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The baby sleeping bag is a product that is designed to prevent the baby’s sleep. It can quickly cultivate your baby’s own sleep awareness, help baby sleep, prevent the baby from being cold, more beneficial to the child’s physical and mental health. There are a lot of baby sleeping bags on the market, which can be roughly divided into fashionable sleeping bags, gourd sleeping bags, clothes-style sleeping bags, vest sleeping bags, silkworm sleeple sleeping bags, sleeves, sleeple sleeping bags, etc., let’s take a look at Xiaobian. .

Is it necessary to buy a baby sleeping bag?

There is no need to buy in the infant sleeping bag, or it is necessary to judge according to the actual situation. The child is extremely rapidly in the age of 0-3, and the child is relatively weak at this time. Because of the rapid development of sports nerves and bones, children can only release energy through the legs, in which case the baby can easily kick the quilt leads to cool, and the baby sleeping bag can prevent this.

Give your child a baby sleeping bag, you can cultivate your baby’s autonomous sleep awareness, more beneficial to the child’s physical and mental health. It can also help baby sleep with your sleeping bag, which is mainly because the baby’s bedding is more simple, the baby buried your face into the bedding. The sleeping bag can be equipped with the function of quilt, scorpion, blanket, which is more convenient. Of course, if the family economic conditions are not allowed, you can also buy a baby sleeping bag. At this time, parents should take care of your baby more carefully.

What kinds of baby sleeping bags?

1, fashionable sleeping bag

The rectangle is like a envelope, equivalent to a small quilt confessed, bottom, side zipper. Most of the baby sleeping bags are designed to open the dual-use type of the quilt, or it can be used as a small use, or the pulling is also pulled into a sleeping bag. The advantage of this style is that the structure is simple, generally using a double-headed zipper, and the bottom can be opened, which is convenient to replace the diapers. And due to the dual-use type of the quilt sleep, enhance the practical function of the product, large space, freedom of baby activities, and is not bound. Disadvantages: Baby is easy to drill into your sleeping bag or slip out of your sleeping bag. So, there are many models with shoulder design, which can prevent your baby from slipping your sleeping bag.

2, gourd sleeping bag

As a gourd, the upper narrow width is generally a round bottom design. It can be seen as an improvement of the envelope sleeping bag. The neck narrows can prevent the baby from slipping out the sleeping bag or drill into the sleeping bag. The bottom is round, let the baby legs can be free to move, add the baby’s comfort. Disadvantages: Due to the change in dimensions, the sleeping bag cannot be used as a quilt after opening, which reduces the efficiency of the product.

3, clothes type sleeping bag

Shape like clothes, sleeves, hats, etc. The advantage of this sleeping bag is to put on the baby in the clothes. Don’t worry about the baby’s sleep, it will affect Baby-use, prevent your baby to sleep. Most of the current style is equipped with a long bag, which can adjust the length of the sleeping bag with the baby’s height, extend the product’s life. Disadvantages: This product is relatively complex by workmanship, and general price is higher than other styles. The upper and lower dimensions are generally different, and there is still a binding for your baby’s feet activity. Also, because the product is more, multiple zippers, buttons, etc., it is necessary to prevent it from rubbing to the delicate skin or pulled down by the child.

4, vest sleeping bag

The like a vest. You can see the reduction of the sleeping bag, go to the sleeves, hats, long bags, etc. Generally suitable for the summer season.

5, silkworm sleeple sleeping bag

婴儿睡袋有必要买吗 宝宝睡袋有哪些种类

Wrap your baby like a silkworm cocoon. Generally, it is a cartoon, such as silkworm babies, frogs, and bearings. The advantage is that the body is warm. The disadvantage is that the baby is binding to the baby, which generally needs to be done with a resilient fabric or a resilient structure.

6, sleevery sleeping bag

Similar to ordinary quilt, there are two sleeves on the quilt. This product is between the sleeping bag and the quilt, which can have the comfort and activities of the quilt sample, and prevent the baby from sleeping when the baby is sleeping.