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Due to the simple style and smooth lines, the coat has the advantages of modifying the figure and versatile practical. Thousands of pets love one.

However, the matching of the coat decides to a large extent. For middle -aged women, if you always use tight pants with coats, then you may wish to replace wide -leg pants this winter. Use wide -leg pants to highlight the elegance of the dress. sex. The truly elegant middle -aged woman likes “woolen coat+wide -leg pants” in winter.

First, when wearing woolen coats+wide -leg pants, how to pick money?

Dressing half to look at the matching, half look at the pick, especially when using the woolen long coat combination of wide -leg pants, because these two items are relatively simple and loose, they need to pay attention to style choices. Color to create a high -level and textured winter shape.

1. Woonate coat

The woolen coat is the most common in winter. If you want to improve the texture of the clothes, then the material of the woolen coat must be online, such as choosing a strong hair fabric to create a smooth and flat dressing effect.

The style of the coat should be simple and generous, but the details need to be particular about it, avoiding the sense of visual sense of the dresses. In addition, color is the key to affecting the practicality of coats, such as coffee, brown, black, hidden blue or beige coats. The service life is longer than the colorful coat, and it can also highlight the simple beauty of the dress.


2. wide -leg pants

The biggest feature of wide -leg pants is that the type of pants is very loose, but this feature is like a double -edged sword, which is beneficial and disadvantaged. The key to resolving the shortcomings is that the high waist is chosen, and the material of the wide -leg pants should be as much as possible as the coat. Soft.

This can better extend the longitudinal lines, play a thin and thinner -leg shape.

Second, the advantages of coat+wide -leg pants

After meeting the required coats and wide -leg pants, it not only presents simple and generous matching effects, but also optimizes the figure. It is worth trying to try middle -aged women.


1. Simple atmosphere

After the combination of many basic models and basic models, it is inevitable to give people boring, such as coat+leggings.

However, high -waisted wide -leg pants take into account the comfort and fashion value. With long coats, they not only resolve the dull dress, but also wear a comfortable comfort, showing the chic and elegance of middle -aged women.

2. Optimize figure


Another advantage of coats and wide -leg pants is to be able to optimize the figure. Like the thick thighs, flat hips and drooping in middle -aged women, or belong to O -type legs, they can use wide -leg pants to avoid strengths.

This method is also very suitable for commuters. In addition to adjusting the proportion of figure, it gives people an elegant and capable sense of high -level.


Third, coat+wide -leg pants wear skills

Pay attention to style choices to avoid bloated, old -fashioned, or no texture, but in wearing, middle -aged women can optimize the dress by mastering skills.

1. Remember to open it on the coat


Mao Wa’s long coats have a rich choice in the wear method, such as wearing waist, buckle buckle, or open wear. When paired with high waist wide -leg pants, it is best to expose the waistline by opening a coat.

This can not only click on the waistline, but also echo the coat with wide -leg pants, emphasizing the light and free and atmospheric side of the dress.

2. Pay attention to the inside choice

After the middle -aged stage, women pay attention to relaxation, and coats and wide -leg pants are basically loose. When choosing the principle of compliance with the combination of looseness, you can choose a thin model. Broad -legged pants for comparison.

Such as a slim bottoming shirt, sweater or sweater, or a round neck shirt, ribbon shirt.

Fourth, coat+wide -leg pants color matching ideas

The color is the most intuitive. When using a coat and wide -leg pants, you know that color matching can make the dress more delicate and elegant.

1. The same color system


The main method of the coat and wide -leg pants is simple and atmospheric. It is necessary to reduce the number of colors in the color matching. It is necessary to avoid the color of the color. Among them, the color of the same color system is used to present this pair of combinations, which is simpler and advanced as a whole.

And consistent colors can avoid dividing the body ratio, which has a certain optimization effect on the body shape and height.

2. Bright and dark combination

Use the combination of light and dark to present coats+wide -leg pants, which can take into account simplicity and eye -catching through color comparison, and will not let the dress be stunned.


If you are worried that the bright color is not easy to control, you can try caramel, gold camel, or golden brown high -waisted wide -leg trousers.

In this winter, wearing coats+wide -leg pants is not only simple and practical, but also has an optimized effect on the figure. If you like it, please refer to it!


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