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Mobile payment has changed our consumption habits, and the consumption only needs to bring a smartphone to meet all your consumer needs. In the field of mobile payment, WeChat and Alipay is a well-deserved boss and the second. The registered users are basically quite quite, and they have broken by 10 billions. Only in terms of active users.

In addition to the elderly and children, everyone registers at least one of WeChat or Alipay, or both. If you don’t use a smartphone now, you will not use WeChat and Alipay. It must be OUT, and you will make your life process “is full of hardships”, and many things don’t do it. With the popularity of 4G and the arrival of the 5G era, the field of mobile payment will be more advanced than now, and the lives of ordinary people have also become more convenient and fast with the development of smart phone technology.


Mobile payment


Now, mobile payment has been very popular in China, and smartphones have also become a necessary product in our daily lives from luxury goods more than 20 years ago. Especially in the field of consumption, mobile phones have changed our consumption habits. I used to don’t have anything forgotten forgetting the wallet. As long as you don’t forget to bring your mobile phone, you will not affect your money. Consumer mood. However, some people always think that mobile payment is unsafe, especially everyone’s most common supermarket daily shopping, the cashier only uses a scanning gun to sweep the payment QR code, hundreds of dollars, money, the horse is sweep away There is no prompt at all, nor does it need to lose your password, which makes people feel that the supermarket has done something on the scanning gun, directly “stealing” the money inside the mobile phone.


In fact, everyone is doubtful, in people’s concept, the importance of password is self-evident, because in the past, no matter the transfer of mobile banking, or the ATM machine saves money, or use mobile phone payment to display the business QR code, not entering the password, it is impossible to complete the transaction. Only the input password can complete the effective operation, the password actually became the final protection of fund safety, now, the supermarket sweeping code gun has directly subverts everyone’s routine Cognition, many people feel deeply in this scanning code, this gun is really safe?

Is this safe?

After the customer shopping, directly show the merchant or Alipay payment QR code. After the merchant sweeps the QR code directly, the money inside the mobile phone will be immediately divided, and it can be said that the process is very simple, save the password. The steps, for those who often forget the payment password, the payment efficiency is greatly improved.

But at the same time, because there is no need to enter the payment password, its security is also suspected. If your own mobile phone is not careful or stolen, it is possible that there may be people with heartless consumption. Only those who get the mobile phone use the scan code gun to sweep, and our money will fly.


Some people are worried, even if their mobile phones are not lost, if someone secretly filled their own payment QR code, then show this QR code picture to the merchant when consumption, isn’t that someone else pays yourself? In fact, everyone’s fear is a bit redundant, such payment is still very safe.

First of all, the merchant sweeps your money directly using the scan code gun, because your WeChat or Alipay’s free payment function, just before opening this feature, may not be noticed, but it is really your own. At present, WeChat and Alipay’s free payment amount is less than 1,000 yuan. In other words, if your consumption exceeds 1,000 yuan, you still need to enter your password.

Second, the scan code gun is not easy to get easily, the user needs to submit an application to Alipay or WeChat, conduct various information verification and safety assessments, review and sign a deduction agreement, and the merchant can use the scanning code gun to sweep Code collection.

As for other people’s mobile phones, they are used for illegal use, but they don’t have to worry, because the saved code will be invalid. The payment code can be converted for dozens in a minute, even if you do not active transformation, the effective time is only a short 1 minute, and the payment code will be invalid immediately after being swept away, and then it will be invalid. used.

What should I do if I don’t want to use free payment?

Very simple, we can set your own payment password in WeChat or Alipay, even if there is a scan code shooting, money will not be taken directly.

Just simply operate a few steps on our smartphone, reset the relevant features of your phone. Specific practice is that


For WeChat users, open our WeChat wallet, then find “security” in the wallet, click on the security, we will see a “security lock”, this “security lock” is the payment password design, click safe Lock, you will see “gesture password unlock”, then select it, you can set the payment password.

For Alipay users, first open your Alipay, then click “My”, there is a gear-like pattern in the upper right corner of the Alipay page, it is “setting”, looking for “payment settings” in the settings, then set up “payment settings” Select “Free Payment / Automatic Delivery” to set it.

After setting, when we use WeChat or Alipay to pay, the scan code cannot directly sweep our money, you must enter the password to complete the final transaction. After such a pass, I feel more safe from my heart.


At present, my country is the most developed country in mobile payment, scanning code payment is only one aspect of many consumption sects. Similar to the passing code is free to pay, the small amount is free to pay, Taobao / Tmall 100 yuan or less or less, Dropping travel is self-contained, if so many consumption pays with password, it is really cumbersome, so although it seems to be unsafe, but actually is still very safe, security technical guarantee, WeChat And Alipay is still very relieved, you don’t have to worry about safety, if so, you will bring more inconvenience to those who frequently pay the mobile phone. Do you think it?