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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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Source: Panhu Packaging Design Laboratory

I heard that the big back waves

Do you want to “turn career” to set up the ground?


It’s better to sell


Popular duck neck snacks!


Jiujiu × Panhu Lab

Around Jiu Jiu’s brand

Packaging upgrade

The purpose is to present a one for consumers

Trendy instant life


To bring a good user experience


Duckling IP

Adopted rich changes

Make geometric patterns with infinite charm

Two oval graphics are cut up and down

The expression is dull and cute, and more recognizable

The image of IP in Jiujiu’s special IP

Derived brand mascot

The highly combined image enhances the brand memory point

At the same time to add vitality

Look at it again


Logo design

The font is cut from the foundation circle

Simple and generous

Rough body



Add a touch of young and playful feelings

In the era of trendy development

Products and packaging have become an experience

Therefore, it is particularly important to establish social symbols with emotions with consumers

Based on product characteristics

Abstract geometric figure

Combined with contemporary cutting -edge art

Extract brand visual element


Evolution into Jiujiuya exclusive brand symbol

Packaging cover is extracted from all parts of duck attached parts


By arranging and combination, adapt to a variety of use scenarios

Become a fixed decoration of the store and even all materials

Visual memory label that forms a brand



Color use



Choose a strong visual impact—

Duck yellow, orange peel orange, flame red, and fashion black collision


Properly allocate proportions

Ensure the balanced coordination of strong visual impact


Stimulate consumers’ appetite

At the same time

Be full of

The coolness of lively without losing the street

In addition, consider


Visual unity of terminal display

For different product forms

A set of unique design rules were also formulated-

Movie Card


“Love me, you will stab me”

Form a unique brand language

Alien packaging form

Place the IP image big mouth duck in a suspended position

Strengthen the brand impression

The more part of the box cover

Fortunately for customers to tear

Easy to eat

Further realize the brand products and similar products



“Jiu Jiuya” originated from Wuhan Traditional Lifi

Founded in 2002, it has gone through eighteen years


Including duck neck, duck wings, duck palm and other sauce braised meat products

Jiujiuya is under great pressure of contemporary youth work

Decompression artifact


Both the extreme spicy and extreme sweet

The tip of the tongue is full of thousands of times, making people want to stop

Such a fun packaging

First of all, it can attract consumers’ attention

It also satisfies the freshness of the pursuit of contemporary young people

At the same time, it also reflects what the brand wants to convey

“Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves”

This attitude and optimistic life ritual

On the other hand, the duck neck packaging of major brands

In fact, the essence lies in


Make the product more local and authentic

The design innovation on the packaging

More conducive to realizing products

Promote marketing


Not only can consumers meet and enjoy when tasting duck neck

Will further

Promote the public’s initiative to understand and accept

The design concept and regional culture of the duck neck brand