Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In addition, to help combat the loss motorcycle robbery, and more in new contracts

– too assertive personality, can not meet your classic sports car brand is more exaggerated than the underground do not just think to go to the junkyard and got a broken car, the first impression of the imperial tyrant Wei Kete car can leave you free?? It can be compared. Can serve as a supermodel one hundred meters sprinter, like Wei Kete from a variety of sense, it is a spectacle.

Legend is now available in the car industry.

New robbery: The Lost Motorcycle contract help

GTA 在线模式全新皇霸天韦柯特

Lost motorcycle sitting with a gold mine help, and you have the right to learn a piece. By methamphetamine empire against its Rijindoujin, give them a blow, and get a very substantial gains. You can collect four intelligence, steal a truck to haul cargo, and then the entire workshop razed to the ground. Just go to the shop in the converted job board to expand operations.

GTA 在线模式全新皇霸天韦柯特

Last chance: Owners Group Membership Rewards

This week is your last chance to get the jacket of Luo San Schumacher have changed baseball, just to participate in the Los Sacred car lovers can receive. Members are St. Los Owners Group members who reach the level of prestige value in August 1820, also receive 250,000 GTA game currency.

GTA 在线模式全新皇霸天韦柯特

Double award

Double GTA game currency value and prestige all in the chase series

Los Sacred Owners Group members who have planned escape routes talent, just to get rid of the other racers and Los Sacred police chase in pursuit of this week’s series, you can get a double reward.

Double GTA game currency value and prestige all in hedge the fight

GTA 在线模式全新皇霸天韦柯特

In hedge the fight in a heavily armed squad of defenders against a group of attackers bent to break the stronghold. No matter which party you belong to, play desperate fight in the ranks this week, the two sides can earn double GTA game currency and prestige value.

Cheyou prizes carrier and challenges

Owners Group members only need to win three games in four consecutive days this week sprint, you can drive away Kalin Fu multi GTX. Go see the prizes Owners Group Grand Slam truck carrier, and look at the competitors before the investigation. In Los Sacred car lovers, you can launch the sprint challenge through an interactive menu.

In the test track or test drive a new car not yet released

You want to try the feeling of holding a new steering wheel it? Why not test drive Pfister Howl’s not yet posted on the Rockwell test track Sacred Owners Group, or before you pay for Huang Wei Kete first Tyrant test drive it? You can also test drive free Dinka Rigoletto RR. Fast travel to Los Sacred Owners Group test drive vehicles it.

This week Booth vehicles: Ti Lan Pada meters from its profit GT

Make sure you visit the casino lobby were drilled Holiday Xiaoxie a while, turn the wheel of fortune once a day. You may be able to take GTA game currency, prestige value, clothing, snacks and mystery prizes. This week Booth Award is hidden monstrous roar of horsepower under the hood Ti Lan Pada meters from its profit GT, this car imported Italian sports car. Let’s go.


Half of all office assets continued. In addition, these vehicles still offer discounts this week:

· Ti Lan Pada Tiger lion beast: Qizhe

· Pvt giant elephant: Qizhe

· RO-86 alkonost: Qizhe

· Weipiaili: tickets

GTA 在线模式全新皇霸天韦柯特

· Luodi Yi ancient tower power GTO: tickets

Prime Gaming bonus and welfare

GTA online mode, players just need to Rockstar Games Social Club account successfully bound to Prime Gaming, get a free 100 000 GTA game coins when playing this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming Members freely available Strawbery Bailey modification shop assets, as of August 18, and enjoy exclusive discounts, including half of the car and Yan Fu Bei Feite BR8 blacktip two fold. Prime Gaming has any member in good standing at full price to buy Strawbery Bailey modification shop assets, will receive a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.