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Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.


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In yesterday’s sharing, Luo Wei chatted to the widespipe and the sneakers, and there was a stone to arouse thousands of waves. Women have no words to the love of wide legs, that is, full of true love. ↓

Can you take sneakers when wearing a wide leg? The most complete “wide-leg pants” wear, notble

Then, the new problem is coming again: Can nine pants with sneakers? Ok, Luo Wei continues to take the spring breeze, look at it, let’s talk about nine pants.

Very, full over; eleven points, too nick; nine points, just right.

Understand white, retention

The appropriate boundary line of art and aesthetics, let the imagination have a space of gallop, keep the desire to make a beautiful artistic conception.

Like the midburs of the Chinese culture, in the middle: unbiased; mediocrity: ordinary usually. Do not be extremely unfair, do not take extreme, maintain normal heart, “raindrops”, more age.

The nine pants is such a smart single item that is unocclied, knowing. It is only very nine of the trousers. Like a deep ink painting, lonely manner, abrupt, falling in aesthetic node:




More than one point, less than one point is too rough, only nine points, can interpret the fashion clothes of exquisite women.

The nine-point pants, there is room, and it will be significantly higher than the incent.


In a set of matching,


The ankle, the cuffs, the neckline

, Very critical three fashion windows. Will wear trendy sperm, never ignore, exquisite or not, whether the woman is tasteless, they can’t work.

So, what are the tips? Can I take a spontaneous shoe? Next, one is parsed for you.

➙ Classic straight nine pants

In a common trousers,

Small straight, nine points, colors are not limited

Generally, it is most common in black. Some people are called pencil pants, and some people are called small black pants, but Luo Wei feels that it is the most appropriate.



Pick points: Hundreds, slim

When choosing this type of nine pants, focus on

Version, cut, fabric

superior. Because of the length of nine points, especially picky tailoring balance, the waist and trousers are natural, and it is profitable.


Whether the waist hips are modified, thin

There is no voltage line in the center, and the line is significantly thin.

Fabric is smooth

Black and white gray, beige foundation, or fresh color


About the version, you need to trial on, focus on the following four points:

Hip fitting


: Pull up the fabric of the buttocks, the body keeps the looseness of the forefinger, and it is considered a hip line.




: The thighs, the loose degree at the calf keeps a thumbs to loosen.

Nine points


: Just exposed an ankle or on the ankle.

Pants fit

: The length of the two fingers is retained.


Fit, not loose, but also modify the leg shape, this is a must-have.


Match & style


Lilled small straight nine pants, can create a refined commuter wind, or a comfortable and chic leisure wind, which is generally determined by the shoe.

√ Take high heels / sandals / single shoes = elegant integrity

Shrinking trousers, destined the wonderfulness of the shoes determines the overall styles. It is the first choice for exquisite women who want to see the elegant body.

The common rice nine pants in spring and summer is more elegant and integrated than pure white. With the pointed single shoes, this warm temperament form is extremely reached. Out of the silk, wearing generic.

A relatively light look, remember to add brown bag or jewelery, add advanced component sense to overall.

Fresh color nine pants

: Saturation is highly passionate, more enthusiastic and lively in spring and summer. The pants is simple, color pick, create a simple fan. Just want to weaken the cheap cheap, focus on the color choice of the shoe bag.

Brown, black, white, gray, beige, is a very bright good partner.

√ √ 乐 福 = Leisure and handsome

If it is not particularly emphasized that the same color is high, you can choose casual shoes with nine pants. For example, Loyifiu shoes, casual shoes, etc. Small contrast color conflict, let the extremely simple and interesting, will not look monotonous.


Especially white casual shoes, there is also a decent.

√ Take a casual sports shoes = casual sports wind

In addition to common single shoes, casual shoes, nine pants can be placed with casual sneakers? Of course, like the relationship between the wide legs and sneakers, needs

Balance the feature conflict of pants and sneakers.

canvas shoes:

Don’t hesitate, the light canvas shoes are the best casual winds of nine pants, please wear it without anything. If you can pay attention to their coloring, the effect is better.


Basic small white shoes


: White Xiu’s light white shoes, with small straight nine pants. White is not available, all in a simple small white shoe. Please remember: The more the foundation is more.

Gem of large sports shoes

For classic small straight nine pants, it belongs to the basic fund, there is no obvious style orientation. If you look at the style of exaggerated, you will have a lot of sneakers,

The conflict is obvious, the beauty is reduced.


Try to choose a delicate sneakers to match nine pants, of course, if nine pants is a beam tide, it will not be restricted.

Chao cool people really like the hunting and stunning of the hit color of the old shoes, as long as there is obvious style, so it is impeccable, the premise is to pay attention to the coordination of height legs, avoid the excessive smoothing of the sports shoes .


Small children try not to try this type of wearing, your task is to bring all the focus to the upper body.

Nine pants + sports shoes = same color

Keep the sneakers and nine pants the same color, let the lower body form a coincided straight line, effectively extend the line, achieve a high level of thin effect, the advanced synergy brought by the same color, and the bright color is not afraid.

Light nine pants, but also to ensure that the shoe is colored. There is no segmentation, so that the proportion of the lower body is best, build a long leg.


The green pants in the figure below, the eye-catching special, with a pair of color sports shoes, the main color adjustment, has a significant uniform color, and the personality is fashionable and unstable.


And the yellow trousers on the right, the length of the trousers is a little longer, which is the perfect makeup for the ankle.

Black and white colored, the whole body is black-oriented, dotted a little white, minimalized minimalism.

In the match, there has never been a rule that does not have to comply. The style of sports shoes, the style of nine pants is slightly changed, and the horse can match. We need to master the basic matching logic to flexibly respond.

Below, let’s take a look at the characteristics of nine pants in the fashion style.

➙ fashion nine pants

On top of the pants of nine points, change


Fabric, color, waist, legs

The shaking became a trendy style that is hot. Don’t underestimate these small changes, they make basic trousers more.

Black draw rope casual nine pants


When it is stable, encountering a casual motion drawing, and then attached to the frozen fabric, the moment it will become a sweet hit. Less a pair of elegant mature, adding a lot of lively and playful.

With a sweet white shirt, there is less gentle and cute in the extremely simple.

Wild bluted fabrics will carry light luxury all the way. There is no dazzling gorgeous decoration, but you can taste the two words to enjoy the fashion style of the white shirt and small black trousers.

Skinny nine-pointed leg pants

High waist, pleated line, middle suture, nine points, straight wind

If you want to be thin, please catch these keywords. They belong to the “big sister” hipster pants.

Black, beige, red, white gray, gray, khaki, brown, seems to be good.

The leaf legs are divided into two in the middle, and the distinctive sewing is undoubtedly a highly slim watershed. Balance your legs, coordinate fashion, but also make simple and smooth trousers are clearer. In combination with nine points, drag the two words never exist.


Cone / radish nine pants

The loose waist, multi-layer pleated waist, narrow width, more detailed changes than the classic small straight nine pants. Casual, can be official, this is a tapered or radish nine pants.

This type of trousers focus on the chic feeling of wearing, the two side pockets are focused, and the sprinkles especially the feeling of the autonomous handbags. For the crude star of the leg, it is very friendly, and the rendered leg shape is still fashionable.

Spring is on the road, in the environments that gradually heat up, wear more and more freedom. and

Nine pants


Always express a decent freedom. Not many, everything is just; not sad, gentle and calm.

I hope that you are also willing, and you will improve your self in the measurement.

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.


I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!