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The heating installed in many families is now warm. The ternary heating of the northern family is water to circulate the wet warmth, which is mostly a central heating. But whether it is centrally heating, or we will heat up, as long as it is running in the ground in the ground, there will be some problems. And these problems may cause the floor to warm. In the reason why the termination is not hot, it is very common, which is the suffocation of the floor heating system. In this article, homes can give you the step of answering the gentleness of heating. Generally, it is divided into the following seven steps, and you can process it as follows.


(1): Confirm that the floor heating exhaust time

1, we want to deal with the heating suffocation, we must ensure that the floor heating is officially run, rather than working when he is always running.

In particular, the suffocation system inside the floor heating system is generally determined according to the runtime. Because reasonable exhaust time can effectively improve the exhaust effect and floor heating.

2. For the time heating exhaust, the recommendation recommended for everyone is that the official heating is two weeks or more than two weeks.


That is, if our family is officially heating, the floor heating is about two weeks, and then look at our hometown. If we find that our termination is not hot, exhaust measures can be taken at this time. If the floor heating is hot, we don’t have to deal with it.

(2): Finding the site of the floor heating exhaust

1, we must want to heat up and exhaust, and we must also know where to exhaust.

Because the heating tube of the floor heating tube is buried below our ground, we are able to exhaust the location, certainly in our indoor divided moisture and water storage position. Let’s first find our divided water, then find the position of the exhaust.

2, confirm the position of the valve.

The exhaust position like the floor heating is usually two. The two positions correspond to the moisture rod and the returning rod in the water heating water heating water. To put it bluntly, it is two small exhaust valves above the floor heating water fracture installed. Everyone can find some of the divided water in the home, it is easy to find.

(3): Preparation measures for floor heating exhaust

1, because we want to exhaust the floor heating, then this is the exhaust valve that is self-contained on the floor heating.

The exhaust valves coming from the floor heating are manual exhaust valves, which requires hand to perform exhaust. So this time we have to do the following preparation measures.


2, prepare measures.


We want to purchase hoses corresponding to our partial water exhaust valve outlet. In fact, it is a transparent hose of a plastic. After purchasing, it is installed onto the exhaust port of the exhaust valve, and then fixes. The length of the plastic hose ensures that water can be water. If we can get it in the kitchen. If the distance is too far, you can get it in a bucket so you can prepare for exhaust.

(4): Exhaustion of water supply line

1, when we are ready for all preparation measures, you can come to exhaust this time.

Exhaust, we will carry out overall exhaust at the beginning. The overall exhaust is to ensure that most of the gases in the entire system are discharged.

2, the operation steps.


We first can open the exhaust valve on the top of the floor heating pumps. The way to open it is counterclockwise, and if you don’t move, you can use the pliers to screw. But must be properly used, don’t break the exhaust valve. The gas is then discharged outward. After that, we have to turn the exhaust valve to the maximum, to ensure that the gas inside can be discharged in time, so that the gas is clean.

(5): Exhaust the water supply


1. After we put the gas on the water rods on the water rod, we went down to discharge this, which is the gas inside the water returning rod.

Because this is a system of gas, in fact, from the water supply to the backwater, it must be discharged from the gases of the two parts.

2, operational measures.

At this time, we also rotated the silk jam on the exhaust valve against clockwise with pliers until it was released. At this time, we continue to rotate the wire, let the bristles are loose, and it will find that the sound of exhaust is very large. The exhaust gas is about a few minutes, it is hot water until it is hot water, and the exhaust is stopped, and the exhaust valve is turned off.

(6): Exhaust the ventilation

1. The above introduction is the overall exhaust.

In fact, the row is all water supply and all returning water. So in this process, in fact, we did not emisste every loop, that is, there is a slight gas in a loop. So this is to exhaust one by one.

2, operational requirements.


We must first close all the valves on each loop of the floor. At this time, it is necessary to close the water supply and returning valve of this loop to ensure that the entire floor heating is closed. Afterwards, go to the valve one by one. After opening a loop, open the exhaust valve to the maximum. It is until it is full of hot water. According to this operation, each loop is operated once, ensuring that each loop is discharged from the exhaust valve, and the exhaust is complete at this time.

(7): Recovery after exhaust

1, when we finish the gas of the whole system, don’t just ask.


Because this time, if we don’t deal with it, it is possible to seepage and leak. So after the exhaust operation, we also need to do the following measures.

2, check.

First we have to check that there is water peripheral, leaking under each loop. Because we want to switch and close the valves in the process of exhaust, if the pipeline is not connected, it may be leakage. So try carefully to make sure there is no leakage. After that, we have to tighten the wires above the exhaust valve. Usually, after the hand is not tied, then use the wrench to twist the two times, so that the exhaust valve is closed and severely avoided, avoiding vibration and seepage and leakage. At this time, the exhaust is all completed.


The floor heating is actually the difference between the traditional heating sheet is that the heat dissipation is hidden below the ground. So the floor heating in our family is difficult to treat for the pipeline below in the process of usage. And what we can do is to handle the location above the ground. Then the position above the floor heating is, in fact, it is a water collector that is heated. So after the heating, you generally have to check if there is no leakage of the heating diversity, and then drain it to ensure the normal operation of our heating. Finally, everyone is that the floor heating is four or five years. It is generally cleaned once, so that the good heat dissipation effect can be guaranteed.

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