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It is said that you will not be too strange, because the tights of the trousers are narrants, this trousers are in the thin legs and thin legs, and they are very low-key practical, autumn and winter combination of all kinds of thick blots can also be neutralized. Bloated, make the overall shape look more relaxation.

This also makes the troupe pants have become a treasure item with several masters, but there is a shortage of foot pants, that is, it is easy to expose the leg-type short board and caused too monotonous. So how to put a small feet in the autumn and winter? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at this group of small legs with demonstrations, autumn and winter clothes, good women love “small feet”, practical and thin, and wear well!


First, autumn and winter must be small foot pants style

After entering the autumn and winter season, middle-aged women are increasingly rich in small legs, but they should be noted that pants are not more fashionable, the more fashionable, generally, adopt neutrical colors and tailoring simple Solid colored pants are more practical.

1, black feet pants

Black low-key washing and laminated, giving people a deep cold and noble feeling, winter with black feet pants to combine long coats, while building an elastic combination, it also adds steady tune to add stability, and playing effect.


It is worth mentioning that wearing black pants, choosing black inside or black shoes, will help build a tall body, in addition, if used in formal occasions, then small foot smoke tights can express the middle-aged woman’s elegant .


2, white feet pants

White and black although it belongs to the foundation, it is very different from the feeling of people, and the white is more pure.

Winter is worried about the middle-aged woman who is depressed and old, you can use the white troupe pants in black, camel, not old and temperament.


3, denim pants

Material is a key factor affecting pants to wear, worrying that pants are easy to expose legs, then we can choose a tough denim pants, with nine points, and legs.

In addition, using a small foot pants over the waist jacket or a knee coat, it is also possible to improve the pants to the leg-shaped bag contraction.

Second, small foot pants wearing a formula


The small feet is a basic paragraph, and the autumn and winter will give people a sense of dullness. This also requires middle-aged women to pay attention to match, and use some of the matching formulas that are not easy to make mistakes, while mastering the careful machine.

1, sweater + small feet pants

The autumn and winter season is the home court of sweaters, warm and comfortable, like black knit sweater, beige high collar sweater or light coffee champion, and a small feet is very gentle.

However, sweaters need to be as loose as possible, cover the best in the crotch region, and rendenectically, or reinforce visual depths.

2, knit cardigan + small feet pants

Knitting cardigans have long section and short section, usually, short-term shirts are more popular, but when used to combine small troupes, it is more recommended to choose the length of the knitted long cardigan below the knee.

This type of long-open sweater can block the thigh, hip area, and the pants are touched, and the combined long cardigan will not cause dragging and bloated.

3, suits + small feet pants

The suit and pants have always been very popular, but in this combination, the suit suggests that there is no knee in the waist, and the troupers can consider high waist nine tight jeans.

Outside the street or workplace combination of pointed shoes, boots, and the meat is thin and the gas field.


4, woolen + small feet pants

Although the coat can improve the temperament, it is easy to give people a bloated feeling, and it can be used to resolve this problem by tense comparison.

For example, use neutrophic coat combination denim pants, casual fashion and modern.

Third, what shoes do you have?

Most people are choosing shoes, usually only considering whether the shoes are suitable for themselves, in addition to this, the shoes and trousers are also very important.


Like a pants, this type of trousers is tight and mostly nine points, and the best choice when the shoes is designed. The best choice is to adopt a variety of pointed shoes.


Also or shoe-sleeved canvas shoes, small white shoes, La Fu shoes or short boots.


These shoes are combined with pants, which can play an extension on the line of sight, thereby stretching the leg-type length, avoiding stupid, very friendly for small children.

The above is this autumn and winter pants shared for middle-aged women, if you have no hairpin, then you can learn from it, wear a stable!

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