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Source: Global Network

[Global Network Reporting Reporter Zhang Jiangping] US Deputy Secondary National Conditions Newland visited Russia to meet the head of Russia’s deputy, the Russian etiquette expert criticized.

“Viewpoint News”: Etiquette experts say that Newland is inappropriate when the Russian Foreign Ministry attended the meeting.


According to Russian “Viewpoint” report, Newland met with Russian deputy head of Russia, the dark red pants set and a striped shoe with a stripe pattern. Russian etiquette experts said to the “Viewpoint” that the dress like Newland violated the etiquette.

Newland’s day of the day, map source: Russian new agency video screenshot

Talking about Newland Meeting is a pants, the Chairman of the Russian Business Etiquette Expert Association, Alibi, Holkova, said that women should wear according to the requirements of the high-level officials meeting, women should be worn. “If a woman wearing a very important meeting, it means that she is telling everyone that for her, this meeting has no special meaning.”

Talking about the color of Newland, Holkova said, according to the relevant etiquette requirements, women can wear big red costumes. “Normally, only the big red costume can only be worn when attending the activities of the lady, and the color of Newland is not big red, so there is no opinion on her at this point.”


Etiquette Consultant Tower Janan Nikolava believes that wearing dark red trousers sets are unusual, but also allowed. “It should be said that dark red can reflect (packager). May Nishland women have this purpose. But pants will reduce the status.”

However, Nikolava strongly criticized Naked shoes in Newland wearing a thin stripe pattern. “Newland wants to show, she is a person who doesn’t care about our people. The question is, according to the business and diplomatic etiquette, wearing a pattern of shoes is not suitable.”

It is worth mentioning that Holkova also mentioned German Prime Minister Merkel in some meetings, but Holkova believes that this is the style of Merkel.

Russian media said that Newland has arrived in Moscow on the 11th to visit Russia. Latio Bakov held nearly two hours of talks with Newland, on the 12th, talking, talking is honest, beneficial, but there is no major progress, and the Russian relations have further deterioration.