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The fishing rod is used for fishing, the main shape is a long rod, because the early man use of fishing rods, mostly bamboo, so the fish.

With the continuous development of modern materials, fishing rods are classified according to the material, including bamboo rods, glass steel rivers, carbon poles, and glass steel carbon mixed rods.


According to the opening method of the fishing rod, it is divided into vibrating fish, and the joint fishing rod, and according to the structure of the fishing rod, the fishing rod is divided into handbags, throwing, and pretty.

According to the fishing waters, the fishing rod is divided into black pit rods, leisure rods, stream rods, large material via, etc.


Different fishing techniques, fishing rods are divided into Taiwan fishing rods, rivers, stream rods, Lu Yaqi, sea fishing rods.

Even if the fishing rod, according to the hardness, the length of the robe is different, it is divided into soft tune, hard-tuning, short holiday, long rod, of course, these different types are divided, then there must be repetitive, then, then, next, Introduce different types of fish, and there is a substantive feature.

First, classify according to material

According to the production material of the fish, there are currently four types, bamboo fishing rods, glass steel fish rods, carbon fish rods, FRP and carbon mixed fish rods.


Among them, the bamboo fishing rods are more common in Japan, and the number of users is very small, almost almost crafts in China. The fishing rod of the glass steel is more common in short holiday, throwing, sea fishing rod, and the glass steel fishing rod has a big density. After the fish is fed, it will not be broken, and the glass steel is good, as long as the fish line does not have, Don’t worry about bursting.


Carbon material fishing rod is the current mainstream, because the material is light, the force is uniform, the cumbersome of the glass steel fish, more common in the handstand, Taiwan fishing rod, the stream, but, easy to fold, fragile, easy conductivity is more obvious Shortcomings.

The fishing rod of FRP and carbon mixing materials is not rare, this mixed material of fish, because in making a small amount of FRP, it is not so crisp with the rods of fish. , Common in short holiday, stream rod, Lu Yaqi, throw, long fish rod, big rod, front hunt, etc.


Second, classify according to the open mode

This type of classification, mainly fingering the hand, can also be equivalent to the fishing rod, stream rod, short holiday, long rod, big biography, etc. The utensils such as the rod assisted the fish of the fish.

The so-called vibrating fish is similar to the like, the rough sleeve detail, the way to open the fish, using the first diameter of the rhetoric and the viral of the pole, and caught the fish of the fish rod to maintain the stability of the fish.

The so-called inserts, that is, detail, connect with the plug-in, these two different open mode fishing rods, don’t talk about it better.

After the vibrating fishing rod is convenient, after the hollow range is vibrated, the overall length of the fish is very long, and the interpolation is not convenient for storage, and after the plug, the overall length is still too long.

However, as far as the fishing experience is concerned, the interpolation is still better than the vibrating fish, of course, it is very good, this is warm and self-knowledge.

Third, according to the fishing waters

It is not the same as the waters of fishing. The water is wide, the water is wide, the flow rate is urgent, and the fishing spindle is enough to have a fish mouth. Therefore, it is very good to use the pallet and wheel assistance.

The small river is narrow, fast, and the fish is small, the fishing group is not found to be found, so it takes a long time to hang, so the stream must be fine enough, light enough.

On board, fishing, fishing laws and bridges, cliffs are very similar, people can’t move, the hook bait is still very deep, so I can’t talk about the fishing distance, and the fishing rod will be in this case. Nice effect.


The lake area is large, and the fishing distance is dozens of meters to one or two hundred meters to have a good fish mouth. At the same time, in order to facilitate the thrush, the body can’t be too short, with the wheel, the rocker throw, the fishing effect is far better than other types Fish rod.

As for the pool fishing, black pit, competitive fishing rod, according to the feature of the water, such as the fishing rod of the competitive pool, it is necessary to light the fish, it is easy to rapid, and casual fish, because the fish species, the size of the fish is, It is necessary to be soft, but you have to be soft, so you can respond.

Black pit fishing, fish is very short, I want to get rid of fish in a limited time, the fish is hard enough, the elasticity is good, as for the length, as long as the length of the limit can be satisfied.

There are many kinds of fish, however, the above three classification methods are the most basic common sense, of course, the specific classification of fishing rods, certainly not stop such a few, such as the road of the ship, it will not Many let, for the fisherman, which kind of fish is selected, or according to the waters of your own fish, so I understand it.