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In winter, it’s really clean!

Return in the four seasons, returning to a single scent.

A friend who is doing design, when you drink tea chat, mention it, she is not very recognized to be a certain customer definition of online pairs.

It speaks to the colorless colors, which is a simple color such as black and white ash.

She feels that it is not.

Because, in a designed person, the plain is close to the natural color.

In addition to black and white, there is also a color of the earth, the color of the cloud, the color of the water, the color of the grain …

Just like ancient grass and vegetables, the color is very natural, simple.


The grass can be dyed, the scorpion can be dyed, and the loose roots can be dyed as purple. Blue grass can be dyed to be blue, so all,

However, these colors give people feel, but it is light, quiet, and stable.

From a certain extent, this is a generalized plain!

After listening to this statement, another friend said on the spot.

“The color of the color is really good, wearing it on the body can look very warm, but it is not dirty, I usually wear black ash, dirty and good.”

This sentence came out, everyone laughed on the spot.


However, when I chatted, I thought of the first two days of tea friends.

Some people leave a message under the article to refute. I feel that we cook tea should not recommend using a glass pot.

The reason is, “Glass boiled tea pot, no heat preservation is also difficult to manage!”

In fact, when you look at the other party’s message posture, you know that he is a lazy person, it is too lazy to wash the tea set.

Therefore, it will use “colored glasses” to see the glass pot “” color “, slightly contained water stains, more obvious tea sets!

In fact, it is not the case.

When boiling tea in winter, the most popular people, the most economical, the easiest and easy to use, non-glass pots!


Glass pot is difficult to clean, is it difficult to manage?

of course not!

Compared with many maintenance complex tea sets, glass cup / glass cover bowl / glass pot, etc., daily care can be described as quite worry-free.

Because, the glass pot will not rust than the metal pot such as the copper pot, the iron pot.

The iron pot will be red rust, while the copper pot is easy to dye.


Every time you use water, you need to use a dry cloth, wipe it out, but it is easy to rust.

However, there is still an unexpected condition even if you carefully perform daily maintenance and maintenance.

In the early years, when the Japanese cast iron pot is very hot, there are friends around you from abroad.


It is very embarrassed to be a thousand miles away, and it is back to a heavy cast iron pot.

The pot type is very classic, simple, well-visual, and atmosphere.

When I just got my hand, I took a fresh feeling, I took it out from time to time, and I bubble tea with it.

Later, I gradually found that water with cast iron pots, and slowly and not hot.

Thus, gradually returning to the original electric stainless steel sterilized kettle.

One should do three months, put the iron pot in the debris of the waiting room, never thought, its bottom actually rusted!

I bought it, what is going on?

If you haven’t remembered it, you have already wiped it carefully after the last time you use it.

Later, I would like to teach friends who know. It is said that this situation is because the weather in Fuzhou is too humid and the air humidity is large, so it will rust.

Hey, so troublesome.

Place a pot on weekdays, but also put into the warehouse, moisture-proof seal drying.

And don’t say trouble, not practical.

Such a beautiful pot, even if the vase is unqualified (can not be displayed freely), it will not be too chicken!

In contrast, in recent years, a large batch of different types of glass pots have been bought, and their daily care is more worry-free.

On the one hand, they will not rust.

Even if you are idle, because there is no timely wipe, the pot is stained with a layer of gray.

But as long as you rub it gently, you can restore your light as a new good condition.

On the other hand, after boiling tea with a glass pot, it is easy to wash.

The outer surface of the glass is slippery, and it is not like a coarse pottery pot.

Rinse with water, you can wash it away.

Use nano to rub it, you can remove dirt.

After washing, use cotton cloth to dry the outer water. After drying, the entire glass pot will look a shortest look.

Specially refined, particularly beautiful, especially clean.

After starting a glass pot, as long as you pay attention to cracking it, and then clean after each time you use it.

Then, even if I have been used for more than ten years, I will not see the depreciation traces!


It is really too embarrassing that the glass boiled teapot is difficult.

If it is, the glass pot in the family always looks gray, not clean.

Then, the energetic artifact of the tea set – Nano, need to have a few pieces in home!


Winter boiled tea, what is the glass pot?

Press the message on the beginning.

The reason for the other party’s discarding glass can, one is difficult to manage, the other is not to heat.

Taking trouble and said that the foreman has been clarified.


As soon as it doesn’t heat, it is too plane.

Big winter, low temperature, under the premise of supplying the external heat source, the glass pot is also, iron pot, copper pot, and the coarse ceramics.

They are all unsold!

However, a large pot of hot tea is can’t finish in a short period of time, and it can be placed on the hot furnace to take heat insulation.

Whether it is heated with an electric ceramic stove or heating with a charcoal furnace, it can solve the incubation problem!

Go back to the topic, when boiled old white tea in winter, where is the advantage of the glass pot than other teapots?

First, the style of the glass pot is a wild, the public.

No matter what kind of style you set the tea room, you will not affect you, put a generous glass pot.

In addition, compared with other materials, the price of the glass pot is more suitable, the people, the general, and the cost is lower.

Second, the glass pot is transparent, and it is convenient to observe the soup.

Many people will worry about themselves to cook themselves when they start cooking tea.

At this time, if it can be changed to a glass boiled tea pot, there will be a lot.

Because the glass pot is transparent.


When I see the tones in the pot, I can intuitively remind myself, “I should turn around, don’t continue to cook again!”

Third, high boric silicon glass pot, heat resistant to high temperature.

This is important when picking a boiled teapot.

Typically, the glass pot has a cold kettle and a hot kettle.

When boiling tea, you will definitely choose high temperature.

High temperature-resistant glass pots are used safe and reliable.

Even if it is cold, it will not be like a pottery pot.

Fourth, the glass pot does not adsorb tea.

Drinking tea and drinking the original taste of tea.


Many copper pots and iron bottles, they are used to boil the tea, but they are not used for cooking tea.


Because these metal bottles will have a lot of reactions when they meet hot tea, causing tea soup to change color!

The coarse pottery pot and teapot, etc., their “pores” are relatively thick and will adsorb tea.

In contrast, the glass pot is transparent, smooth, and textured.


Be more than tea and boiled tea!


Since the benefits of the glass pot boiled tea.

Then, boiled old white tea in winter,

How to pick a delicious glass boiled teapot?

In addition to mentioned, you can pay attention to a lot of details.

for example,


Do you want to choose liner?

It is recommended to see personal needs.

With the inner pot, boiled tea, the tea will not fly around the pot, and later cleaning later.

Also, after cooking a pot of hot tea, if you worry about tea soup.

It can also be taken together with the tea band, and place it, leave hot tea to heat the hot furnace, which is convenient for time to enjoy.

There is no inner pot, tea and hot soup touch, tea is released faster, and each has no advantages.

Is the pot to put the pot, or a beam pot?

From the perspective of anti-ironing properties, the pot is more winning.

However, the beam pot is reasonable, then, if you don’t worry about the heat steam when you open the bottle.

And, from the view of beauty, the outer shape of the beam pot is more quaint atmosphere, and the Chinese rules.

Capacity This choice 600 ml? 800 ml, is still 1 liter directly?

No need to entangle, see personal needs.

There are many people who drink tea, then choose large pots.

If only one or two people are cooking tea, then, choose a small pot, more than enough.

But when boiling tea, no matter the large pot small pot, you need to pay attention to it, and the water injection line should not be too high.

If the amount of water is too full, it is easy to overflow after hot tea is boiled!


The buy conventional pot type, or chooses retro style, with concave curved, or the body like a pumpkin?

See personal aesthetic preference.

Typically, the most common, most practical, and best to be tested in the outer light.

The glass pot with uneven, or strange models can bring freshness.

However, it takes more effort when the daily behavior is wiped.

In particular, the uneven gap is to be born, and it is necessary to leave a stain and affect the overall beauty.


Avenue, simplification.

Suitable for cooking tea, with this.

Simple and practical.

It doesn’t matter too tangled.

I have always been in the intention of being interested in unintentional, pursuing “simple” aesthetics.

For example, Bai Juyi’s Lushan Cutang.

“Wooden, do not Dan; wall, do not add white. The line with stone, power window paper, bamboo curtain, rate is called.”

In advocating gorgeous Zhongtang, the body is a very simple advocator.

Extremely simple, simple natural.


In a vegetarian environment, people will be more comfortable.

When tea is boiled tea, choose a simple and easy tool, will be more worrying!

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