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What is the rich image packaging? The “Packaging False Faculty Image” refracted behind the Shanghai Martial Festival, and the corresponding is “real poor”. For the rich of business big, it is dressed in dressing, “Packing the false poor”, like Ma Yun, Li Ka-shing and Lei Jun, is a typical “fake poor”.

Ma Yunyi double shoes walk the world

As Hangzhou “Ma Dad”, Ma Yun’s clothes is always grounded.

Chinese, standby, rivers and lakes



Among them, the most representative single product is also


Old Beijing cloth shoes


, Don’t underestimate this pair of unmortious cloth shoes, Ma Yun depends on it.

Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirt with white casual pants, the overall loose version does not deliberately emphasize the shaping effect, and it is sprinkled and free.

Then with a pair of black white old cloth shoes, further strengthen the simple sexy of the overall shape.

Even in the exotic street, Ma Yun also saved the shoes and walked out of the big style.

A Chinese-style riser shirt, with the same color weaponi, stabilizing the atmosphere under the lining of old cloth shoes.

Ma Yun likes to wear shoes, just because it is wearing? In fact, it is just to establish a “rivers and lake” people who have grounded their own ground.

Li Jiacheng wears 500 yuan West Town Snack Soup

Li Jiacheng and the story of 500 watches, I believe everyone has heard.

As a big army of the business, Li Ka-shing has wearing a value of 500 yuan.

“West Terrain Vintage Electronic Watch”

What is the picture? Figure It is durable, barely acceptable, in fact, more should be a chicken soup, selling a story.

Most people only know that Li Ka-shing loves to wear West Tiecheng, but I don’t know that he is also a famous watch collection enthusiast, light “


Patek Philippe

“There is thousands of pieces, and it is equivalent to the RMB equal to” countless money “, and it is really a bit” in the table. “

Lei Jun is laid in domestic shoes to sell


Since Hongxingrk’s donation incident, Lei Jun is crazy on social platform to dry domestic shoes.

Of course, this wave of the people of the people also received the praise of netizens, so that Lei Jun became the best. “

Domestic shoes spokesperson

The Lei Jun took out the seven pairs of domestic shoes, the first unveiled is Anta.

Anta C202GT

The whole is green as the main color, and the translucent upper gives people a light visual sense, and the feet is naturally comfortable.



Running shoes mainly based on “cost-effective”, of course, it is also very young in the design.

Integrate the old man’s shoes into the design of the running shoes, so that the seemingly flat and odd casual running shoes are more fashionable, whether it is running, fitness or daily outstanding streets can be controlled.


Li Ning

This sports shoe master is light, comfortable, color matching is also very viable.

Lei Jun’s feet


Noble bird

Sport shoes are quite amazing, the whole is mainly based on translucent blue, and orange laces will not bring visual aesthetic fatigue.

In addition to Li Ning, Anta, other brands of domestic sports shoes are very high, like



This sneakers, a half-transparent blue baked out of the refreshing atmosphere, very suitable for summer.


I have been doing products seriously, but the suggestive shoes are not only high, the scientific and technological content is also good, and the two shoes in the Lei Jun are very suitable for running.


361 °

It also achieved significant progress, especially after signing Gong Jun as a global brand spokesperson, I believe in the future.



Regardless of the poor and rich, you can’t judge how people have more money from the dress.


In the business community, many big 佬 are very good at “image packaging”, so don’t “take people”, “with friends”.

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