can easily handle other sexy, personal pieces. Black is a universal color, and the colorful leather jackets that are usually difficult to match also have the best partner!

Black ripped jeans are a must-have for fashionistas! It is made of denim material, which is not easy to deform! Not easy to break! It has stretch and is a good pair of pants to match all year round. The size of the hole can be adjusted according to your liking, and the hole will be cut with scissors and will become larger with your movements, squatting and other movements, making the comfort more comfortable!

Routine 2: Bomber jacket + black leggings

The bomber jacket, which has been red for several years, is still a hot item this year, and the oversize style can also be selected, and the bottom is paired with black small leg pants, and it is strictly forbidden to follow the principle of wide top and tight bottom. The effect of showing thin and tall!

The cropped jacket design highlights the waistline, and when worn with small leg pants, it instantly looks like long legs.

For these leggings, we used a matte new pineapple pattern high-stretch fabric, its stretch is large and not deformed, the hips and calves are wrapped very well, plus the double-layer protective belt design of the high-waist tummy and buttocks, after wearing it, it is really capitalized and bold to show thinness, and can also move freely.

Routine 3: Coat + black leggings

Heavy coat, if you want to wear a non-bloated effect, black leggings are definitely your must-have. No matter how you layer it, what color, wearing it has its own relaxed attitude. Choose black leg pants, coat color and style are at your disposal, who wears the effect who knows!

It is worth mentioning that for all kinds of loose and heavy coats, when you need to show the effect of thinning, you must use small leg pants, only by highlighting the thin legs, you can survive the cold season without being bloated. This rule applies to all oversize tops.

This skinny, high-rise style has slightly frayed cropped cuffs that are faded for a natural look, while the sleek cropped frayed cuffs are perfect for striking statement shoes and the nostalgic washed hue for easy styling.

Routine 4: denim jacket + black leggings

Denim jackets are also one of the versatile items, how can you not have one? Paired with black leggings, young and playful.

If you are afraid that it is too dull, you can choose a printed denim jacket, and the printing style will be more playful.

Mid-high waist design, wide rubber band at the waistband, metal tooth zipper at the cuff zipper, zipper in two sizes, toothless closed square corner zipper, back pocket of trousers is a seam pocket, there are four decorative rivets at the seam, the pocket should be pressed out of the pocket-shaped open thread, exquisite craftsmanship.

Routine 5: Hoodie + black leggings

Hoodies are athleisure, and small leg pants can visually stretch the proportion of the whole person, which is taller and younger.

If you choose a black hoodie with black leggings, you can make your already thin body thinner, and with ripped jeans will look more youthful and energetic, look simple and feeling.

If you don’t have a tall figure, it is recommended to choose a short hoodie that can raise the waistline and pair it with boots with heels to say goodbye to dwarves.

The bullet force of the pants is just right, not tight, and it will not be too elastic to cause pine cedar to leak, so the insulation effect of the pants is good. The pants are a low-to-mid-rise design with straight feet that show straight legs and a tall and thin fit.

Tips for choosing black leggings:

One. Choose leg pants with a tight fabric that shrinks the leg shape. This can effectively modify the shape of the legs and wrap the fat on the legs.

Two. If you choose ripped leg pants, the hole opening at the knee should not be too low. This visually stretches the leg length.

Three. Choose a high-rise style. Everyone knows the principle!

Four. It is best to choose a length that exposes the ankle.