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When you are still struggling with whether you wear a down jacket or a coat better, or when you are still preparing to walk the clothes that you need to wear in the New Year, the “fashionable essence” that walks at the forefront of fashion has long begun to prepare for early spring matching. ~

Come and see the most popular match this year: not the same sweater, nor a slightly thick coat, but a beautiful and changeable “shirt+cardigan”!


① The most versatile: white shirt


Perhaps the style will be out of date, the dressing method will be eliminated, but the white shirt will never disappear, and it will never make an error.

The white shirt is the most powerful item. Whether it is stacked or as the main body of the match, there is always a match that will surprise you ~


Sisters who are pursuing aura and coolness to choose a loose cotton shirt,

This type of shirt is relatively stiff and more fashionable.

Sisters who pursue intellectual and elegant temperament, you can choose the soft satin or chiffon shirt above, but do not choose a transparent design.

The color of the white shirt is also very particular. The white shirt with a high degree of brightness is easy to show darker.

It is also recommended for sisters to choose white shirts with moderate saturation,

Black and yellow skin can choose the gentle beige or milk white.

② The most fashionable: printed basic color shirt


Various printed shirts are changing and changing, which can meet the different needs of sisters. It is also one of the popular styles worn in early spring this year.


When choosing a printed shirt,

Do not choose a large -area color pattern with high saturation and high lightness. You must choose a small pattern that uses black and white, blue brown basic color as the background color.


③ Most retro: low saturation/low bright shirt

The pure color design shirt is more retro style. This type of shirt is more suitable for the strong style of oil painting style, literary style and Hong Kong style.

When choosing the color, you must first choose the most contracted with your skin tone, but the color cannot be too close to the skin color.

Then try to choose

Low saturated high brightness or high -saturated low -brightness shirts, the shirt has a certain thickness of the atmosphere.

④ The most dreamy: doll collar solid color shirt

The doll collar and the tailored shirt of the lotus leaf pier are different from the swallow collar of ordinary shirts. This shirt is more playful and lively, and the sweetness of girls is more lovely.

This type of shirt is best to choose white or other light colors, and do not have a large area of ​​lace and bow.

It will not make an error with simple and basic items.


(1) Solid sweater cardigan+basic shirt

Method ①: ordinary stacking


This is a very simple match between shirt and cardigan. It only needs to have a hand. Choose a fit and texture shirt,

It’s best to be a stiff white shirt,


Select a solid color knitted cardigan that sets off skin tone.

Match the two. The bottom can be matched with a slightly loose skirt, or it can be matched with vertical wide -leg pants. Of course, it can also be nine -point pants, smoke pants and straight pants. You can choose according to your preferences.


Method ②: Courtesy as a shawl

It is different when using another way to match the sweater cardigan as a coat.

The classic brown -white striped shirt, blue sweater on the shoulders, echoing with jeans, stepping on white sock soundtrack shoes, classic daily mixed matching, temperament and durable.

Method ③: shirt stacking skirt+sweater cardigan

The more complicated way to wear between the basic shirt and knitted cardigan is suitable for stacking of suspenders.

It is best to choose a solid color style in a shirt,


With like this, a suspender floral skirt, with a ginger knitted cardigan to enhance the color brightness, in the end,

Use silk scarf and Best hat to perform style

It is too literary to wear like this!

(2) Irregular thin cardigan+solid color shirt+belt

If it is an irregular long cardigan like the above, it is another way to wear. The above set gives the sisters a good reference idea:

It is best to choose a basic color with a certain sense of design

The irregular brown spots on the shirt and the dark brown cardigan on the outside just form an echo.

Use the same color belt to divide the body ratio of the waist


, It is a special beauty that makes people feel unable to open ~

(3) Vesus cardigan+shirt

In the cardigan, in addition to the most mirror -knitted cardigan in the spring, we can also choose a vest cardigan with a gentleman and scroll atmosphere.

Both knitted vests and suit vest sweater can be assured and shirts stacked. besides,

You can also use the vest cardigan as the middle layer and other loose jackets.

(Method 1) Big neckline shirt+low -neck sweater


The neckline design of the shirt determines which kind of cardigan it is more suitable for it. The classic shirt neckline is suitable for all coats.

But if it is the above doll collar, lotus leaf collar, etc.

The loose large collar shirt is more suitable for some low -neck cardigan.

If it is like the above


The neckline is high, and at the same time, if you have a relatively prominent bow or other designs at the neckline or chest position, it is also more suitable for a low -neck shirt.

The elegant and white haze blue bow shirt with a low -necked knitted cardigan, the gentle and quiet temperament seems to be natural.

(Method 2) Loose cardigan+high waistline wear

For some sisters who are not so ideal, than to match the shirt with a slim cardigan, they still recommend sisters to choose some loose cardigan.

Don’t be too short, and don’t be too long. The best length is to be below the navel line and the middle of the thigh.


This loose cardigan is paired with a shirt,

It is recommended that sisters choose to use the corner of the jacket or the belt to create a high waistline.

If it is a relatively light shirt, you can directly stuff the clothes into the waist of the trousers. The clean white shirt is paired with design sense denim pants, and a light blue knitted cardigan, casual and refreshing, too exciting!

(Method 3) Top (((+exposed legs wear

When matching the shirt and cardigan,

If the upper body is layered or more complicated, then the lower body must be kept clean and refreshing.

In the early spring of the weather, sisters can try to match short skirts or shorts,

Revealing 1/3 long legs

With short nude boots, playful and agile, the effect is super good!


(Method 4) Single color block+long and wrong collocation

However, when matching, we don’t have to follow the rules, and sometimes we can try some more special ways to wear.

Shirts can try long models with a sense of design, but it is best to have a V -shaped tailoring on the side.

This will be higher. When matching,

Make the cardigan, shirt, and lower installation of width and length.


For example, this loose short knitted cardigan is matched with long -knee long white shirts.

Note that the width of the shirt and cardigan should be consistent as possible.

With slim nine -point pants,

Try to use a single color in color matching

You can get a new set of new shirts with a beautiful and beautiful personality!

No one stipulates that early spring must be wearing sweaters, and our fashion must be in our hands.

In the new year of 2012, try not to take the usual way. Let’s try it. This spring’s most popular “shirt+cardigan” makes this spring a bit different from previous years ~