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Whether you are a highway rider, mountain rider or just a “commuter buying dish” salted fish, you must have less than, although this structure is simple, you can’t use it several times, but it can “Save you a life” in the critical moment, even a big effect on your riding experience.

When you are ready to ride, you must make sure your tire pressure is in the right state, this time you have a reliable pump advantage. The type of bicycle air in the market is numerous, and the high-pressure pump with an additional internal cavity used from the conventional gas tube to the vacuum tire is really dazzling. If you don’t know how to choose, let’s take a look at several floor-oriented pumps recommended, covering different riding needs, maybe you have a favorite!

Best Classic Pump: Silca Pista Plus

When asked which brand is the most classic in the bicycle pump, some “old birds”, which have long time, will definitely think of Silca. The company has produced a pump for more than one century, and its production of the pump is called “perfect” in the eyes of the riders, especially Pista Plus, which is almost recognized without opponents. Like the Mercedes-Benz G, Land Tigers in the car industry, Silca has never improved its own pump appearance, but allows the classics to continue, you can even buy a new repair for your old Silca puff meadess. Part. However, this “sent you away” it is not bad, can be the price of the pumping the pump of the treasure is naturally quite quite.

PISTA PLUS was originally designed in 1962, with steel made of steel, the handle is made of polished gray wood. Unlike other brands, PISTA Plus uses the leather inflatable tube, and the moment to highlight the high-end atmosphere of the brand. The accuracy of the air pressure gauge is also quite good, and the general error is only about 1 or 2 PSI, the length of the hose is just good, and the inflatable valve can be snapped up to the nozzle of the position.

Advantages: Beautiful steel tubular and elegant wooden handle determines that Pista Plus is an elegant art. For the purpose of being thrown, it will use it as a good makeup of your parking room, adding a “atmosphere”. pretty good.

Disadvantages: expensive (not its problem, is my problem)

Sell ​​Price: $ 165


Best Value Big Pump: Aergun X-1000

If you are a little white, just want to find an inexpensive, with the inflatable feature, then this Aergun X-1000 is definitely a good choice. The mouthmark of this pump is quite good, and there are 2330 praises on the Amazon shopping platform. It is a very popular porn. It has not changed its design over the years, including this “bad” green cylinder (individual thinks).

Convenient and simple use feeling is one of the reasons why this pump is most welcomed. Compared with other high-end pumps, this pump is fixed, and only need to turn the snap to stand up to the valve. locking. In addition, it even came with a plenty of football and volleyball, which are quite friendly.

If you just make a bicycle to make your bike, or give your children a football basketball, this cost is completely enough. The only disadvantage is that when this pump is broken, you buy a repaired complement is quite not easy.

Advantages: “Cheap Big Bowl”, the basic function is high, cost-effective

Disadvantages: Air supply hoses cannot be replaced

Sell ​​Price: $ 28

Best Household Pump: TopEak Joe Blow Sport 3


Although it is cheap, there is no Silca classic, but this Topeak Joe Blow Sport 3 will not let you down. This pump is the third generation of classic Joe Blow Sport, like the previous first generation and second generation, excellent performance and reliability, even if you have experienced any non-human “torture” and “abuse”, unless you take the initiative Throw it away, or it can accompany you to spend a long time.

This pump is very humanized in design, and the large dial diameter is three inches, and the reading is very clear, it is very suitable for those who wear glasses. The handle of the gas tube is very wide, and it is just the right friction. The overall grip is quite good. If you want to make a lot of the car, then this pump will not make you too painful. The TwinheadDX system can help you easily convert between the US-style mouth.

Topeak’s products have two years of warranty. This Joe Blow Sport 3 is no exception, you can replace the repairs at any time. In addition, like Aergun, this pump also comes with a pneumatic head.

Advantages: ergonomic design, easy operation, reasonable price.

Disadvantages: The hose is too short, and the riders reflect the problem that the valve fixed difficulties and the pressure gauge readings are not allowed.

Best vacuum tire pump: Bontrager TLR Flash Charger

This Bontrager TLR Flash Charger is specially prepared for the mountain drivers and all-top rods that use the true space system. Unlike ordinary tires, the instantaneous pneumatic pressure is required to make the tires to keep the tires to stabilize the rims, and the instant releases such a large air pressure, which is unable to do it ordinary landing. The Bontrager TLR Flash Charger has an additional gas storage inner cavity that allows users to press this inner cavity to 160 psi, then instantly released, giving vacuum tires. In addition, you will use it very well, whether you are putting the tire on the console or put on the ground.

In 2020, Bontrager upgraded this TLR Flash Charger pump to better adapt to the true space system. This upgrade simplifies the reading of the pressure gauge, you can read the air pressure that you need to be joined in your tire. The large handle makes it easy and comfortable, and the extra gift of the ball also means that you can use this pump to make football basketball.

After testing, whether it is to give mountain bikes, all topic cars, ordinary road vehicles or CX highway vehicles, this TLR Flash Charger pump has never “dropped chains”. Of course, if you don’t use it, you can use it, just pull a simple switch, you can make the air drums no longer pass through the extra cavity, but directly into the tire, become an ordinary floor-to-ceiling Inflator.

Advantages: Gospel of the vacuum tire, long hose, easy-to-read air pressure gauge

Disadvantages: The price is too expensive, if you don’t use the vacuum tire, buy this air tube is a bit “killing chicken with cow knife”

Price: $ 129

Best mountain bike, all-top truck, CX highway car pump: SKS TWENTYNINER

The appearance of this pump looks very common, and there is almost no difference in some cheap pumps in the 1990s. But in fact it can be called one of the best-to-use pumps, which can feed the tire with very precise PSI value. Its cylinder is very large, so the advantage is obvious, that is, it is possible to inject more air to the tire, which can save you a lot when you get rough tires. You can even use it to get the true empty tire, just don’t use Bontrager TLR Flash Charger so easy.

However, since this pump is positioned for the mountain bike, the tire pressure of the mountain bike is generally low, so this air pressure gauge can only display up to 73PSI, and the general road vehicle can be displayed to 160 psi even More. But this is also good, narrower air supply ranges can make reading more accurate, you can easily see your pressure value.

Since 30 psi, the air pressure display of this pump is amazing, which is why we recommend it to the mountain rider and gravel engles, which are generally maintained at 22-37 psi. Under such a low pressure, even if there is 0.5 psi air pressure error, it will have an impact on the riding experience. Therefore, it is very important to have an accurate air pressure in this air pressure.

Advantages: high gas chamber, fast air, suitable for drivers with low pressure demand

Disadvantages: Not very suitable for ordinary road rides with high tire pressure demand


Sold Price: $ 50

Best Travel Feed: Lezyne CNC floor pump

Lezyne CNC is a compact and fully functional trip. The whole toll is created by the alloy, lightweight and exquisite, you can easily put it into the suitcase or in the large backpack. This pump supports the napper and beautiful mouth, using a spiral valve locking method, and designs a press release button to make you more convenient when you pull out. If you don’t like a spiral lock, you can also use its quick lock attachment. After installing this attachment, you just need to take the inflatable valve in the airpare, you can take it directly.

There is also a version of a steel barrel with a wooden handle, which has been discontinued. However, you should still find it in the online shopping platform.

Advantages: small size, beautiful production, maximum support of 160 psi

Disadvantages: A high person is bent back to use it, it may be more uncomfortable, pull out the spiral lock valve after the gas is finished, and it is possible to bring your air mouth spool.

Sell ​​Price: $ 99


Best “Fat” pump: Birzman Maha Fatty


I have to say, the drivers who like to ride “fat” car are a group of people who have some personality. The huge tires are 5 inches, most drivers will set tire pressure to 8PSI, sometimes even lower.

Under such a low tire pressure, even 0.25 psi tire changes will have an impact on riding comfort, stepping efficiency, and vehicle overall performance. At this time, you need a pump that can bring you accurate pressure control, and this Birzman Maha Fatty is definitely what you want. The maximum 25PSI air pressure display and precise and easy-to-understand pneumatic table value can make you very easily find the air pressure you need. The coarse tubular can accommodate more air, which is used to give “fat tires”.

Birzman’s pump has many highlights in design, such as ergonomic tubular and patented inflatable valve design, allowing you to enjoy fast-free speed. However, this pump is still more suitable for a small driver. If your weight is large, the 25PSI air pressure display may not be much enough, or the SKS just recommended is more suitable.

Advantages: Ergonomicity angle, low-voltage special accurate pressure gauge and fast-connected inflatable valve

Disadvantages: For mountain drivers who use non-“fat tires”, 25PSI air pressure display may still be very enough

Sell ​​Price: $ 65

How to choose a better pump?

The more high-grade inflatable valves are not always so easy, sometimes we prefer simple locking structures. Choose a gas tube to consider from the following points.

The safety and ease of use of the inflatable valve: This is the most important point you want to consider when you purchase a pump. An inflatable valve that is difficult to connect to the air is not only difficult, but even damage your valve and nozzles. When you are difficult to lock, you will drive your inflatable valve repeatedly, which may damage the tissue between the air nozzle and the valve, resulting in leakage. In addition, if there is a problem with the lock safety of the valve, when you hit half, the inflatable valve may be boused directly, which is undoubtedly dangerous and embarrassing.

Inflatable: Most of the floor-standing pumps only need less than a minute, you can give a tire to make a good gas. If you replace the material softened inflatable tube, the speed of breathing will be fine. However, it is not to say that the faster the air is, the better, most drivers are more accurate pressure control, some harsh drivers also hit the air pressure to a specific value. But the speed of breathing is still a basic standard for measuring a gas barrel.


Operating stability and comfort: How to make the pump more comfortable? Then you have to spend more on the handle design. The wider the handle is designed, the better the experience, but this means it will be more difficult to accommodate and carry. In addition, there is still a very interesting point. The comfort is also related to the height of the driver. Some pumps will be more suitable for the short bakes in the design, and some pumping tubes will be more friendly to high sizes. This is not a big Problem, because most of the pump is similar, but you can pay attention to it when you buy it.

The landing type gas tube has a rubber tube, so it is recommended to stay away from the “Wang Xingren” and “Stars” when storing.

Durability: Under normal circumstances, the metal valve is more durable than the plastic valve, whether the floor-oriented gas tube or portable pump. Even if it is broken, the repair of metal valves will be better than the plastic valve. In addition, the material of the handle will also affect the life of the pump. The cheap plastic made of cheap plastics will make you feel obvious deformation when using it, and it is very dangerous. The above we recommend the pump, the handle is solid, very strong.

Value: When purchasing a pump, you must choose the big brand you usually hear, not to choose the small factory you have never heard. There are thousands of cheap pumping products on the online shopping platform, and a small part of these products may be broken at a critical moment. In addition, the cheap pump will also be able to discount, such as Only valve of the leg or beautiful mouth, both directly cannot be converted. Like Silca, Lezyne, Birzman, Topeak, Bontrager, Specialized, and Beto, a well-known brand, there is usually a perfect repair, and generally there will be support for warranty policies. That’s why these big brands are more expensive than unknown brands, more spend some money to buy a gas tube that can accompany you, which is very cost-effective.

Some basic problems about landing type pumps

Are you needed to fill a fly gas or portray?

When you go out, you will be happy, but you will worry about unlucky puncture. At this time, you will definitely want to bring a portable pump, although it can “save you” at the critical moment, but the mini’s volume makes you I have to fight more than 300 to get angry. You must not want to use this painful way to make this pain every time, I suggest you buy a floor-on-grounded pump, not only is easy, but also accurately control the air pressure.

Should I fight how much tire pressure?


How much tire pressure is to be hit, this is actually on your bicycle type and tire species. The easiest way is to look at the side wall of the tire, which will mark the recommended tire pressure range of the tire, so try to stay in this range. Inuspend. For most road drivers, 80 to 90PSI are the most suitable starting tire pressure; and mountain drivers should consider their own weight and riding terrain, usually set tire pressure in the range of 18 to 35 psi.

When is the tire to play a time?

Don’t wait for your tires, I think it is impressed. We must regularly check our tire pressure to ensure the safety of riding. Here is a small trick to check if tire pressure is right. Before departure, use your thumb to press the center position of the tire, if you ride a road car, press the feeling of pressing and hard, like pressing an apple On, then the tire pressure at this time is approximately appropriate; if you ride a mountain bike, pressing the pressure in the tire pressure will be slightly better, like pressing on an orange. You may only take it to the tire every few days, but every time you go to ride, you must check the tire pressure, so as not to bring you unnecessary trouble.


What is the function of a good landing pump?

Here is a list of lists, including a good pump:


1. Sturdy handle

2. Metal material

3. Simple readable pressure gauge

4. Sufficient pump

5. Sneak a solid standing base

6. Have a leg mouth nozzle conversion system

7. Replaceable parts and perfect warranty policies

If you are purchasing a pump in a physical store, it is best to try your car to try it, look at the working status of the pump and the level of matching with your car, after all, a good pump is It is very important to consider whether it is necessary to accompany you for a long time.