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In the cold winter, most people will worry about dressing because of their clothes too thick. I do n’t know what pants should be matched. They are worried that HOLD can not live in short jackets. Wide -leg pants feel too loose and the dress is not good enough.


Then you need a pair of straight pants this winter. Straight pants are straight than small pants, and your legs are straight, and the looseness is just right. With a thick jacket, don’t worry about dressing. This winter straight pants are “really fragrant”, versatile and practical and thin legs, with coat down jackets look good!

1. Why choose straight pants?

Straight pants are very popular pants in winter, and this is also because of other pants, straight pants have more advantages, and do not pick people, pick occasions, and strong practicality.

1. Wild and practical

I believe that everyone feels the same. Some of the practical and versatile and quality items are more popular, and pants are no exception. The straight pants take into account the versatile practical and simple and generous. No matter what you wear in winter, whether it is the workplace or daily, as long as there is a pair of straight pants, you can create a beautiful and fashionable shape.

For example, with straight trousers with long coats, elastic combination of sharp and capable, with dill can reduce the bloated feeling of the upper body and make the dress more stylish.

2. Modify the leg shape and do not pick people


Perhaps many people are more entangled in the choice of pants, because they are tall or leg shape, such as petite, thick thighs, or bent on the calf. These problems can also be resolved by selecting straight pants.

After all, the biggest feature of straight trousers is that the trousers are loose and properly cut and smooth. It is especially suitable for middle -aged women with thick thighs and bending calves. It is a pity that the small man misses.

2. How to choose straight pants?

Most of the straight trousers refer to the style of pants with straight tailoring and pants tube straight down. It has a lot of classification in materials, colors or styles. For ordinary people, it is recommended to follow these two points in winter.

1. Choose high -waist denim straight pants

As we all know, tannin material has an age reduction effect that is difficult to reach by other materials, and can improve the sense of fashion and fashion, plus the material is tough, the effect of leg shape modification is more outstanding, not picky and fashionable.

Like blue, black, or white denim straight pants, they are more classic and practical.

2. Select nine points

The straight pants pants are relatively slender, and the legs of the wearer can be modified and thin and thin, but in the choice of trousers long, it is not recommended to be too long.

Generally speaking, the nine -point straight jeans are most popular with fashionable essence. In winter, you can expose your ankles to show thinness, or you can wear short socks to keep warm.


Third, multiple methods of straight pants

Straight pants are practical models that can be used in the wardrobe, such as coats, down jackets, trench coats, sweaters, knitted cardigans, or sweaters, and other items. Combined straight pants can produce wonderful chemical reactions.

1. Well coat+straight pants

In winter, I believe that most people’s wardrobes will not lack coats. Compared with small feet pants, combining high -waist nine -point straight pants is both fashionable and beautiful, but also can modify the leg lines, especially suitable for small children.

Especially blue or white straight pants, combined with neutral color woolen coats, can easily reduce age.

2. Lamb hair short jacket+straight pants

The lamb hairy jacket is the most warm and comfortable, but the long style is not friendly to the small man.

However, in the choice of pants, straight pants are more suitable, which not only modifies the leg lines, but also avoid bloating.


3. Sweater+straight pants

Sweaters are young and comfortable to reduce their age. It is the first choice for many middle -aged women in winter. Both single wear or combination coats are very beautiful. Such a casual sweater combined straight pants, which is more concise and generous as a whole.

However, the sweater version is not recommended to be too loose. The proper sweater is enough, and the youthful atmosphere is full.


4. Knitting short cardigan+straight pants


Perhaps many people feel that the knitted short cardigan is not practical in winter and cannot be worn at all. In fact, the short shirt can be worn indoors, and the outdoor can also be used as a coat or even a cotton jacket to make the dress more layered.

The key to resolving bloated dressing is to combine high -waisted small straight jeans, which is generous and improved.

5, down jacket+straight pants

Short down jackets and straight jeans are born with a pair. The down jacket can improve the warmth effect. Straight pants quietly resolve the fluffy and bloated dress. Most people can learn from this method.

To tell the real straight pants is winter YYDS, practical and versatile and straight legs, if you don’t know what pants are wearing for the time being, then you can choose it!

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