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噪 梅 梅 喜 报 报 报 报 报 报 报 蓂 报 蓂 蓂 蓂 蓂 蓂 蓂.

In the Southern Song Poetry, the “Shou Shu Zu”, only “寿 梅”, only four words, and the moon rhyme built a picture of a vitality, joyful door.

The intrusive ancient people use the plants to express emotions and integration, not singing in poetry, but also into cultural genes, have born a lot of auspicious patterns. For example, the winter, winter and summer, it is used to bless longevity; pomegranate, seed grains, the meaning of more children; bat, and “Fu” homophonic, meaning happiness and auspicious. These auspicious patterns are hushed to the blessings of a beautiful life, and they are drawn to the porcelain by a generation of man, the building surface, weaving the clothes, and the window.


Born in the royal family, “uterite”, with the special materials and exquisite preparation techniques, weaving a lot of exquisite gorgeous auspicious texture, let people feel the romance of the Chinese And China’s traditional culture that stretches in the Changhe River of thousands of cultures.

噪 梅 梅 喜

Magpies and plum blossoms are the common auspicious colored elements of ancient Chinese. The magpie often became the tree next to the house, and his voice “” is considered to have a happy friend, so he is seen as a newspaper by the ancients. The Song Dynasty has a “作 两 两 两,,,,” 好 句 “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

As a symbol of “hi”, the pattern of magpies appear in ancient painting, copper mirror, and brocade. In the late Qing Dynasty, a “Huang Yido Dengfei Qing is in the graph, the golden blanket heart, a plum branch, the old dry is horizontal, the branches, the branches hanging round bird stand A magpie exhibition wing is in its room, the mouth is a basket of hanging baskets, and the plum blossoms in the basket.

The late Qing Dynasty “Huang Yido Dengmei Qing is a graphic rug”. Beijing Huafang Art Center

Flowers, birds are colorful, and the use of halo, delicate and rich, and the performance is strong. The whole blanket composition is novel, the color is elegant and bright, rich in the beautiful, the elegant atmosphere, and the meaning is good. Magpie is a bird of joy, plum is the flower of Zhuchun. When the magpies and plums appear together, it is often the pattern of “Magpie”, which means “Hihomei”. Therefore, the people often have good luck in the items of “Magpie Dengmei” patterns.

“Huang Yido Dengmeiqing is a graphic carpet” (partial). Beijing Huafang Art Center

Wencai Guanghua

There is a bird with a bird, a bird, and Wencai Guanghua moves.

This is a verse in the Ming Dynasty, Hole “Peacock Map”, depicts the beauty of the peacock, praise in the poem: “There is a bird with a bird, the Wencai Guanghua moves. Gold and wrong. “

The peacock feathers are beautiful. When opening the screen, the light is full, and the ancients are deeply loved. The “Er Yawang” written by the Song Dynasty, also praised: “Gay the Subena. The tail is five afterwards, six or seven feet, starting like a wheel, Jin Cuiran.”

Peacock is not only beautiful, but its “performed” “Diet” and other life habits are also summed up by the ancient literati, “Jiudi” is considered “ritual”. Peacock turning is more considered as Xiangrui, and the peacock lines have gradually become a traditional text of people who are popular. They are widely used in porcelain, apparel, bedding, copper mirrors, paper-cut, etc., representing auspicious, civilized, rich .


In addition, peacocks are in folk or love and a beautiful symbol, and the “Pigans” of Tang Gaozu “Since the time, the ancients of new marriage furniture, utensils, and makeup or makeup are often used.

The Western Han Shiwei has been “anxiously” in the art: “Jinxiu is separated from Yunjue,” Tongxian Zhong Huadong “, among the” Jun “Tong Dynasty, indicating that the fabric of the first people during the Western Han Dynasty There is a peacock pattern. The corrugated peacock ripples unearthed from the Hunan Changsha Mawangdui, which is just a certificate.

Qing Dynasty “Blue Di Peacock Opening Rounded Vulplate Carpet”. Beijing Huafang Art Center

The Qing Dynasty, the “Blue Peacock Opened Flat Renoline Vulnean”, it was very cleverly worn. The carpet heart is blue, the center is white, the four can’t be a peacock open picture, the feather layer is blooming, like a fan, colorful, boring, and the screen is in the hook clouds, make the carpet heart Sea-shaped shape.

Outside the screen, the yellow floor is full of roses, the branches are killed, and the roll is rich, the flower head is inserted, and the size is different, but it seems like a flowering. This is also auspicious.

“Blue Di Peacock Open Roundlorer” (Partial). Beijing Huafang Art Center

The rosarn lottery is also a traditional auspicious pattern. It is often used in porcelain and silk fabrics. Because the pattern flower branches are constantly moving, they are tested, and they are also known “Wanshou”, meaning Jiqing, “Life”.

In the whole blanket, the peacock opens and the entanglement, the simple combination, vivid, and the meaning of auspicious, it can be embarrassed.

Red sleeve

Red sleeved, quasi, green, soy sauce, pear.

This is a verse in the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi “Hangzhou Spring Lang”.

Persimmons are also common traditional auspicious pattern. Persimmons, as the name, shape like persimmons, is divided into four times.

The ancients have the saying that persimmon is considered very strong, and persimmon is considered very strong, and the middle circle represents Tianzhu, and the other petals represent all-wheeled eighth party, expressing ordinary people, eager to rush, long-lived, and everything is a wish. Widely used in pottery, bronzes, textiles and buildings. When the Warring States went to the Han Dynasty, the persimmon portraits were popular. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Persimmon Titas became a rumored pattern.

In this early Qing Dynasty, “Tracked Opera Tiji Tunal Tropal Sad Sad Blanket”, the carpet heart is tattooed, the central government is spending a flower heart, four hook lotings are connected to the group, the flowers are connected, Form a graceful group flower. The carpet is full of four roses, orange, yellow two colors rendering of the flower head is full, lake blue, cobalt blue rendering of entangled outlook. The whole blanket is toned and warm and warmer, the texture is in order, meaning is rich, and it is full.


Early “Back Tommat Tommat Top Terrier Terrier”. Beijing Huafang Art Center


Another early Qing dynasty “turmeric Tommat Timbia flower pattern saddle blanket”, blanket long square, carpet heart ginger yellow, Central trunk flower, flower heart, the blue line, the nine palace, the internal trim, the whole word, the flowers, the periphery Then, the lake blue, the blue blue two-color rendering cavity pattern, and the zigzag composition is a circular flower pattern, and the metaphor is a circular place.

Early “Turning Tommat Tommat Tim Tomato Flowers”. Beijing Huafang Art Center

Menic rooms, good luck

The uteroid originated in Ningxia, because of its strong woven, the carpet is soft, the emperor is favored, and since the emperor, it becomes the royal supplies of the palace, “palace blanket” is named. The palace of the two generations of the Ming and Qing Dynasties has experienced the brilliant scene of “all-inquiries”.

The Chinese carpet has a long history. The court carpet is the peak of the peak, representing the highest art standards of the weaving blanket process, the weaving process is paying attention to, the pattern is colorful, and the texture is fine. Beijing Palace Blanket Weaving Skills were selected in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists in 2008.

The long history, a perfect process, has created a brilliant civilization. In addition to the precautions, exquisite craftsmanship, its texture is more beautiful, the ancient rhyme is full, “the map must be interested, it will be auspicious”, there is a high artistic value.

“Zhuangzi” has a cloud: “The virtual room is white, auspicious stop.”


China’s traditional auspicious pattern contains the cultural attitude of the Chinese nation, hosted a beautiful meaning, and the uterine blanket, as these artistic carriers showing auspicious pattern, condensed the wisdom of the trainer, retaining the historical and cultural imprint, bringing people It is a great pin to the unlimited direction of life. (Te / Lei)


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