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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines


Shang Tang Technology

36 learned that Shang Dynasty Science and Technology issued an announcement, Hong Kong IPO final release price is $ 3.552 billion, the company’s net amount of global release income is estimated to be approximately HK $ 5.552 billion. It is expected to be traded at the Stock Exchange on September 30 (Thursday).

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Mercedes-Benz advertising model makeup controversial

Recently, the model makeup in Mercedes-Benz’s latest model advertisements controversial. The model in the advertisement is also the image of “yellow people” in the Western stereotype. After three squirrels, another business advertising model makeup caused a lot of netizens dissatisfaction. (World Wide Web)



Zhang Tinglin Ruiyang Couple Real Control Company Darwei is suspected of negative sales

The Market Supervision Administration of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City revealed the “Vertical Letter Reply”, Shanghai Dalwei Trading Co., Ltd. is suspected of using the network to engage in pyramid schemes, and the funds of property preservation is as high as 6 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that Darwell is the main body of the micro-commercial brand “TST Secret”, the company’s real-controlled artificial Zhang Ting, Lin Ruiyang couple, shareholders have a star Xu Wei, Tao Hong couple, Cao Ge, etc. (Beijing Business Daily)

Mutual Bao will be shut down on January 28: Nothing from now on, users are no longer participating in the assessment, but they can choose new security products.

36 learned that after the mutual assistance of the United States, after the water drip mutual help, the last large network mutual aid platform in China also announced that it will be shut down. Mutual Bao yesterday announced that due to major changes in the mutual aid industry, it will stop running on January 28, 2022. From the date of the announcement, there is no longer participating in mutual assistance. At the same time, in order to avoid security interruption, members can choose the appropriate guaranteed product as a new safeguard program. According to statistics, 10 mutual platforms have been shut down this year.

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US stocks three major index closures have changed, and online educational stocks have fallen before

36 learned that on December 28, the three major indices of the US stocks fell, and the road pointed 0.27%. The S & P 500 index fell 0.1%, and the Nag was 0.56%. The stocks in the popularity are low, and the Pu culture has risen by nearly 36%. Yi Xian e-commerce has increased by 7%; Iqiyi fell over 6%, Jingdong, Baidu fell over 2%, spelling a lot, Alibaba, Wei, Xiaopeng The car fell over 1%. Before the release of online educational stocks, the head of the head has fallen over 8%, the future, highlights over 4%. Most of the large-scale technology stocks fell, Google fell 0.82%, Apple fell 0.58%, and Tesla fell 0.5%, Amazon rose 0.58%.

Apple or start from next year to entities SIM card

According to reports, analysts predicted that Apple may attempt to launch iPhone without entity SIM card in some countries and regions, using ESIM technology, which will be started from the iPhone 15 Pro. The latest message shows that this transition may be advanced. At present, Apple has suggested that several major operators of the United States are ready to support Esim’s smartphones released in September 2022. (TechWeb)

Apple close all retail stores in New York

According to reports, with the O’Kek tunaining strains, the global new crown infection case has increased, Apple now decides to close all stores in New York City, including the Fifth Avenue, Central Station, Suhi’s Flagship Store. These stores will continue to provide online shipping service, but customers can’t enter shopping. Last week, due to neoguan pneumonia spread in employees, Apple closed 7 stores in Atlanta, Houston and New Hampshire. (Phoenix Network Technology)

Zhonggong Education will be removed from the 29th

Middle Educational staff introduced that some of the private examination of the public office will be removed from December 29th, and will be removed from the 31st. The staff introduced that the course “I also refunded” refers to “even if the score reaches the admission standard, it will refund 54,000 yuan tuition fee” will be raised on the 29th, and the “full-end” product is currently It can also be reported, but will also be removed from December 31. (湃)

Zhonggong Education Reply Claimed Letters: The overall refund rate of the agreement class in the first three seasons in 2021 is 65.81%

36 I learned that Zhonggong education replies to the letter, according to the financial department of the company, the overall refund rate and refund rate of each year’s agreement class is: the 2019 refund amount is 7.423 billion yuan, the refund rate is 44.14%, the 2020 refund amount 10009 million yuan, the refund rate of 46.54%, the refund amount of 12.397 billion yuan in June 2021, with a refund rate of 65.81%.

New Oriental: Washing the Live Belt Platform “Oriental Selection”

36 learned that the new Oriental issued an announcement on its official WeChat public number, and the online live broadcast platform “Oriental selection”. New Oriental said that he will continue to conduct four or six levels, postgraduate, go abroad language (English, small language), study abroad consultation, international study, domestic research & camp education, etc.

Dama Court released 2022 top ten technology trends: artificial intelligence, size model synergies, silicon-optical chip, etc. will become trend

36 I learned that the Dama Court proposed the top ten technological trends that may be in reality in 2022, cover artificial intelligence, chip, calculation and communication, including artificial intelligence, size model synergistic evolution, silicon-optic chip, green energy AI, Flexible perceived robots, high-precision medical navigation, all-life privacy calculations.

Central Bank’s leader Outline: This year, the average interest rate of enterprises loans has been below 5%, which is new for statistics.

The President of the Central Bank said that the average interest rate of enterprises loans this year has been below 5%, which is low in statistics. The next step will improve the formation and conductivity mechanism of market-oriented interest rates, and play a reform efficiency of the loan market price increase, and promote the cost of comprehensive financing costs. (Xinhua News Agency)

Jianghuai Automobile responds to Huawei cooperation to make car rumors: there is no, there is no more possibilities in the future

Recently, there is a rumor that Jianghuai Automobile will be with Hua Yi cooperative car, and the staff of Jianghuai Automobile Securities Department responded: “There is no current, Huawei is currently our technical supplier, and our products are equipped with Huawei’s technology, before There is a cooperation. “For the future cooperation of the car, the staff responded:” This does not exclude, because (Jianghuai) and Hua Yumi cooperation has been more enjoyable, the two sides have always had a good partnership. “Whether to take a well-off This kind of cooperation model, the staff of the Jianghuai Automobile Securities responded that it is not such a cooperative model, and there is more possibilities in the future, and you can explore. (Securities Times)

Ji Cai Premier: The company’s motor structure will be used next year to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models.

36 learned that Ji Coes are precisely that the company’s motor structural unit will be used in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models next year. In addition, the 2020 Yantai subsidiary entered the Ningde Times supply chain system through the supply of Yantai, and the battery connector produced has been used on the Battle of Ningde Times. Steam heater system has a core technical product of inventive patents, is widely used in a steam mop and other clean small appliances, downstream customers including Kovos, Ningbo sea songs and other enterprises, and become steam mop industry faucet enterprise Shark steam heater Specify suppliers.

Hengchi automotive output line ritual may go to the beginning of next year

According to the news of the brokerage China, the stock of China’s constant large cars in Hengda is most fierce after the Hong Kong stock market. There is a residential news that the Hengda Auto first car Hengfa 5 has been lowered by low-key production. However, it is understood that the above is only the internal production line through the ceremony, and the real Hengki automotive output is possible to go to the beginning of next year. (Securities Times)

Analyst: The Chinese market will support Tesla stocks by 30% next year.

The investment company WEDBUSH analyst Daniel Avis issued an investment report saying that the Tesla situation is very beneficial to enter the 2022, which promotes further growth of catalysts including strong Chinese market demand and the United States, German factory puts production. In the future, 12 months, Tsra stock, will increase by nearly 30%, and the shortage of parts next year will be alleviated. Tesla will be able to better meet the Chinese market demand, Austin, Berlin plant production can also alleviate the global production bottleneck. Avis maintains the “running market” rating and $ 1400 target stock price to Tesla stock. (Phoenix Network Technology)

“The 14th Five-Year Plan” Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan “is released, and the first national level of medical equipment industry industry development planning

“The 14th Five-Year Plan” is published in the morning, “Plan” is proposed yesterday, and strive to 2025, the medical equipment industry is high-quality, the modernization of the industrial chain is significantly improved. Mainstream medical equipment is basically effective supply, high end The performance and quality level of medical equipment is significantly improved, and the comprehensive support for public health and medical needs is initially formed. According to Wang Wanming, a Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this “planning” is the industry development plan of the first national level in the field of medical equipment, focusing on diagnostic inspection equipment, treatment equipment, monitoring and life support equipment, TCM diagnosis and treatment Equipment, maternal and child health equipment, health care, there is seven major key areas such as extensive interventional instruments. (21 Finance)

The 15th Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued “14th Five-Year Plan”

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “14th Five-Year Plan”. “Plan” proposed that by 2025, my country became a global robot technology innovation strategy source, high-end manufacturing aggregation and integrated application. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, a batch of robot core technology and high-end products will be made, and the comprehensive indicators of the whole machine reach the international advanced level, the key components performance and reliability reach the international similar product level; the annual growth rate of the robotic industries More than 20%; forming a group of international competitive leaders and a large number of innovative capabilities, a good growth, a good growth, and building 3 to 5 industrial clusters with international influence. (CCTV News)

The eight sectors of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued “” 14th Five-Year “Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan”

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is jointly issued in the “14th Five-Year” Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan. “Plan” proposes that by 2025, most of the manufacturing enterprises above manufacturing enterprises, the key industries, key industries; Improve intelligence. Among them, the specific goal of 2025 is: the transformation and upgrading have achieved remarkable, 70% of the large-scale manufacturing enterprises have basically realized digital network; the supply capacity is significantly increased, the intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial software market meets more than 70% and 50%, respectively. More than 200 countries, the system of industry standards, built more than 120 industrial Internet platforms with industry and regional influence. (CCTV News)

Investment and Financing

“IBT Noise Technology” won tens of millions of PRE-A + round financing

36 I learned that the digital therapy technology enterprises “IBT Noise Technology” have been financing tens of millions of PRE-A + round financing, and the Lenovo Star and the Jade Capital jointly charged, linear capital and source capital and other “old shareholders”. This round of financing funds will mainly use the clinical trials of the product and registration, product line development and digital therapy.

Scientific research head nursing brand “SPES poetry” completed nearly 200 million yuan A round financing

36 Exclusive knowledge Investigating, Light Source Capsules as an exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used to strengthen the layout of product layout at head nursing tracks.

Adults receive 10 million yuan A round financing

36 I learned that recently, the adults announced that he has been financing a lot of capital thousands of rounds, and the financing is also the first step in the capitalization of Harbor stocks. The financing payment will be used in business development and technology development of adults. According to reports, adults are located in multi-ended stores and marketing service providers in full channels, mainly focusing on businesses in private domain flow operations and integration.

“Source Times” won tens of millions of PREA round financing

36 learned that recently, microfluidic and electrochemical testing platform enterprises “Source Times” officially completed tens of millions of PREA round financing by Yuansheng’s exclusive investment. This round of financing will be used in microfluidic PCR tape demonstration line upgrade, microfluidic PCR equipment and reagent registration issues, small-scale pilots of grassroots nucleic acid detection, first generation electrochemical testing equipment and general test reagents / Gauge of mass production in the consumables.

Vertical Industry RPA Manufacturer “Waves Technology” won thousands of RMB angel round financing

36 I learned that recently, focusing on the RMB in cross-border RPA manufacturers, “Wave Technology” announced the completion of 10 million RMB angel round financing. This round of financing is based on the capital leader, and the Liangcang Fund followed. This round of funds will be mainly used for RPA, AI and other digital development and cross-border domain market development.

Cool products

Xiaomi released the annual flagship millet 12 series, announced in product strategy to officially apple

36 I learned that on December 28th, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi’s third-generation high-end mobile phone millet 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and small-size flagship millet 12X, also released MIUI 13, millet Watch S1, millet real wireless noise reduction headphones 3 and other new products. The founder of Xiaomi Group, Chairman and CEO Lei Jun said at the press conference that in the next five years, Xiaomi will invest 100 billion R & D funds, and officially labeled apples in the product strategy.

According to the news, the Apple’s project is responsible for the AR or VR headset to issue marketing matters.

According to media reports, Apple is planning the team, responsible for the release of Ar or VR headset devices and subsequent marketing matters. One of the basis of the statement is that Apple has already hired Meta’s AR communication and public relations director Shu Wei, for future Apple propaganda, sells the first mixed real lens (MR) head wearing device preparation. (Finance Federation)

LG shows the 120Hz refresh rate screen to Apple next year, used for high-end iPhone 14


According to reports, Samsung is in next year, it may not be an exclusive supplier of iPhone 14 high-end model OLED screen, and LG display will also supply part. The LG display has obtained an order for the Apple LTPO TFT OLED screen, which supports 120 Hz refresh rate and will use the high-end iPhone. (TechWeb)

Tencent confused payment equipment patent is authorized

36 learned that the sky-eyed app shows that December 28th, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. obtained “scanning equipment and payment equipment” patent authorization. Patent Abstract Displayed that the scanning device includes a housing, a camera assembly, and a base, the camera assembly includes a camera for identifying identity information, identity information comprising two-dimensional code information, palmprint information, and at least two of the vein information.

Jingdong Chongqing No. 6 AMOLED (Flexible) production line official production

36 I learned that according to the Beijing Dongfang WeChat public number, Jingdong Chongqing No. 6 AMOLED production line officially produced. At present, Jingdong has already laid the 6th generation AMOLED (flexible) production line, the 8.5th generation TFT-LCD production line, the Jingdong Chongqing Wisdom System Innovation Center, etc., the accumulated investment exceeds 86 billion yuan. The officially announced the mass production line of Chongqing No. 6 AMOLED (flexible) production line is located in Chongqing two river new district, covering an area of ​​approximately 970,000 square meters.