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This year’s summer limited style, non –

College style

It is. Recently, celebrities are in love with the naval style set, uniforms of college style, and other items. Behind the upper body, they have returned to their school days.

However, although many beautiful eyebrows are envious of celebrities, they are young and beautiful, but they dare not try easily, because they are worried that they are too naive behind the upper body, and it is easy to usher in the different sight of others.

Who said that the college style items must have a bow, a doll collar, or a cartoon pattern decoration? It ’s not easy to control, and you will also wear excessive effects. No wonder you will be talked about when wearing such clothes.

Want to be advanced?

You might as well try the following 4 types

Literary style

The item of the single product is not naive. The focus is on the inspiration, which can interpret the unsightly look. It is not easy to hit the shirt. It can also wear a generous and young shape.

1. Pure, light -colored T -shirt short sleeves

Let’s take a look at the choice of tops first, in line with the single items designed by literary style, I believe everyone will first think of the short sleeves of the shirt collar. The daily simple match of the college style is simple and simple without losing the British style, and daily wear is not abnormal.

But want to wear out

High -level sense


The color of the top is best to choose a solid and light -colored style. Behind the upper body, it can not only brighten the skin color, but also wear a clean and relaxed summer atmosphere, which makes people feel good.

Compared with the texture of the shirt, the white T -shirt of leisure reduction can also show the youthful sense of youth. It’s just that the white T -shirt has a variety of styles, if you want to wear it

Young and temperamental look

You can start with a high -quality book temperament.

And retro and age -reducing high -waisted jeans or vest skirts, collision with white T -shirts, can not hide elegant and confident temperament. What’s more, girls who will match them use the accessories that highlight the French style, enhance the taste of the shape, and be delicate.

Second, simple retro jeans


Speaking of which, simple and retro jeans are very popular this year’s loose and casual style. There is neither picking up in the upper body, but also its own style, and it will not be out of date.

In order to increase the temperament of the college, many people will be there


Starting, a belt is tied outside the clothes, and the upper body shows a modern retro temperament. The most careful is the college’s canvas shoes or Oxford shoes, with its own age -reducing attributes, helping you to easily wear a student fan.

Third, the color matching retro pants pants

The straight pants of the straight tube style are also a must -have item for college style.


Sense of age

The earth color system is a single product that is defeated in the summer of the summer.

If you want to create a sense of age, choose a dynamic short sleeve with a shirt, which is in line with the aesthetics of the student party! Secondly, accessories are the finishing touch of shape. This time the college style white socks+canvas shoes tightly linked to the clothing style of the clothing, and they can be worn immediately after the upper body.



If you are pursuing the elegant and light style, you can choose a suit with a suit, and you can easily wear a stable and generous look on your upper body.


The five -point pants of the suit, the design is rigorous, with a sense of formal sense, and the use of mixed -matching methods can also wear a variety of temperament. If you want to create a sense of age, you can also match it

Country style

The accessories, the upper body shows the sense of girl next door.

Fourth, simple and textured A -line skirt


In the summer without skirts, the retro style A -line skirt is you wear out


Literary temperament

The best choice. In color, we choose the earth color that is full of age, colliding with the cool color of the summer, we can wear a fresh and natural feeling.

Girls who are not good -looking in the legs, this long long skirt can not only

Cover the meat and thin

It can also bless the elegance of the shape, which makes people attract you in minutes.

Different materials of A -line skirts can also give single -like temperament. The fairy of chiffon skirt, the youthful sense of the denim skirt, and so on. Worried about others laughing at you tender? The skirt of a suit, trench coat, and flower woolen fabric, simple and commute, colliding with a casual and lively top, can be recessed

The age reduction but not the naive look

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!


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