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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Ethnic style embroidered shoes

The very festive and dazzling red, coupled with the delicate and delicate embroidery on it, and the exquisite lace-up design, make this pair of embroidered shoes look stylish and charming.

Chinese wedding embroidered shoes wedding shoes

This pair of embroidered shoes is very eye-catching, black background, with red embroidery, more and more exquisite embroidery, ethnic style and Chinese style look vivid.

Embroidered shoes old Beijing flat shoes

The exquisite and beautiful small plum blossom embroidery pattern is very fresh and charming.

The use of professional silk threads, new and unique and attractive, let you easily wear extraordinary taste.

Old Beijing cloth shoes women’s shoes national style

The embroidery technique of embroidered shoes follows the aesthetic style of oriental decoration, paying attention to the upper and upper, and matching the technical ornaments of the collar and sole.

Very classical.

Ethnic style embroidered shoes increase in summer height

This pair of embroidered shoes is as quiet and beautiful as blue and white porcelain, the retro embroidery is very exquisite, and the feet are white as jade, with a strong Chinese feeling.

Embroidered shoes in summer heightened cloth shoes

This embroidered shoe, very elegant and fresh light blue, coupled with exquisite and fashionable embroidery pattern, delicate and classical charm.

Stylish modern technology combined with traditional elements makes it very attractive.

Ethnic style embroidered shoes women’s cow tendon bottom

These beautiful embroidered shoes are reminiscent of the quaint old Beijing streets and alleys, full of a strong nostalgic and elegant atmosphere.

Black is very versatile, the embroidery on it is very exquisite, the workmanship is fine, and the buckle design is full of retro style!

Summer embroidered shoes women’s shoes Chinese style

Comfortable and breathable old Beijing cloth shoes, simple and atmospheric style, comfortable and temperamental.

This knitted neckline design at the ankle is very stylish!