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Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

How to wear a T -shirt? The style of the hidden mystery is high -level.

The spring light is strong and the spring is strong, but the heat waves and summer winds are frequently shook hands and cheered. Will summer be far away in spring? The beautiful and cheerful early summer drama is about to start …

Hold up with Girl Xia, and enjoy the clothes.

T -shirt

It is. It will alternate from spring and summer, and it has always ended in late autumn and transformed into deep winter. Wear alone, stack, well -deserved king fried items.

The more basic items, the more difficult it is to control. Just like a T -shirt, some people like it and some people are worried; some people are the treasures of the wardrobe, and each travel must have it. And some people do not wear it when they go out, and they are afraid of looseness and decentness.

The same T -shirt is completely different in the eyes of different people. Why is there a clear opposition? Luo Wei thought, the reason, the two words:

don’t know

Essence I don’t understand the style of the T -shirt, I can’t grasp the essence of its matching.

In the eyes of people who can wear, the application of T -shirts is very wide. It is the screw in the matching, which can be glowed in any position, which is not excessive at all. Of course, it can also become the protagonist and become the focus.


Age, season, style

as well as


The study of T -shirt wear is imminent. Different from the pan -talked sharing, Luo Wei analyzed the way of dressing of T -shirts from the perspective of matching.


Understand style

Pick up a T -shirt, you have to be fast


Out of its style language. Suitable for single wear? Still stacking? How to match it when wear it alone? How to coordinate with the protagonist single when wearing it? Is it settled or shared the focus?

These ideas must have a concept in the mind, not to pat your mind, and go out with a pair of jeans.

For the style of T -shirts, Luowei divides them into the following categories:


Black and white gray pure color T -shirt


Black and white gray rice, the four major King Kong. The primary role of this kind of solid color basic T -shirt is

Mix and match

In conjunction with other items to form various styles, they are used at this time.

The main points of matching when mix and match



When a solid color T -shirt is stacked, it will create a whole

Bright spot

Essence No matter what the highlights are, the whole body must be wonderful. In the figure below, the dark blue west service


T -shirts, very ordinary, but pearl necklaces, golden chain bags, and large copper buckles are highlights.

Black T -shirt


, Common and ordinary. If you are not good at creating highlights, wearing it is bland, although it is not wrong, it is not fashionable. At this time, a personalized striped shirt was stacked on the shoulder, and the positioning focus echoed the white skirt.

At this time, stacking needs to be considered from two aspects: contrasting color and overall style.

Gray T -shirt

: The slightly lighter gray, rice gray, and dark gray than black, although versatile, please go from

Same color

Start. Choose a lower or jacket that derives the attribute with the gray to make the depth change and highlight

The true nature of high gray

Point of knowledge


: Any single item, please refine its style main keywords, highlight the atmosphere when matching, win in seconds.

In the same color, there is no trick to win the advanced color matching. The overall color tone is converged, but there are obvious differences. If you are embellished with accessories, you can easily wear good clothes. However, it needs to be repeatedly figured out and continuously advanced in order to grasp the sense of color.

Beige T -shirt

: Calmly beige, injecting a sense of high -level in order to match. All exaggerated pants or skirts can be used to improve the texture with a beige T -shirt. When applying, be clear


Light beige

Dark beige

Different color matching.

The beige T -shirt in the figure below is not very friendly to the complexion. Can you understand the differences or highlights of the two sets of matching? 1. Light beige brighten near the face; 2. Enhanced accessories to enhance different styles.

The main points of matching when wearing

When the black and white gray rice T -shirt is worn, there is


Matching ideas: 1. Match with personalized pants or skirts, at this time it is in a set of position; 2. Combine with the basic model, please use eye -catching accessories to create highlights.

In the figure below, the black, beige obedient and bright color skirt combination, exaggerated but atmospheric.

When the T -shirt and the bottom are ordinary, the accessories must be focused at this time. Hats, bags, shoes, jewelry, rest assured and exaggerated.


Small square scarf, the most gentle friend of minimalist black white gray rice T -shirt. Increase femininity, harmonize hard cotton, and obtain exquisite and balanced. Can be embellished with color or contrast to improve the texture.

Don’t mention the scarf with a T -shirt, just skim in the corner of your mouth, feel that summer is not suitable. There are many types of silk scarves, with different sizes, colors, and widths; the usage is more varied, and it is not necessarily a neck.

Understand the idea of ​​matching, the practice methods are tens of millions, combined with your creative ideas, to generate your own style taste, is it not fragrant?




Color solid color T -shirt


Compared to the boring of black and white gray rice, the colorful color T -shirts make people’s eyes shine, detonating the summer style. Of course, it must be solid color without any embellishment or pattern.



: Great style, feminine, neutral and handsome, it is easy to color.

Putting points


Color T -shirt, depending on color


Bright degree

It can be used as the protagonist or second protagonist. Choose the same color, or the bottom color of the basic color, and then echo or strengthen it with accessories.


The following two sets of matching, one is bright, the other is turbid, and it is definitely different in the embellishment of the combination and accessories. The bright color T -shirt is exaggerated enough to increase the sense of advanced; turbid -colored T -shirts, low -key and stable, requires a small area of ​​highlights to enhance the fashion coefficient.

The gentle Morandi color T -shirt is sweet and fresh, not publicized, showing the atmosphere. It can be matched with bright colors to quietly transform into the second supporting role, adding restrained charm to the whole set of styles.

Try to focus on the same color coloring as much as possible to ensure a highly consistent convergence and double the high -level sense.


It is the best choice of small fresh color. The depth of the shades is not to mention, and there is a calm and inclusive beauty. The brown used in the lower dress, without worrying about the impact on the skin color, has a light -colored T -shirt as a shield, it is okay to be willful.


Letter logot shirt

In addition to solid colors, there is a letter LOGO blessing, which increases the weight of the T -shirt and further improves the fashion status. It is no longer an unknown small character, and it becomes a fashionable big picture that is alone.

: Depending on the size of the letter pattern, the fashion component increases. Small letters are elegant and dignified. Large letters, exaggerated personality, outstanding style.

In addition to the size of the letter, there are also factors such as the meaning, color, and shape of the letters.

When choosing a letter T -shirt,

The meaning of the letter


You have to understand, it is best not to choose from the letters that do not understand meaning. This is the point, please keep in mind. A tasteful woman can control any details.

Match points: echo the letter

Letter T -shirt, no matter the size of the pattern


Fashionable tone

Essence It can be worn alone as the protagonist, or it can be matched with a suit and other jackets. From the perspective of matching, choose the lower dress that echo the letter, or let the accessories echo the letter, and the ingenuity is ingenious.

In the figure below, the dark blue letter T -shirt, choose a light blue skirt to echo the letter, the same color is elegant with different depths.

Black T -shirt with white bottom, choose light purple wide -leg pants to complete the elegant baptism. Using a black sweater to stack the shoulders, because of the coordination of the letters, the overall match is perfectly coordinated.


There are both light -colored gentleness, dark stability, and a black hats and humble mildness.


Exquisite handbag

The embellishment is unique and spicy, and there is no speech.

Large letters T -shirts are more eye -catching. When wearing a gray suit, a large white letter T -shirt is inside, which brings a sense of weight to the gray and increases fashionable atmosphere. Seemingly advanced gray, need to be clear

Guiden, the whole is good -looking.

In the overall minimalist color, a colorful bag is particularly needed to embellish it, and the brightness is full of self -control.


In the mature dark blue of the workplace, a white contrasting letter T -shirt is added to set off a playful small waves. Breaking the boring single, not losing the overall stability and high level, and increasing cuteness.



Printed T -shirt

Many T -shirts with various print patterns in summer, their styles are determined according to the content and sense of volume. Generally speaking, small animal patterns are cute, such as cats and dogs; beast -like patterns are wild.


Flower printing is feminine, the characters are dynamic, abstract ink and ink are literary … when choosing printing, be sure to learn


Analysis pattern style


Match points: Know the pattern

Printed patterns are open -minded and exaggerated. It can be regarded as a match


Treatment, choose the bottom of the color that echo the color of the pattern, weaken the stamp tension with the same color, and then use the accessories to strengthen the style to highlight the fashion.


White cleanliness can always resolve the enthusiasm of printing. It is not worth the sense of advanced, and it is worth trying.

The advanced sense of printed T -shirt is:


The artistic conception and color of the pattern

Essence Like painting works, the more artistic, the more you can highlight the taste of the wearer. When matching, the atmosphere of printing is set up, fashionable and elegant.


If you don’t know the pattern or have no appreciation of painting, don’t try a large area of ​​printing. Maybe a small embroidered red rose on the chest can make you wonderful.


Striped T -shirt

The blessing of striped patterns makes T -shirts a classic, popular every year, and will always be the best. Regardless of long -sleeved, short sleeves, red, black, blue, as long as stripes are striped, they should be taken as


main character



: Classic romantic navy style, essential items for French style. It can be elegant, casual, formal, and cool. The style of striped shirts is the most variable in T -shirts.

Of course, please choose the right stripes that are suitable for you when choosing. Regarding how to choose, no longer.

Matching points: reinstatement, showing style


Although the striped shirt is eye -catching, it is still ordinary. So the point is



Essence Use femininity and elegance to activate the French romantic style of striped shirts.

Leisure is neutral and more gentle, which is its main purpose.


Show style

: Highlighting style tone is another combination of striped shirts. On the basis of leisure and elegance, the combination of neutral handsomeness shows the playful and lively side of striped shirts.

Similar to the elegance of French style, it is just a little more chic ingredients, which makes the image change greatly.

The above black and white gray rice solid T -shirts, color solid color T -shirts, letters T -shirts, printed T -shirts, and striped T -shirts basically include all T -shirt style. As long as the key points are grasped, regardless of the sleeves, regardless of the version, fabric,


Fashionable match

The law does not change.

As for how to choose a T -shirt, Luo Wei gave two points:

Selected by the collar type, the fabric is selected by the bone

, Edition can be ignored.


I hope today’s sharing is a little inspiration for you!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!