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Now there is a concern, and many milk powder brands have launched an organic series. It is like a highly concerned German love his beauty to launch an organic series. So, is Germany to love his beauty milk powder organic milk powder really good? ? Let’s take a detailed understanding of Germany to love his beauty organic milk powder.

First we have to clarify what is the difference between organic milk powder and ordinary milk powder? Some people may think that organic milk powder is higher than the nutritional value of ordinary milk powder, in fact, this is completely misunderstood.

The nutrients of organic milk powder and ordinary milk powder are basically almost similar, but only the proportion of different nutrient components.

. Moreover, the core differences between organic milk powder and ordinary milk powder is mainly in the supervision and production and processing flow of the milk source.

Look at the milk source

Germany loves his beauty organic milk powder milk source from Europe, the milk source is more quality, fresh milk production, the degree of freshness is also relatively high.

From the formula


Germany loves his beauty organic milk powder, also continues Germany to love his beauty, the biggest advantage of this organic milk powder is made of organic milk, but also palm oil vegetable oil.

From the point of view

Refer to the price on the International Mummy app, Germany loves his beauty organic milk powder price at 260 / can, relative to the organic milk powder that does not move three or four hundred cans of the country, this price is more affordable.

Of course, because every baby’s physique is different, the suitable milk powder is also different, mothers can make the right choice according to the baby’s physique, and then introduce what organic milk powder on the market is worth starting.

German Xibao Milk Powder


The famous German Xibao milk powder, but the favorite milk powder brand of German mother, Xibao has a brand history of more than 130 years, is a German old brand brand, is the nasal ancestors of German infant milk powder, and the starter of global organic milk powder


Bellamy milk powder in Australia

The Australian Bellamy organic milk powder brand originated in Australia, its brand was established in 2004, is the only organic milk powder brand in Australia and New Zealand, with the safest, clean milk powder, and the market share in Australia is very high. . It is also one of the three organic milk powder in the world.


French companion milk powder

With Treasure is the only organic milk powder brand in the French market. It is the first-handed milk powder brand in French rich family. It is displayed in the French high-end shopping malls and organic counters. It is the source of France’s Normandy organic pasture. It is a very suitable newborn. Feeding high-end organic milk powder.


Denmark Alma Baby with my milk powder


Denmark’s milk powder Arla has been more than 130 years of history, as well as the most long-term dairy company in Europe, this milk powder is the Danish royal royal brand, with Danish and EU higher standard organic certification.

If your mother wants to know more about overseas local milk powder, you can also download [International Mommy-Guomi Maternal Baby] APP or pay attention to “National Mother Mother and Baby” WeChat public number. There are also foreign baby milk powder knowledge that you don’t understand, you can also contact International Mommy Parenting Customer Service. At home and abroad, the self-operated model operation, support the issuance of invoices, compare formal guarantees, and relatively high organic milk powder cost-effective, etc., is still relatively high.