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“水 泉”

(Lu Wei)

Qu Lane, secret home lock,

Autumn waves are expected to wear.

Leisons and flow water,

别 Don’t open a small hole.

A garden, two views, passing through the flowers gate, misunderstanding into the garden.

The courtyard is deep, will willow causing smoke, looking at the water springs, the paintings, layers, like to be all kind.

趵 趵 泉 西, Wanzhuyuan. How deep in the hospital, there is much long.

Tourists are endless, I only know where their name is good, but I don’t know where.

According to legend, Wangshui Springs have also connected to the garden, watching day and night, and the years are long.

Later, Dengzhouquan was separated from Wanzhuyuan, and the two water systems were no longer connected.

The chaos flew over the swing, the west winds were started with aftertaste.

Although I have a bitterness of Acacia, I hope that the hydraquin is not lacking in care and love.

“My family looks in the spring house, the old Pingquan Bamboo Wanhui. After a few lack of the sorrow, the half of the huts.” Qing Dynasty poet Wang App, choosing a lifetime, in the hope of the water spring, the name ” “Twenty-four Square”, this “twenty-four Springs” refers to the springs. For the merits, he also puts its poems as “Twenty-four Square Cut Collection” to pass later, it can be seen that there is a unique moment.

The moonlight is smooth, and Pu Song is sees the quiet and mysterious mystery, and the “Liao Zhai” story of “Ling Marriage” is written to the world.

The literati is sticking, the ink is pets, and the water springs will regain the mood, facing the green leaves, careful dressing, will “three”, in the small garden in the small garden, cyclic fertilizer, lingering.

Step on the stone bridge, you can see the deep feelings of the pool, may also hope to get a happy worries in the spring water, but you can look out, never cut off?

Lightning News Reporter Mu Guanghui intern