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Share some two or three things that Mother Pearl has done on “Buy toys”.



The intergenerational relatives have troubled countless mothers, and of course, Pearl Mom is extremely sad. Living with the old man, the dolls seemed to get “Shangfang Sword”, and they had to buy at home when they saw what they liked, and even some bear children played “first cut and then play” -the toys I like, do n’t buy me, right? Intersection I ran and ran, seeing you give money. (Contrary to behavior, very wrong, in case your baby has this behavior, please pay attention to it and make great rectification!)


One day, Pearl was taken to buy steamed buns with pearls and brought back a new toy. I took a closer look, eh? Isn’t this a fishing toy just bought a few days ago? Why did you buy another 90%similarity? So another puppet who was overwhelming about pearls and seeking in response to seeking. The final conclusion is still: “How long does the child follow you? You have given her to have a bad problem that must be required. I have no money like you for a long time.” Pearl opened his eyelids and glanced at me. Comment.

Then, the next day, I took the pearl to buy food. The pearl pulled me to the toy rack, kissed me, and pointed at a very familiar toy and said, “Mom, see ~” I: “Do you like it? If we like it, do we take it home? “

Regarding the elderly, “seeking toys to buy toys”: anxiety is inevitable, after all, everyone knows that everyone is dangerous to everyone. Some people say that the reason why young mothers are overly anxious about the elderly’s pets are very large because they do not know where the elderly’s lower limit is, so they are worried that the children will become a only one in endless and unconditional spoils. Knowing the reasonable white -eyed wolf. In fact, no matter the elderly, the mother, the eyes of the child’s desire can’t help but want to give her the whole world, but these have a prerequisite, then the parents’ financial ability is enough to meet the children’s requirements.

As for whether the child will develop “Seeing a bad problem that loves one” … Who knows, but at present, I can’t bear to refuse her, let’s go and see it first (Buddhist mother thinks …)


Pearl went out with grandma to take a walk. When I came back, I took a plastic bug and toys that was scrambled on the ground with a switch. It was very cool. Shining with red and green light. Pearl was very excited and kept asking me if this toy was great. This ugly, noisy and inferior toy made me very doubt about what obstacles had Pearl’s aesthetic from time to time. Ask the price, and sure enough, ten dollars are given three batteries. So I cleared my throat and started to read: “Mom, don’t buy such a” fool toy “in the future, inferior and monotonous, I can’t develop intelligence at all. Before talking, Pearl stomped: “But I like it!” Grandma Pearl pointed at the pearl: “She said she liked.”


The next day I took the pearl to take a walk. When I went home, I brought back a magic wand that would flash the switch when I went home. Grandma Pearl looked at me and looked at the magic fairy stick. “She said she likes …”

you are not a fish, how to know the joy of fish? Many adults seem to be cheap and inferior. In the eyes of children, they may be precious and beautiful treasures. Since they are toys, as long as they are not dangerous, they still respect their children’s preferences.


Since I found that the toys at home have been piled up and pearls have seriously liked the old and the old, I have made up my mind to change the style of “buying and buying”. After reading a few public account articles about toys that suits the baby at all stages, I felt that I suddenly found the light and hope on the way to buy toys. So I bought a lot of “smart toys” such as stacking music, building blocks, magnetic pieces, wisdom cubic cubes, etc. for Pearl. Each toy has specific exercise significance, which makes me very satisfied.

However, when the toy gets in front of the baby, the problem comes. Either the baby does not like it at all, such as the Domino (suspected of trouble), the puzzle (suspected), etc.; Let everyone taste it, and it ’s like a few blocks of building blocks as vegetables, games that play in supermarket shopping … Every time I correct her gameplay, she will lose my temper, or watch me indifferently,” Mom, do you want to do? Come and play. “…

I have read many articles about “not disturbing children’s growth”, but in fact, many times have almost stifled the child’s creativity, respect the child’s own growth law, and do not forcibly interfere with the development of the child.

Finally, wearing the “Buddha Mom” ​​coat can’t stop on the road to buy toys … Is there any saving? Do you have any good suggestions about buying toys? Wait online …