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Hi, here is set,

A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

Many people want their own simplicity. After all, this can be exempt from many steps to reduce unnecessary trouble. This is even more likely to go through the summer, and the design of cooling and cooling is only a few steps.

Many girls in life will match, but not everyone can truly wear fashion assistance. Such as

Summer speech rate half sleeves

There is a lot of changes in matching, and love beauty children need to constantly adjust to meet the fashionable needs. This is really hard, but don’t worry, I plant grass today and easily become beautiful.

Tips1. Semi-sleeve + V-neck design

Half sleeves are not necessarily a common T-shirt, but everything contains half-sleeved design. Can be a shirt, can be a chiffon shirt, or even a dress.


Half sleeves, as the name is the sleeve semi-trip-cutting design, not a hanging tape is not a long sleeve, but the cool summer, the most solved half-sleeved design. The half-sleeved match is also very simple, first we first come from approaching design,

V collars

Undoubtedly the most appropriate.

V-neck design is often

Modified neck lines

You can also modify the shoulder line, and these can be a parallel line product with half sleeves, so it will be more coordinated when mating each other, and it will be more simple when matching.

for example


, Then we can comply with the style, a pair of black pointed single shoes can be gentle temperament, like leisure, you can choose small white shoes, in short, it is very simple.

We live in urban, very particular, wanting for fashion


Exquisite and beautiful and generous

Therefore, high heels are inevitable, but

High heel

The choice cannot be too tall.

The shoes are about 6 cm, otherwise it is the body and mind torture, don’t ask me how I know. Of course, if you have money and free rich people, then I didn’t say it. For ordinary


For example, the 6cm high heels are almost the limit.

Tips2. Short Sleeve + Print


Have to say, although it is solid, it is not too dependent, such as color matching is a better choice. Dark bag may be a breakthrough, but

Print design


It is even more touching.

Black and dark blue contractions, also resists some print decoration, so short sleeves are undoubtedly more level-sensitive, wearing upper body more exquisite, with a variety of shoes are also very delicate.

If the print design is smaller, the overall effect is not too ordinary, such as from the version. The straight fuse is indeed a bit ordinary, especially in the face of dress, compared to

Waist design skirt

It is really no effort.

The color of the skirt can be colorful, but it is more coordinated, so tailoring is not too ordinary, and makeup needs more exquisite.

Tips3. Short Sleeve + Necklace

When the hair disk is up, the face will take extra good, so makeup should be exquisite, and choose printing, or selectively “moving”, it is appropriate.


It is very important.


Summer is suitable for simple design, you can have

Fresh and elegant

The effect, so the accessories can not be too complicated, a simple metal chain can, simple slit, so that the match is clear.


Very fashionable

Little black dress

I have fewer choice of love beauty children, especially the ultimate simple design, can improve temperament. The half-sleeved small black skirt is not the case, it needs more embellishment.

It feels different from with necklace.

Increased slimming

It can be said to be a very simple thing, so the accessories are small, but it cannot be ignored.


Half sleeves

The girl, then you will also like all kinds.

Free comfort

Single items, such as large Messenger bags, matching with temperament, you can choose some very delicate dress to match, so that your wear is more personal.


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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