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Hello sisters, I am a pill paper, share some tips that can quickly become beautiful every day ~

Jeans, this item, each of us should have a few more. But it is a jeans who have everyone, but everyone can always put it out of different feelings.

With the same person, change a pants, the body has changed the change in the sky.

As us, our ordinary people, want to buy a thin jeans, or pay attention to some small details. If you are worried about how to choose jeans, I hope this article can help you.


If you are interested, you will follow it down ~


How is a thin jeans?



The fabric of jeans is still quite important. In general, the hard fabric is much thinner than the fabric of soft.

Although the soft fabric comfort will be better, it does not play the leg-type modification, and even enlarges your leg defect.

on the contrary,

Hard jeans can not only be tightened to your meat to a certain level, but also more friendly for your legs.

(2) pants line

The trousers of jeans are also very important. In fact, for all trousers, trousers are all critical.


The more the pants line is, the more profitable legs.

The effect of stitching jeans and trousers is almost almost

It is all through visual illusions to achieve a thin effect.

For sisters who are more meat on the legs, I recommend you to choose the stitching style.

The legs were shorter, and the threaded effect lever.


If there is no double chopsticks, don’t try the kind of jeans without any decoration, it is really fat.

The pockets in front of the pants can be visually effectively effect.

For the ass flattened sisters, we must choose the pants on the pocket to play a little hips.


Classification of two jeans

(1) straight pants


The straight pants is the up and down pants, it should be the most popular jeans version in the past few years.


For the legs that are not thick, straight sisters, straight pants can make your legs look very well

, With a short dress, the size is also getting better.

For the sisters of the micro-fat, wearing a little loose straight trousers will be more thin, and the legs will not be tightly held by the pants.

Leave a little margin, you can wear a loose feeling of people in the clothes.


Compass with a pair of ankle boots, cool and thin, super fit for autumn and winter season.

(2) wide leg pants

Wide legs are really popular in more than two years, and all kinds of fabrics are different, and the fabrics are different, the style displayed will be different.

Relatively, the wide-leg jeans is a hundred, plus its unique casual sense, so no matter what clothes,

Can play a certain age.

For small sisters,

The most high weighing of the wide leg jeans is to match a short shirt.

. We can choose some short top, or simply tie it into your trousers, and the legs have been long.

Yes, remember to match a pair of thick shoes, the increase in the effect will be more obvious.

(3) pulp pants

Retro wind returning tide, the petunter is also full of fire.


Although I just started me, I felt that my petulence seems to be a bit soil, but I found it was misunderstood, I was.

Trumples are clearly slim.


Especially for the crude star of me, wearing a pettype is still suitable.

Compared with the wide leg pants, I think the slime effect of the petulers will be more better. The wide legs are straight straight, and there is more in winter, which is inevitable will be bloated.

But the flared pants is different, it is beaten from the knee, and the thigh is tightened.


In this contrast of this kind of tight, it will appear to be very slender.


Ok, let’s talk about it today ~

Do you usually prefer to wear what style of jeans? Or have any small tips for jeans? Welcome to exchange discussions in the comment area ~

I will wear the pill paper, pay attention to me, learn more to become American skills.

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