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The refrigerator is already a must-have electrical appliance in our lives. We are familiar with Haier, Siemens, US, Oma fridge? In the refrigerator field, the Oma refrigerator is called high in the refrigerator field. A refrigerator brand. So, let’s take a look at the Oma refrigerator with the consumer.

Oma is not good to open the door

We can say from Oma refrigerator products, the Oma refrigerator pays attention to the improvement of energy-saving levels, and in the continuous improvement, the sales and influence of domestic refrigerator products is second only to the US and Haier, this year, the energy-saving results of the Oma refrigerator this year not only Get domestic recognition and has a reputation in the international market. Another model of energy saving champion.

“Oma” is fully utilized in intelligent control, unfluraneous environmental protection, high-efficiency and energy saving, etc. New technology, there are currently four categories, dozens of products in high-middle, suitable for demand for all regions and consumption levels in the country.

According to the development trend of the global home appliance industry, the “Oma” is docked with international management, and give full play to the professional and technical advantages. .

Oma refrigerator is in production technology, processing technology, which is his major feature. Of course, good products are needed to evaluate through many comprehensive strength, and the life of Oma refrigerator is also good for impact resistance. Users of different conditions provide the same quality products. For example, in the rugged mountain village of the mountain road, the Oma refrigerator will almost no problem in the way of transportation. Moreover, compared to other brands of refrigerators, it is more suitable for the use of rural grid environments.

Obma uses HIPS high aphogorali, which can remove smells, can also ensure food delicious, long-term use does not change color discharmatic adjustment: Some families have different habits, since this, you can use your own needs Love adjusts the storage space, so you can use DIY, why not do it.

Oma to open the door refrigerator latest price

As for the price of Oma refrigerators, we have specific problems. Oma refrigerators can be divided into five categories: 即 double open door refrigerator, three open door refrigerator, open door refrigerator, single door refrigerator and double door refrigerator. Different types of refrigerators, different prices; different models of refrigerators, the price will be different.

奥马对开门冰箱好不好 奥马对开门冰箱最新价格

Among them, the price of the opening refrigerator is more than 4,000; the price of the double door refrigerator is more than 1,400; the price of the three open door refrigerator is more than 2,000; the price of single door refrigerator is relatively low, six or seven hundred yuan You can buy an Oma open door refrigerator. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the price of single-door refrigerator will also be different depending on its model.

奥马对开门冰箱好不好 奥马对开门冰箱最新价格

Oma BCD-306W (KG32HA222EC) C-type air-cooled three-door refrigerator energy-saving home

Price: ¥ 3199.00

奥马对开门冰箱好不好 奥马对开门冰箱最新价格

Oma KG28US220C mixed cold zero three door refrigerator tempered glass panel

Price: ¥ 3490.00

Oma KG32HA26EC three-door refrigerator air-cooled frost smart computer temperature control

Price: ¥ 3599.00

Oma BCD-610W (ka92nv03ti) to open the door refrigerator home

奥马对开门冰箱好不好 奥马对开门冰箱最新价格

Price: ¥ 4299.00

Oma BCD-610W (KA92NV02TI) to open the door refrigerator home air cool frost

奥马对开门冰箱好不好 奥马对开门冰箱最新价格

Price: ¥ 4998.00

As a necessary electrical appliance for each household, a good refrigerator, whether in spring, summer, autumn and winter, can bring a different shopping experience to consumers. Today, Xiaobian is a refrigerator brand known as the cost-effective relatively high. I hope that through today’s introduction, you can help those consumers who wish to buy a refrigerator.