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According to foreign reports, the brother of Alberto Contador, the Spanish legendary carver, said that Cattao is seriously considering back, although it has not been achieved, but the idea is strong.

Alberto Contador Velasco, born in 1982, Spanish bicycle athletes. Participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, John to Discover, Astana, Trick and other teams competed around the world competitions, known as happiness, and was seen as Armstrong’s successor. Between 2007 and 2011, we won the championships in 6 consecutive competitions. The championship of the game is officially announced after the 2017 season. Earlier this year, he said that he was in amazing expression, and considering returning to the career at the time of the new crown epidemic.

It is not idle after Cotta retired. His Cata Foundation has developed into a professional team – Eolo-Kometa fleet, the team rises to Intercontinental Team in 2021, debut in the ring, player Lorenzo – Futuato won the crown in the top of the mountains. Cattao worked with his brother and his front teammates Ivan Basso, and they also cooperated to develop their own bicycle brand AURUM.

Cattado and Barso

Ivan Basso, born in 1977, Italy’s famous driver is one of the most talented people in the players in the 1970s, nicknamed “Ivan”, 2006, 2010 Wi-Dalian Championship. In 1995, I received the World Youth Championship runner. In 1998, I got the U23 World Championship champion. The following year, I participated in the annual contest. In 2006, I will put the pink collar from the 8th stage in 2006. Keeping to the end of the event, I finally won the first annual championship in my career, and I won it again in 2010.


Canta was deprived of the championship of the 2010 Ring Bicycle Race and the 2011 Race Bicycle Tournament, which was a recorded record record in July last year, and he climbed at 7:27:20. 8848 meters, refreshed Rockland-Morton’s record, showing his fans and still, the treasure knife is not old. As Cotta brought this challenge of the heat, Cattado’s record is more and more backwards.


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