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Master Banheng Junan to change the Raiders …

Source: Koho circle

WeChat platform editor: Zhou Yue


With the “Tutor’s Drug Wen,” successfully “reminded” to the students’ papers,

When it is reminded that the “God of the ghost” has entered the “only in this mountain, the cloud is unknown”.

The first draft of the thesis is written, and the mood is quite excited, the ceremony is still a sense of the ceremony, the ceremony is still a drop), the input of the mentor’s email, upload the thesis attachment, and the text of the text to:


“A teacher, hello! I am sorry to bother you. Attachment is my paper” theory XXXX “, please check. Students have a lot of shortcomings in the logic, the content of the article, please have a lot of criticism

Click Send.

Seeing “Your email has been sent success” a few words, the heart is excited, immersed in the joy of liberation.



the first week:

Eat, drink, play, Albati. The tutor will not finish so fast, I wrote so hard!

the second week:


Ok! The state is quickly returned with eight Malaysia! The flowers of this delicate motherland are ready to meet the “destruction of the wind”.


The third week:

Hey, the previous tutor is a reply within two weeks, what is going on this time! The teacher did not receive my email? Still too busy, don’t you look at my papers? Do you want to urge it?


the fourth week:

How did the teacher have not given me a message? I wrote that I didn’t want to pay me back?忐忑 忐忑 and fear. Oh, still urge it! But how can I urge better? Brain.


Slide the image to the left to view the “Drug Operation Cheats”


Try not try!


Still dare to rush? Give me up!

How to face the instructor to press the thesis in his hand, do not change the paper to the mentor for a long time, no reply?


“Master Banzheng Task Force Trend Raiders 1000”

Arrange! In the face of the tampo change this, the netizens have fights! I took out my own killers!

You can take self-sufficient self-sufficiency according to the tutor’s taste. (But not guaranteed 100% effective)



Listen to the trip of the teacher, “Waiting for the Rabbit”. On the road, even the tutor, let the night become your “protective color”, face the red heart, not jumping together:

(The mentor does not look at it: urban pollution has become more serious in recent years, not as you are young, you can often see the stars. It is rare to see, you slowly appreciate, your teacher is still waiting for me to go home.)

(Student inner OS: Who wants to see the stars! I think you look at my papers! And who wants to eat dog food)


The DPRK is invited to San An, seeking the grace of Holy “face”


(This classmate, in case the teacher, “Report” “Report”, so that you will never see the holy face, small black house is prepared!)


You ask me to respect you, you have a bit, the paper represents my heart


Students (Star Eye .jpg): Teacher, ask you to see my paper, you will know how much I have.

The tutor (睥睨 睥睨 生 .jpg): I don’t know if I don’t want it.

Teacher, I respect you, the river is endless, and it is like the Yellow River flooding.



Online and offline, chasing and blocking a color

(Tutor: It is him, it is him, it is my disciple, which is small. He stepped on the wind turbine (theory) again, chasing the block, the cold and the warmth revealed the “reminder” signal. Waiting for the teacher A safe place hide. Pull out the mobile phone, brush the friends circle, the little written, let him have a good time, I am really a good master. “



The chicken duck is billed, and the table is full of people. Say quietly, the disciples are not good? OK

(Tutor: Eat odor, unfortunately, it is a chicken rib also)


The side of the knockout and repeatedly defeated the north, it is better to try a single knife direct:

(Master: What to do, disciples directly asked. Can I tell him to change? I can’t! He is hard to ignite the fire of the stars of writing the thesis! Pretending to be busy, do not answer is the best answer is the best answer .)

Sign in.


How many people can you ask? The instructor has not changed! worry! ! ! Cut, reason is still chaotic, New IDEA


(Tutor: This student is good, new ideas will pick up, it must be that my no reply will make him so up! It is not changed, and how the students think about how to change it)



The news of the news, stone Shenhai, is my phone broken?

Come to a red envelope warmth, the instructor finally fell out!

(Tutor: bad! I found it! How can I not hold the red envelope?

The remains 992. Continue …


All in all, the Push Tutor is an art, there is this Raiders in the hand, swearing and tutor’s “drag” Battle in the end!

What trick you have, even though make it out! ?

Say how do you cure the tutor’s delay?

(This sentence is the guests to see the guests)

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