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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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I was selected for Zhang Aunt’s “Original New People’s Second Training Camp”. In order to graduate as soon as possible, decided to complete the inventory of the shaped item that has been owed, I hope to give other pregnant moms and newbie mothers, and less detours. But the fish meat, B, each child, the personality of each child is different, and everyone is used to it. Our family’s shared stuff may be particularly interested, SO is really only for reference, specifically The child is interested.

1. Waiting for the package: When buying, I feel that this set will get a one-time, very practical, I only know that the hospital has special requirements for some brands, such as a woman, requires measuring sanitary napkins. Package, otherwise you have to go to the hospital downstairs to buy, so if you are ready to be produced, it is recommended that Ma Yun family search for specific hospitals, each hospital is slightly different, and the price is better than this set.


Sub-initiating production package into the hospital full set of pregnant woman care pad health napkin group combination month prenatal postpartum set 149 yuan

2, Belly Bandit Brace: Who said this is particularly useful. . . First, the size is particularly large, and the fat Chinese pregnant woman I think s is enough. Second, especially wide, it is directly in the chest. There is also particularly hard, unable to fix it, anyway, super difficult, please let me re-buy the special cotton yarn of caesarean section, a lot of comfort. In addition, the landlord is a caesarean section, it is necessary to prepare two, it is recommended that a room that is not ready is particularly good. After the doctor is used, the other is directly throwing, and the other can be prepared, and it can be used to use the month.

American Belly Bandit Basic Post-Binding Binds – Black (L) (112-126CM) OR-BLK: L (Import) 817.02 yuan

3, anti-overflow breast pad & milk bag: The landlord is too confident when pregnant, has a super anti-overflow breast pad and milk bag, resulting in lack of milk, 4 months, only used two or three Ultra-breast pad, and the community doctor said that it is best not to use this, it is easy to use, it is easy to breed, I feel that this is mainly used to go to work or go out to avoid leakage, so I don’t sure you can be less than cows. Point, there is a need to buy again. In fact, if I have something regret, I have no more time to feed, although I am tired, but I am really a time, the most intimate time, so breast milk can still stick to it.


Medela (Medela) strong water-absorbing dry dry disposable anti-overflow breast pad 30 pieces touch gentle 62 yuan


4, breastfeeding pillow: This is also a very recommended by many people, but I don’t know if it is used to caesarean section. I have been lying, sitting in this, how do you call it, how to adjust it is not used to it, your son is lying on it. Great. . . So abandoned, and later waited until he was sitting in learning, but it could not play a lot of support and idle. .

Jia Yun Bao (JOYOOURBABY) multi-function breastfeeding pillow feeding pillow teach baby children sit still sea sky blue 111 yuan

5, anti-spit milk slope pad: I originally wanted to be lazy, I didn’t take the milk, I was lying directly above, and the spit will spit it, so I still take a good shot.


Alanber (alanber) baby anti-spit milk ramp pad feeding milk artifact newborn baby anti-overflow milk pillow anti-milk mattress slow rebound anti-spit milk pillow stripe 79 yuan

6, high landscape baby stroller: Looking at a very high-end atmosphere, it is not a general heavy weight after use, and the upper and lower stairs without the elevator are too tired. This kind of car is 6 months to lying down, directly change the umbrella car The time of use is only a few months.

Kangbei (Combi) baby stroller clear high landscape light and shock-shock two-way one-button fold can be lying children’s truck universal wheel umbrella car Walka artifact Japanese tea department 1580 yuan

7, Fisher Sanbao & Aob Bell: Fei Xue’s famous three toy hippocampus, pedal piano & rocked chair bought during pregnancy, and found that the son is not interested. . . The hippocampus is the least heavier, when you cry, put your music and let him cry, and don’t touch the desire of hippocampal attraction. . The pedal is still a burst of, you can put it on your hand to play with your hand. After 4 months, you will not be attractive, you don’t want to lying, always squat. Because I have been called the shock artifact, I have been pulling a shock, I bought a shock, but it seems that there is no effect, and I will become a few days a few days after eating food supplements. He is not willing to sit inside, I want to play out every time I want to play, I’m idle. . . The bed bell is also, and the music can’t attract him. . I saw it, he is not interested in music, all bought it.


8, various photography & early education: Now the baby’s photography is low-cost or free to attract you to shoot, let you feel good when you choose a photo, or 60-80 yuan / Zhang to buy the film, or buy the package, see The cheapest package of Shanghai is also more than 1000 / time. In my opinion, I don’t seem to give the whole film, it is a rogue. It is really annoying to this model. I have a card with the old shop owner, accidentally It is especially good to see a business without market. Later, a public number was active, 399 yuan shot 50 sheets of the film, the baby two clothes, plus a set of parent-child clothes, immediately booked, this activity is over, so it does not disclose which. Anyway, since then, if you don’t have a negligible film, you will not consider it.

The same is true for early education. Every time I have been spending a good rice, telling yourself that I don’t know how to be reasonable. When my mother, I think it is really cured, I don’t know how to refuse, I don’t know how to refuse, I’m absorbed, I will choose difficulty. I agree with the early education, but I don’t agree with some of the flash card teaching. I once said that I have been sold in the registration form, what kind of reading habits, cultivate special interest, love to study, Later, I felt that I didn’t reliably. After seeing the comment, I felt that I was very awkward. I was very good at the temptation. I didn’t sign up. I think the most important early education of the child is a big motion development and the body’s control. What 9 months Baby recognition Chinese, English, 15 months of baby learning three-character, three-character. . . Sick

Summary save money Raiders:

1. I feel that when picking baby items, try to pick a special brand name, one of the quality assurance, the second turn is easy, like a bell Bell, I am 53 yuan, 50 yuan sold, Halo sleeping bag 88 yuan bought, After sold for 3 months, it is sold.

2, more use of idle fish, the idle fish is surprised everywhere, I bought a new Lego letter train, 30 yuan to buy a set of swing slides, like that bed bell, there is nothing, no Health issues, you can buy second-hand.