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From the beginning, the citizens of Guangdong officially opened the New Year’s Eve model for relatives and friends. During the time to worship the New Year, gifts and dinner are essential. On February 6, the reporter learned from some of the Shangchao and meat and vegetable markets in Guangzhou that the sales of fresh food in recent days have increased significantly compared with usual. In order to ensure that the goods have sufficient goods and rich varieties during the festival, Guangdong retailers have earlier reserves and daily products with abundant reserves and maintain the price.


Some merchants in Guangzhou told reporters that some consumers are very good at eating and willing to eat, such as Liaoning Haisu, Alaska Emperor Crab, Canadian Lobster, Blue Snow Norwegian Arctic Cod willow, Chilean Cherry Fresh and high -grade imported fruits are sold well.

Emperor Crab, Liaoshen and other top seafood to make New Year’s New “Internet Red”

From the beginning of the year, consumers in Guangdong have begun to visit relatives and friends and pay the New Year everywhere. Aunt Lin and Uncle Lin in Luoxi, Guangzhou, went to the elder sister’s house in Shunde in the early morning of the first day of the New Year. The reporter saw that the gifts they brought to the New Year include a box of beautifully packaged Chilel, a box of Liaoning sea cucumbers, and a large box of Alaska red emperor crabs imported into gift boxes. Aunt Lin told reporters that the price of the Alaska Red Emperor Crab was 1680 yuan, one box, 5-6 pounds.

The reporter learned from some retailers in Guangdong that the imported Alaska Red Emperor Crab is top seafood with a small amount of fishing, and the best season for consumption of emperor crabs each year is from November to March, just around the Chinese New Year. Data from the China Company of Wal -Mart show that the company’s first ship of the first ship of the company’s Sam store has recently sold it.

“On New Year’s Eve and the first day of the year, the sales volume of 7 stores in Hema Xiansheng in Guangzhou has increased significantly compared with usual.” The relevant sources of Hema Fresh Guangdong Company said that according to the company’s data, the amount of single order during the Spring Festival increased significantly, and the amount of single order increased significantly. Most of the consumer shopping costs are between 200-600 yuan, and many costs thousands of yuan. According to reports, on New Year’s Eve, the company sold thousands of emperor crabs in Guangzhou’s stores, and the overall sales of seafood and aquatic products reached 6-7 times the usual weekend.

The above -mentioned people say that in the end of the year, people are more willing to buy more and eat more in this traditional festival, and more and more Guangzhou people are starting to try fresh food. Emperor Crab is one of them.


“The most prosperous sales products in our supermarket are fruits and vegetables, frozen seafood, and New Year foods. In the New Year’s visit to relatives and friends to give gifts for gifts, mainly imported goods and gift boxes. Among them, the largest growth this year is imported shrimp, salmon, and deep sea dragon in frozen seafood. In imported fruits, Chilean cherry and New Zealand Chiqi fruit are the most popular, with an increase of more than 50%.

“This reflects that when the consumption upgrade, consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, and the price sensitivity is relatively low.” The above -mentioned person said.

Healthy foods such as nuts and dairy products are hot

The reporter found that the enthusiasm for consumers to purchase New Year’s goods in the past two days has continued. In the past, people who went to visit and visited and friends to give gifts to buy and drink common supplies. This year, people pay more attention to the choice of gift gifts.

“The sales of fresh fruits, miscellaneous grains, and health products have increased by more than 30%in these two days.” Relevant sources in Hema Maoma in Guangzhou told reporters that under the blessing of “net red” and “face value”, white lovers, Internet celebrity products such as the three brothers, crab rice wine and other online red products have become the first choice for young people, and sales have increased compared to similar products.

Guangzhou friendship stated that in the past, rice and oil were the main festivals. In the store, cashews such as cashew, walnut kernels, Badanmu and other nuts are sold hotly, showing multiple growth. Leisure foods such as dried blueberries and pine nuts, with their refreshing taste and unique production technology, are favored by customers and have doubled their growth.

Wal -Mart’s Chinese company also pointed out that in recent years, health -related annual products have continued to sell, such as dairy products and fresh foods. Gifts are very popular with customers. Now consumers are also more professional in buying dairy products, and they pay more attention to professional nutritional ratio such as dairy protein content. “

The above company also said that, for example, fresh food, because it is closely related to daily healthy diet, consumers have higher requirements for food safety and quality. Since the company launched the vegetable traceability plan in May last year, the traceable packaging vegetables in its store have accounted for 20%of the overall packaging vegetables, covering nearly 300 stores across the country. During the Spring Festival this year, traceable packaging vegetables continued to sell, especially their own brand Wo Ji Xianxian can be traceable packaging vegetable sales.

Household appliances with a strong sense of fashion and technology have also become the first choice for more and more gifts this year. According to the relevant person in charge of Guangbai Co., Ltd., during the Spring Festival, the company’s stores’ TV, digital, smartphones and small appliances products were won by consumers at a high cost performance, such as 55 inches with large screen TVs and handheld vacuum cleaners. , Micro -single cameras and high -end smartphones have become sales stars, of which new series of products are particularly enthusiastic about the consumer market.

Guangdong merchants are prepared to suffer sufferings, and the supply is abundant and the price is stable

The reporter was informed that in order to ensure that the goods were sufficient and rich during the festival, Guangdong retailers had earlier reserves and daily products with abundant reserves, and maintained the price stable.

Guangzhou Hema Fresh claims that the company began to prepare the goods and the first 1,000 best -selling products two months ago, and calculated a safe and reasonable inventory. During the Spring Festival, the price of poultry, day -day fresh products and 15 people’s livelihood basic vegetables are locked. During the Spring Festival, prices are not increased to meet the daily needs of consumers.


Wal -Mart China also said that in order to meet consumers to purchase hot -selling products such as high -quality imported fruits, seafood, alcohol, dairy products, the company’s multi -source purchases from domestic and international markets, such as hot during the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival. The seasonal fruit Chilean cherry, the company joined hands with the supplier to directly mini from the southern hemisphere; this year with China’s first breeding manufacturer to obtain Luo Fei Fish ASC certification, it has become one of the first retailers for the entire channel cooperation of the product. ; The company has also reached a cooperative relationship with more than 120 wine companies at home and abroad to provide domestic consumers with well -known brand products from 11 major wines.

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【Correspondent】 Ye Weiwen


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