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After seeing a lot of commuting styles and simple styles, do you want to try exotic dresses? When traveling, the enthusiasm is like fire, and the elegant and mysterious bohemian style clothes always bring people a super high rate of return.

In this issue, the daily matching guide will take a look with you, how to wear this exotic clothing, how to wear the best?

Wearing a colorful and mysterious and elegant flowing long dress, which girl doesn’t love it?

But this style is relatively rare, and if you want to control it well, you need certain matching skills. Here’s a daily styling guide

From the background, development, to its matching rules, let’s analyze the beauty behind this exotic outfit.

Bohemian background

Bohemia originally referred to the philosophy of life formed by the bohemians in their wandering lives. Originated in the 60s of the 20th century, hippies at that time used the bohemian style as the basis to express their yearning for freedom and life, mainly gypsy style.

The costumes are characterized by mysterious and conspicuous colors, with tassels, folds and graffiti and large skirts, giving people a unique visual impact of folklore, romance and freedom.

Bohemian style dress analysis

The traditional bohemian long skirt, the skirt is longer, the color system is colorful and deep, and there are many decorative elements, so for ordinary girls, there is still a certain difficulty to control. Modern designers, in order to make this skirt more mainstream and popular, will combine it with modern design, so that she retains the enthusiastic dressing effect, more in line with modern aesthetics.

Bohemian extended

Most of these costumes are not traditional long skirts, they are just on the premise of retaining traditional elements, plus the current classic vests, shawls and other elements. For example, this one is combined with modern suspenders, plus traditional bohemian tassels and openwork elements, supplemented by clean white as a base, making this piece more modern and fashionable and old-fashioned.

This is a little more everyday, with a sleek modern chiffon top, V-neck and mid-length puff sleeves, combined with traditional bohemian light prints, with a rustic character of the Middle East. This shirt is more everyday and can be worn at work.

The vest is also one of the important accessories in the bohemian style, which is generally small and can be used as a decoration or to make a flowing long skirt have the effect of cinching the waist.

When we choose a vest for layering, the skirt should not be too long, and the color system should be mainly light. Otherwise, too many bright skirts will steal the limelight from the vest. The vest used to match is also relatively small and cute, embroidered with simple patterns, and the color system is also relatively bright, which will become the highlight of the entire outfit.

Bohemian extension is more daily, the top is a common suspender, using classic and fashionable pleated elements to make shoulder bags, ultra-short style exposes Xi’anxi’s waist, the same color pants with bold and bright color embellishment, the whole match is full of a strong bohemian atmosphere, and there is no lack of modern fashion. This kind of outfit is still quite suitable for traveling.

Bohemian clothing and other pieces

(1) Bohemian maxi dress with French flip-flops

Some people may say that wearing this kind of long skirt, if you want not to look short, you can match it with a pair of high heels. However, this matching idea is wrong, this exotic clothing, if combined with modern shoes, the style will be very abrupt. In general, we can match this herringbone slippers, which match the style and are also enthusiastic.

(2) Bohemian maxi dress with vintage tassel bag

This bag also belongs to a vintage piece, with classic shoulder bags and stylish tassel elements, and the traditional canvas fabric gives him a rustic taste. It goes with this enthusiastic bohemian dress, which is also a style fit and stylish and elegant style.

(3) Bohemian maxi dress with traditional headgear

This kind of headdress is a very elegant style, the gold chain wrapped around the hair, simple and beautiful, can also have the effect of modifying the forehead, and with the enthusiastic bohemian dress, it is also very beautiful.

(4) Bohemian style clothing with silver necklace

This necklace, both in workmanship and material, gives people a strong antique and passionate and wild effect. And it is double-layered, which can well cover and modify the effect of shoulders and neck, and the style is also very suitable with this kind of clothing with high whiteness.


Fashion diversification, now more popular modern design and ancient elements of the combination of models. If you like this exotic outfit, why not give it a try, the rate of coming back is definitely high!

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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Bohemia is the perfect match for summer! The most complete “exotic” dress guide, according to the beauty of the dress fried