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High heels for girls, is a murder is also a weapon. The high-heeled shoes is full of gas fields. The feeling of the whole person is more confident, but the feet is also a frequent event.

Many sisters should have a similar experience. High-heeled shoes are long and difficult to say, in fact, in addition to the shoes of the shoes, high heels bring you uncomfortable experience, big reason is that you didn’t pick your feet Type high heels.

Aling will give you a high heel shoes that are adapted to everyone today!

Wearing shoes, high heels can also be like the bottom!

The content is very dry! First come a good wave of praise!

Egyptian feet

The most common foot type of Asia, a lot of thumb is much longer than the second toe, which is a slash from the big toe to the small toe.

This type of foot is suitable for some tilted soles, such as common oblique heads, oblique heads.

For example, Charles & Keth metal decorated black high heels (black models in the figure) and BESSIEIE Belle sheep scorpion tip stiletto high heels (in the figure in the rice color).

German feet

The foot type of this type is: the first toe protrudes much more than other toes, the other four toes are not large.

Suitable shoe type and Egyptian feet are similar, but the shoe space should be guaranteed to ensure larger wider.


For example, AMESHES pointed commute high heel (black model in Figure) and Sijiatu staccato square drill buckle 80mm high heels (champagne gold model)

Roman feet

The Roman feet are the most unique foot type, no specially prominent toes, the toe length is basically the same, showing a straight line.

This type of foot is more suitable for retro square shoes, Mary Shoes or wider round head shoes, not suitable for pointed shoes, will make your toe together.


For example: charles & keith tassel decoration square head thick with shoes (orange models in the figure) and Ameshes sheepskin metal square buckle single shoes (pink color in the picture)

Greek feet

The most beautiful feet, no one, commonly known as beauty feet, the second toe is the longest.


Beautiful feet is particularly suitable for women’s taste of pointed shoes, but must not try to show the fish mouth shoes that fingers, and the longer bizarre will run to the outside.

For example: Ameshes silk single shoes and Ameshes sheepskin in the endoli are sensible to gradient high heels.

Celtic feet

Not only the second toe is the longest, the length of the other four toes is also very obvious.


This type of foot is more suitable for pointed and almond heads, and the wider shoe is better.

For example: 15 minutes 15Mins suede pointed thick with high heels and staccato elegant pointed 45mm thick with sandals


As the names, the foot is wide, the foot is wide, this type of foot type is the most important thing to pay attention to the width of the upper, the wide feet do not wear narrow shoes, and there is only a lot of picking.

Recommended round heads with women’s single shoes and sheep sickness thick with the square heighs.

Narrow foot

The biggest problem of the housekeeping girl is that the shoes are particularly easy, do not follow the feet, shoes often take foot, you can choose a strap shoes to fix foot.

For example: the hairball strap is thick and high heel and pointed shallow mouth.

As long as you choose shoes that are right for yourself, wear high-heeled shoes, you are no longer a dream!

What is your feet, wear the wrong shoes, how painful, welcome to exchange in the comment area!


I am Aling, the name of the old ancient people, the fashion luxury field is senior.

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