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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The model you see on Taobao is a hit at a glance,

Fortunately, the style is simple, and it is not difficult to imitate,

It’s just lazy and didn’t knit hats,

Because it is big red, and it has a favorite ruffle,

Hence the name Warm Lotus.


I imitated

Thread: Aimejia cashmere blend, 24/2 strands

Needles: ruffles 3.75mm, machine side 3.0mm, main body and sleeves 3.25mm

Garment size: front piece 37cm, back piece 43cm, chest circumference

It is said that it is a little fat for a 4-year-old baby

Pattern weaving

It’s very simple, it’s a twist, because it was woven by looking at the original, so I drew a picture myself. On the side is an 8-stitch twist, twisted every 8 rows.

The middle cannabis costs 12 stitches, 8 stitches every 8 rows, that is, the first time the right 8 stitches are screwed, the second time the left 8 stitches, the third time the right 8 stitches …

The back pattern is 36 stitches, and the front pattern is subtracted from an 8-stitch twist on the side

Compilation Instructions

1. Ruffles: This model is woven from the bottom up, first use the ruffles of the 9-gauge needle (3.75mm) to knit the hem, and start the needle with the thread, starting from 600 knitting unit treasure 4cm.

The machine side changes the 11-gauge needle (3.0mm) 2 and 1, becomes 300 needles, 5 rows of lower needles, one row of upper needles, 3 rows of lower needles, remove the pin for suturing, and break the stitch.

2. Minute hand: use 10 money (3.25mm) to pick and weave a row of flat needles on the upper needle on the side of the machine. Because he looked a little fat, he lost 10 stitches in this circle.

Front piece: placket single ribbed 15 stitches + pattern 26 stitches + flat needle 35 stitches = 75 stitches

Back piece: 36 needles in the middle pattern + 52*2 = 140 needles on both sides

3. Post-sheet leadback: After knitting a row of flat needles, start to return the circular pendulum of the weaving back sheet: first weave the 42 needles in the middle of the back sheet, and then lead back to both sides, 2-5-3, 2-4-3, 2-3-3, 2-2-4

After the return is completed, the needles are reduced on both sides of the body, 2 stitches are reduced on the front and back pieces, and 1 stitch is reduced in the next 4 rows, for a total of 12 stitches in 3 times. The front sheet is woven with 3 rows of buttonholes, and the next 24 rows are opened

4. Bat sleeve: After the front and rear pieces are woven one inch, start to divide the pieces, and add needles on both sides of the front and rear pieces to form the bat sleeve: 2-1-6, 2-2-6, 2-3-6, 2-4-6, 2-5-3, 2-8-1

After adding the bat sleeve, the flat weave 28 lines begin to lead the reduction needle, 2-5-20

(Bat sleeves add needles, put mark buckles to facilitate stitching with the front piece)

5. Cuffs: Use 11 gauge needles to pick 70 needles, 4 rows of lower needles, 1 row of upper needles, 2 rows of lower needles to form the machine side, stitching. Then use the 9-gauge needle to pick the weaving unit treasure on the upper needle of the machine side, and pick two needles for one needle.

(Add ruffles to the sleeves too)

6. Collar: hook a circle of short needles with 2.0 crochet needles, 4 pick 3, hook a circle of short needles, the second row, hook 6 long needles of fan flowers, the third row hook three 3 braid edge needles on each fan, end.