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Hood sweater is a single item in winter, and its hundred-bedroom is very good, so it is very enthusiastic. In winter in winter, it is a big highlight with hooded sweaters, which can be combined with coats of different styles.

So for some partners who have inspiration in winter, they can use hooded sweaters with coats, down jackets, flight jackets, etc., the shape is enough, and it can make tide male.

1, hooded sweater + long coat

When combined with gentleman’s elegant coats and sports, these two items can all play their characteristics and quickly build the concise atmosphere.


If you are concerned that the shape of the coat will be short, then you can pay attention to the treatment of the tone, you can choose dark color like coats and trousers. It is very uniform, or the matching skills of sweaters and trousers, can change the overall proportion. problem.


2, hooded sweater + lamb hair coat


The combination of these two items will appear more youthful. No matter which age group can wear the charm of literary trend, and the warmth of the lamb coat is very good, so this single product is suitable for winter.

The shaped trousers can be selected according to the overall style, like mixing some loose tooling pants, the shape is very trend, which is also popular with the current fashion circle.

3, hooded sweater + down jacket

The combination of warmth is the first choice, the hooded sweater and the down jacket is not only warm, but the shape is very leveling, and the overall visual impact can be improved by contractions.

The red hooded sweater like black down jackets, the shape will neither itself, but also make the overall becomes more rich, so wearing warm and fashionable in winter.

4, hooded sweater + windbreaker

Many partners will hide some thin wind clothes in winter. In fact, it is a very good match to overlap, and the shape is very atmospheric, and the whole is fashionable.

The concise Balma Ken windbreaker and hooded sweater will be more, the shape generally does not have a bloated effect, even if the body is short, it can control such a shape.


5, hooded sweater + denim jacket


Cowboy Jacket is a classic and fashionable single product, but in winter, the warmth is not enough, so it is used to match the hooded sweater is a good way to handle, so that the shape will keep warm and good.

Although the hundreds of items are very good, they want to wear a sense of grade, but also pay attention to the details of the details, the control of the hue, the change of clothing version, these factors should be considered, such a model It will be more abroad.

6, hooded sweater + MA-1 jacket

The same MA-1 pilot jacket is also a very recommended single product. In fact, the warmth of this jacket is also very good, and the version is very profitable, and the hooded sweater combination is very suitable for tide male.


This matching style can wear its vitality and fashionable charm, so use hooded sweaters in winter with hooded sweaters to match these classic jackets, which is very fashionable.

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