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The most temperamental children’s coiled hair, in the process of braiding, it should be noted that the three strands are basically based on the standard. The twist should be braided delicately and firmly, so that the whole hairstyle will look full. Finally, pair it with a simple and generous bow underneath the hair, which can be a low-key pure white hair accessory. In this way, the delicate little beauty was born.

Starting from the bangs to knit twists, it is a somewhat improved version. Pay attention to the relatively relaxed technique, so that the whole shape will have a fluffy and natural effect. The rose red headband is matched in the twist, which looks very temperamental. The flowers curled into a spiral shape at the ends look very interesting and show the noble temperament of the little princess.

This hairstyle is more widely used. The little girl’s bangs can be natural straight bangs, and the hair on the top of the head is programmed into two thin centipede braids, with brightly colored headbands, which can increase the fun of the entire hairstyle. The coiled hair itself is very testing of the mother’s technique, if it is a new mother, you need to use hairdressing tools.

If you don’t like too complicated hair curls, your mother’s hair braiding technique is not particularly proficient. I highly recommend this very ingenious hair braid. Five-strand braided hair, fashionable and atmospheric, when tying hair, according to the length of the hair, tie the hair ends into several small segments. The whole hairstyle is done in one go, and it goes well with clothes.

Now many mothers like to give their little princess, in the process of braiding hair with a variety of brightly colored headbands, this hairband braid, the main red and silver, feel a warm charm? Hair is simple, just wear it with a headband to create a stylish twist look, perfect when paired with a bow in the same color.

This must be Amway to all princess mothers, unique fishnet hairstyle, like a beautiful mermaid princess, giving people a light and elegant temperament. The design of the hair ends is also clever, and the two different styles of hair are tied with a bow to shape the little princess. The color of the leather band can be according to the princess’s liking, and this rose red color is very eye-catching.

Skillful mothers ~ help their daughters tie their hair, do they feel a little stupid? Some moms told me that they wanted to challenge a more complicated hairstyle… I want my daughter to participate in the school’s Children’s Day… No problem! Today I will bring you more changes in the shape~

The bow hairstyle was originally a trend set off by Lady Gaga, but I didn’t expect that the little girl was super sweet like this, and it was also very suitable for participating in various festivals, huh? Children’s Day is coming soon~ Mothers learn quickly, make your little princess the most eye-catching focus!

You can also tie your bow hairstyle in half and add a braid to make a change! I have to say that braids are really a good friend of every hairstyle, very versatile and good-looking

Have you noticed that this is a little different from the usual multi-braided hair? Sometimes a little more thinking can make your hairstyle look more vivid!!

Remember the super fire half mentioned earlier? Today I will introduce the changed version, in addition to braiding on the top of the head, you can also braid the part of the ball first and then do winding, which is really super good~

If you prefer but often feel that the simple ponytail is very monotonous, you can add some more exaggerated headdresses, or braided ribbons and hair together, which immediately upgrades the ordinary ponytail temperament!

Finally, let’s take a look at the girl’s hairstyle at the top, in fact, the braid itself has many ways to braid combined with the princess head to give people a very elegant feeling, so the editor feels that the braid is not only a big plus, but the hanging hair is curled up a little wave, as if it will really make the girl become very much like the little princess of fairy tales