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Vietnamese agarwood is famous for its “sweet” taste, and in this narrow strip, famous products are gathered, each of which is “sweet” and has rich connotations.

Vietnamese Nha Trang Agarwood – sweet and delicious

Nha Trang agarwood is famous for Qinan, and its biggest feature is sweet and cool. And Nha Trang agarwood, although not as cool and strong as Qinan, but also refreshing. Nha Trang agarwood is a typical “honey knot” agarwood, the aroma is sweet, explosive, with a drilled nose aroma similar to Qinan, straight to the brain, exhilarating and comfortable, can be used to taste incense, brew wine, make tea, and use medicine.

Vietnamese Hoi An Agarwood – Sweet and elegant

Hoi An agarwood has a long history and is the nameplate of Vietnamese agarwood, and many people know agarwood from Hoi An agarwood. The sweetness of Huian agarwood has a slight bitter aroma, which not only does not destroy the overall sweetness, but adds an elegance to it, giving people an elegant and vulgar feeling. In Chinese medicine, such a bittersweet aroma means that it has the effect of clearing the mind and relieving depression, releasing heat, strengthening yin, and tonifying and synthetic.

Vietnamese Fusen red clay – sweet

Among Vietnamese agarwood, Fusen red clay agarwood is the most expensive, and the quality is even comparable to Qinan. The sweetness of Fusen red clay agarwood has a touch of transparency, which is the most refreshing and pleasant after tasting. Fusen red clay has been buried for decades, and the wood in the incense has been carbonized, which is most suitable for open flame burning. Once lit, the clear sweet breath gushes out, without the slightest woody smell and miscellaneous smell, and then it is soft and gentle, melodious and flowing, with a touch of joy, which is intoxicating.

Vietnamese Hue Agarwood – pure sweet

Vietnamese Hue Agarwood is less famous than the previous ones, but it also produces high-quality agarwood. Hue was called Fuchun in ancient times, and the color of agarwood is reddish-brown, the fragrance is heavy, and it smells slightly sweet. Hue submersible material is mostly black shell-shaped, is a special submersible material, sweet aroma, like sucrose, dense and pure aroma.

Vietnamese forest with oud – sweet and fresh

Vietnamese Lin Tong also produces Qinan, and agarwood is often shipped to Nha Trang distribution centers for sale, but compared with the sweet and cool fragrance of Nha Trang agarwood, the sweetness of Lin Tong Agarwood is another style. Vietnamese forest with agarwood with the original material, the unique smell of earth agarwood, smell restrained, burning open, seems to have vanilla, woody aroma, the aftertaste is far and mild. Elegant but not floating, thick but not drunk.