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In the twenty-four holiday, the white sear is beautiful.

White, pure and bright.

Dim, in the eyes of the ancients, it is from the rain through the world.

The crystal clear, coming at night, leave during the day.

It is, the white dragon, pure and precious.

The ancient literati has an important ceremony on the day of the white appetite.

It is necessary to get up early in the morning to collect dew in petals and blades, store it, use tea.

Tea, enjoy the beauty of the tea taste.

In fact, there are many places, there is a commonality.

For example, buy tea, need to look for appearance, aroma, and taste.

For example, the tea is stored, inseparable from the seal, dry, cool, suitable temperature and humidity.

For example, soak tea, the premise is to use the water, the proportion of tea is suitable, soaking time is suitable, and choose the right tea set!

Tea, expensive in practical.

So how can I buy a suitable tea set?

By observing, many friends around me are picking tea sets, and ten eight nine is taken like this.

For newly entitled tea friends, it is worth learning!


The main bubble tea set is mainly used with a cover bowl.


It is obvious that the advantages of covering bowl are obvious compared to various teapots.

In general, pick a white porcelain cover bowl with ordinary basic paragraphs, as long as you don’t break, you can use it for a long time.

The key is that the price is not expensive.

White porcelain shape, smooth and delicate, simple and dyed.

When you have tea, after washing the bowl, put on the tea set storage basket on the coffee table.


Rinse with water when needed, then boil tea after boiling again, then tea.

White porcelain, high cost performance, light hand, does not adsorb tea, not easy to residue tea stains.

The most critical is to pour the tea soup, the soup process is more clean.


Unlike a teapot, no matter the pot is wide, it is narrow, and it is slightly slow when you fall out of the tea soup.

Moreover, the bottom of the bottom of tea is difficult to drain.

The remaining to the end, it is easy to clean teas in the inner wall of the pot and the teapot.

In contrast, for a Hu Jianren, it is more comfortable to use a bowl with tea.

The choice of the bowl is not bother.

In short, the capacity is not too big, and the mud is too heavy, the porcelain wall is too thick.

On the capacity, 110 ml or so, completely enough.

Some of the porcelain wall, the mud is lightweight, it is more convenient for heat dissipation, and it is not easy to heat up when tea.

As for the device, the bowl is tall and fat.

After starting a new bowl, the most important thing is to try a try in person.

If your fingers are not slepe enough, you don’t choose a bowl of a bowl with a diameter of the mouth.

Otherwise, it will definitely not grasp.

In general, the instrument of the cover is preferably “inverted”, the bowl is spacious and has a strong accommodation.


Even if it is a broad tea that brews the blade, it can also achieve perfect compatibility!



The choice of aqueous kettle is mainly stainless steel pot.

Previously, I heard a statement.

It is said that there is a graded tea room, and it should not be used with a pig with stainless steel.

It is best to change the precious olive charcoal plus the trendy pot.

In this way, you can make a truly taste of good tea!

In fact, this is difficult to recognize.

Ask for truth from facts, most of the tea homes or the sterling kettle prepared in the office are dominated by stainless steel pots.

Use electric heated stainless steel pot, simple and convenient, easy to play hands.

Slowly heat more than carbon, more suitable for modern people’s daily burning water tea!

Between different materials, the food grade stainless steel pot is also a significant advantage.

As soon as, the food-grade stainless steel pot is more stringent.

Second, from the relevant standards, the norms of food-grade stainless steel pots are stricter.

Three, stainless steel pots are more durable than glass pots, and the pothalt is more durable, not afraid of falling.

Four, compared to iron bottles, copper pots, etc., the daily maintenance of stainless steel bottles is more worrying.

After all, the bottom of the iron pot is easy to have rust, and the copper pot is easily contaminated with copper green.

The identification of silver pots, metal purity is a big problem.

Looking horizontally, or choose an electric heated stainless steel pot, more economical!

However, in order to facilitate the daily tea, the stainless steel pot, the mouth, can not be selected.

Because the width sinking kettle is poured down, the water is not good.

If you don’t pay attention, you will easily pour the water over, causing overflow.

Also choose a gick, a sinker of the fine mouth.

When you fall out of hot water, you can show a beautiful arc, more suitable for tea room!

Finally, soak tea, inseparable from boiling water.

In order to prevent a tea from rushing two or three, the water temperature in the water is significantly decreased.


Choose a sterile with insulation function will be more worry-free!



The fair cup, glass material is main.

The fair cup is called the tea sea, its presence is to hold tea with tea.

Although the fair cup on the market, the material is three flowers.

There is a firewood, with pure copper, there is thick, there is a white porcelain.

But observe a circle and found that everyone is mainly based on a glass material.

After all, the advantages of the glass fair cup are more obvious.

First, heat-resistant glass farew cups, texture is close, can prevent hot heat insulation, safe and hot high temperature tea.

Second, the glass is transparent, and it is convenient to observe the tea soup with 360 degrees without dead angles.

Once the tea soup is found, there is a phenomenon such as impurities, soup, and tea soup, and the tea soup can be warned in time.


Its three, and the glass is high.

Whether it is pure and transparent or frosted, and a hammer glass.

After pouring the tea soup, play a bunch of light.

The tea soup reflected on the countertop, sparkling, not beautiful.

Its four, glass is tight, it will not adsorb tea soup fragrance like coarse pottery, purple sand.

Its five, the walls of the glass are smooth, easy to clean, not easy to leave tea stains!

Its six, the glass fair cost is high.


Glass, ancient glass, at the time being a luxury.


After entering the modern, with the production of industrialized production, the glassware has already “fly into the home home”.


The selection principle of the teacup is in the eyes.

Before you in the live broadcast, there are tea friends coming in:

How should you choose tea cups? Is it better to have a tea?


In fact, it is not necessarily, with a tea, it is popular in the Song Dynasty.

Because Song people are popular with tea, pay attention to the lactations of the tea soup, that is, the tea fur.

With brunette tea, the white tea foated on the noodle face will be more obvious.

Today, tamma has already quit the historical stage.

And drinking tea, it is better to prevail it.

Today, talk about the choice of teacups, it is actually comparable.

One words, only the eye is required.


Tea cups, there is no material.

White porcelain, purple sand, glass, coarse, firewood …

Typically, mainstream chooses to focus on porcelain, simple and practical.

On the instrument shaped, the cup, press hand cup, four square cups, horseshoe cups, bell cups, high foot cups, sea flask cups …

Tea cups in shape, the focus is to see personal aesthetics.

However, in the capacity selection, the capacity of the master cup, the choice is not too much.

Especially when drinking tea one or two, even if you choose a small tea bowl, tea can also be allocated.

But when you drink tea together, you don’t recommend using the big tea bowl / tea cup.

If you choose a small amount, you can avoid the embarrassment of tea soup.


Scattered tea table gadgets, the key is to see if it can be used!

Many new tea friends will come over.

When you make tea, you should prepare tea filter from time to time?

The tea ceremony will often be seen in the tea shop, and when you arrange a tea room at home?

Why do you see the old tea passenger, like to brush the tea tray with a pot pen …

In fact, the fragmented tools such as tea filter, six gels, and pots.

When choosing, the principle is only one thing – on demand.

Simple understanding, you can use it, buy it.

If you don’t need it, you don’t need to buy it.

There is no need for formalism, starting a bunch of idle objects.

From the tea seat layout, only the abuts will keep the overall layout.

As an example of tea filtration, in a lot of people, tea filter is a necessary appliance for tea.

In fact, the village is a tea, and there are very small useful tea.

Because in the tea soup, the tea soup will automatically sink the tea.

When you are taking tea, the broken tea is not easy to flow.

And the fine filters of tea filter, while filtering the tea, it will also filter out the white tea in white tea.

For white tea, it can provide a lot of sweet and delicious tea flavors.

White filter is off, it is a pity.

In addition, tea filter is difficult to clean, and it is easy to accumulate.

When you filter tea with tea filter, you have to prepare a tea filter with tea on the tea table.

Otherwise, the tea is directly filtered on the tea table, which is easy to get wet the countertop, and it will also be unhaneous.

Finally, if it is a particularly broken tea, the function of tea filter is limited.

It is better to buy an empty tea bag directly to the Internet, and install a few broken tea.

Put it in the glass, you can also drink a good tea!


Zhuang Zi wrote, and the beauty of the world is not able to fight.

The world is bustling and finally simplicity.

In fact, the choice of tea makes is true.

Plain, simple, practical, is enough.

If there is no charm, it is purchased into a pile of zero and a tea set of practicality.


So, after idle, it will only become very chicken.

Practical use.

Only when you often accompany you, and use it up, you can reflect value!

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