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I have reduced going out during this time, I just live

Home and company two o’clock one line


life. What do you do when you do n’t go out? Playing the game every day, I feel that I am almost becoming an Internet addiction girl!

But one said, lying on the bed with electric blankets to eat snacks and eats the fat house in the game, it is really happy!

If you can, I want to integrate with my bed. After all, the outside is too cold. Every time I go out, I seem to have entered a refrigerator with a fan.


I believe that everyone will have the same troubles as me. Then, the warm jacket is not invited, and the fairy from south to north is okay. It is okay to warn the winter!

I don’t envy it, it is false, the one said

“If the coat is taken out and washed it, I won’t wear it before I do it.”

Fairy, I was really hurt by you!


Coat, my reinforcement artifact, with a small high -necked one inside, you can use it with a piece of suit pants.

Don’t be close to the breath of abstinence

Diverges in place.

Most of its styles are simple and generous, and cutting is very neat, which can make people look energetic and capable.

I envy this two kinds of solutions to the winter match. Wearing a coat does not need to be deducted from windproof.

The color also follows the low -key line of color,

Rice white, camel, black


They are more common colors.

The white gentle temperament, the camel’s intellectual gentleness, the black low -key high -level, the matching is not easy to make mistakes, it is very popular in Korean drama.

If you want to show some, you can try this

Stitching grid coat

Although there are many colors and bright colors, because the patterns are neat, it will not make people feel messy, but it will be very eye -catching.

If the Student Party does not want to wear too mature, you can try it

Horn buckle coat


, Lively and elegant, are a good player for age reduction.


Knitted hat


It is even more cute.

There are no good weather in the south and no heating in the north. It is really obscure that it is not north and Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai!


Although it is not the kind of extremely cold weather, but that kind


Wet and cold in the bones

It is really fatal, so keeping warm is still very important.


Recently, it has not been cold enough to wear down jackets, which is the time when cotton takes the wardrobe. The conventional bread clothes must have seen a lot, so I won’t introduce too much.


The popularity of lamb hair this year is still unabated. Liya has also made a lot of collections during this time.

On both sides

Lamb wool cotton clothes. (Buy one for two, isn’t the blood made?!)

Large -scale solid color is inevitable monotonous, you can use it

Color -fighting design


Add some characteristics to single products, and simple and generous, not complicated.

The fairy may wish to observe carefully, the penetration of lamb hair is almost ubiquitous.

It has a different degree of linkage with various coats,

Inner, neckline, cuffs, hem, placket

Both are contracted.


Even the full -wheel leather jacket can give lambsma. The soft cute attributes of the lamb hair and the coolness of the leather coat are fused, which is really up!

And leather fabric

Wind -resistant waterproof and warmth


The upper body will not be bloated, and the fashion of urban beauty is carefully pinched by it.

Fairy who likes retro style can arrange themselves, pants and skirts can be put on, and the sister -in -law set up with a capable and refreshing man.


The same is true, but try not to wear loose clothes such as sweaters. On the one hand, it is easy to get stuck in inconvenience, and on the other hand, it will open the outline, which is not beautiful.


You can choose internally

Thin knitting base

, Close and skinny, you can also wear a warm jacket inside, not to show fat tips GET!

Also mentioned earlier


绗 绗 绗 绗 绗

In combination with lamb hair, warm and not bloated.


If the fairies are afraid of long cotton clothes, it is easy to show fat, maybe

Use your lower body to be thin

The outline should be released is the positive solution.

For the fairy in the north, the weather in October is still important to save their lives.

It is absolutely impossible to not arrange a down jacket


Fortunately, there is heating, you can replace the life -saving jacket when you enter the room. How can you wear it in the room to be beautiful in the room?

Sweate+straight pants+snow boots

Sweater straight pants, old actors, this pair of CPs is like a brick. Where to move it, it is naturally suitable for the inside.

Winter in the north naturally want to choose

snow boots

This warm ceiling, furry looks warm, remember to stuff the legs of the pants to keep warm and thin.


Shirt+vest+woolen pants

After winter, I feel that the shirt has been abandoned for a long time, but what are he heating?

Shirts stacking knitted vests

, Interactive and gentle big sister must hold it.

Woolen pants

The fabric is relatively thick, the windshield is warm, and the version is also

Straight tube


Well, it can be modified without saying, and it is not a problem to wear a striped and velvet leggings inside.

Who said that the winter of the workplace is difficult to take into account both fashion and practicality? Do n’t you all have the demeanor temperature in this way?

Sweater+wool skirt

This combination is prepared for the fairy who can’t not wear a skirt in winter.

Wool skirt with thick and stiff fabric

It is the popular king in the winter skirt.

The combination of sweaters and wool skirts is like a soft and warm collision, and the whole person will look gentle as water.


Afraid of a fairy who is too strong wrapped in the sweater, you can choose this



The style, reducing the sense of restraint, not easy to show fat, and can also be invisible.


The cotton cotton jackets are old -faced, but you have to wear patterns and say goodbye to passers -by.

Frequent get new ideas

It feels that this winter is destined to be unusual, but the matching Liya from south to north has arranged for everyone. You can choose the right match for the seats!