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Above “Xiaofang Teacher” free attention

Hello and Welcome To The English We Speak, I’m Feifei …

Hello everyone, welcome to listen to authentic English, I am Fifi …

… And hello I’m rob.

Hello everyone, I am Rob.

Rob, Thanks for Giving Me A Lift Home from the station tonight.

Rob, thank you for letting me take your car home from the station tonight.

No problem feifei.happy to help … and look we’re Almost Home … Just Turn this Corner.

Nothing Phi Phi. Very happy to help … See that we are getting home … Into this bend is coming.

Great -i 10 Have Got Very Wet Walking Home In this rain.

Great, I will be wet, I will wet, I will go home.

That’s OK … But I was WONDERING IF you Could do Something for me?

It doesn’t matter … but I want to know if you can’t do something for me now?

Oh! Rob, Did You Just Give Me A Lift Home So That I would do something for you?

Oh! Rob, you send me home, is it to make me do for you?

Well … Err … you know what the say … One Good Turn Deserves ANOTHER ‘.

Um … … people often say … “Relie is coming”.

One Good TURN DESERVES Another ‘? Are We Talking About Driving? There’s no need to’ Turn Another Corner ‘, We’re Already at my house.

“Relie Tour”? Are we talking about driving? We don’t need to “turn a bend again”, my family has arrived.

No feifei -i mean genneone does Something to help you, you will do something helpful in return.

No, Fifi – I mean, when someone do something to help you, you should help them do something as a return.

Oh, is what right! We had better hear some more example of this phrase …

Oh, is this?! We’d better listen to a few examples about this phrase …

Do you mind doing the Washing Up? I DO ALL The Cooking and One Good Turn Does Deserve Another!

Do you mind wash the bowl? Every meal is what I did, the gift is still coming out!

Oh, ok then.

Oh, let’s go.

Please can you help me with my homework, i Did Yours Last Week and you know what theies: one good turn deserves another!

BBC地道英语|One good turn deserves another 礼尚往来

Can you help me do homework, I will help you last week, people often say: the gift is coming!


He helped me repair the car, so when he needs to use the car, I will be happy to borrow him – the gift is coming.

So One Good Turn Deserves Another-DO Someone a Favor and The Should Return The Favour.hmm

The ritual is coming – to help others, others should help you as a return. Well, I have been thinking about Rob, you are right, you helper me very well, then I should help you, so how can I help you?

Well, if you’re Sure Feifei – I Wondering IF you Could Help Me Paint My House this weekend?

Well, if you are sure, Feifei, I want to know if you can help me with this weekend?

Help You Paint Your House?

Help you brush the house?

Not all of it -just the land room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom.

Not all places have to brush – only brush the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

That’s Not Fair! Rob, I’m Sure One Good Turn Deserves Another of Equal Value – Giving Me A Lift Home Isn’t The Same As Painting All You House!

This is unfair! Rob, I firmly believe that the gift should be equal, let me take the car to send me home and let me put all your houses all brush over and over again!


Oh, so your answer is “no”?


Don’t help you! goodbye.

Erm … bye.and you can walk next time!

Oh … goodbye. Next time you will go back.

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