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I don’t know if everyone will want to take off their shoes every time they finish running, let their feet breathe, in fact, I have this idea every time, so when I get home, I immediately take off my slippers and continue to walk and slow down, and slippers are always slippers, which will not have any soothing effect on us after exercise, but this time I started with Gudong sports slippers, which is a slipper with a sole thicker than you imagine.

The sole is thick and elastic is what kind of feeling, I believe that many people have slippers with a sense of, that feeling is really stepping on, and the goo dong slippers are on this basis, the sense of stepping on continues to sublimate, walking will bounce and bounce the, that feeling is not too cool.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Gu Dong sports slippers, the front is no different from ordinary slippers, and the foot surface is added to the concave and convex design, playing the role of anti-wear on the soles of the feet, I bought a black color, in addition to white color, black dirt resistance, everyone understands.

The sole is really thick, 40mm thick, and the resilience is relatively good, and the side is also printed with Gollum English.

First try the shoes wear resistance, force the shoes to fold, there is no white inferior colloid, representing that the shoe material is still possible, not recycled material, check on the Internet, the original use of HYBIRD foam material, compared to the traditional EVA, to be more wear-resistant and soft, good resilience.

The bottom is also printed with a gollum in English, and there is a non-slip design, after all, this is a slipper, and the place with water plays a non-slip role.

Originally, I was going to wear it, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to wear it, although he said that he was wearing a size 41, but it was just right to wear it, the size I chose was 39-40, it seems that 39-41 can be worn, although the upper foot is not very tall, but the wrapping is good.

Let’s look at the heel, this span is a bit big, the front is wrapped well, and the back is completely empty. But it doesn’t hurt, after all, the back of the slippers is empty.

At the same time, I wore it and walked for a while, and the conclusion was that it was very elastic, especially the middle was particularly convex, and it was soft and a little massage when walking, and the reason why it was raised in the middle was because it was designed according to the structure of the soles of our feet, so that when walking, you can feel the massage feeling brought by elasticity in all directions.

You don’t need to take off your socks after exercise, you can directly put on your goo dong sports running shoes, although the skin-friendly feeling is not as good as taking off your socks, but the focus is on massage ha.

Through the GIF to feel the charm of the feeling of rebound stepping on, the appearance is not very good, but the effect is good.

Compared with the Gudong Chuang running shoes, the thickness is a little more than the running shoes, especially the heel, which is directly higher than the new height of the slippers.

Wearing the Gut-Dong sports slippers, because the 40mm thick sole, it is like wearing an inner heightened, this feeling is imaginable.

The relief after exercise can be said to be important or not, but after running, the soles of the feet bear the most pressure, at this time the boat soft resilience is good, and with a sense of stepping on the goo dong sports slippers is the most suitable, weekend I like to go to the People’s Park to run, after running to the car to change into goo dong sports slippers, and then walk around to soothe, is a good experience, you can try it.

Post-exercise recovery equipment to see more, but post-exercise recovery slippers are still rare, Gudong in recent years not only in Gudong APP to do better and better, accumulated more and more users, many products are based on the user’s liking and feedback to design and produce, this experience Gudong sports slippers, to bring me a lot of surprises, one is to wear it after running for a soothing walk, the fatigue on the feet gradually dissipated, and daily as slippers to wear, is also relatively good, not afraid of water to not be afraid of friction, after all, the big thick bottom is not covered, If you like running, consider giving it a try.