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Four -leaf grass sterling silver earrings | Lao Yinfang

Thousands of earrings, switch to different clothes every day

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

But after a long time, there is always one pair that is the most commonly worn

Although it is not the most eye -catching, the brighter

But it must be comfortable, versatile

Sometimes I forget to take it down, and it doesn’t matter

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

1. Tongtong sterling silver-

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

Sterilization and anti -inflammatory can not be sensitive

With a woman’s natural picky, the small silver sauce compared dozens of different shapes of earrings. The last one is this one -four -leaf grass sterling silver earrings


好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

Ears are always very fragile. Wearing alloy earrings or over -heavy earrings for a long time may lead to inflammation of the ear pierced. For your health, please pay attention to choosing sterling silver or pure golden ear needles when choosing earrings.

Silver can eliminate inflammation and sterilization, and is a very healthy metal.

The pair of four -leaf earrings are all silver, and the ear blocks are also made of sterling silver, which is very friendly to the ear pierced.

The surface of the earrings is round, no gems are inlaid, and there will be no risk of stubborn or drilling. Even if you forget to take it occasionally when you sleep, it will not affect the earrings and your ears.

Second, light light -ears-

Small and unique, light up the shape

I have read “Dior’s Fashion Notes” very early, one of which says: “The highlight is that the small personality accessories are clever, and the clothes designed by a designer have become a personal style. This one is extremely important.” The word eyes gave me a lesson at the time I was still in a half -knowledge of fashion.

Silver four -leaf grass earrings, small and exquisite, do not pick face, do not pick, embellish in the ears, can control any style: simple, sweet, temperament, personality …

Even if you just put a jacket and walk out, with it, you will have a sense of exquisiteness than others.

Four -leaf clover can bring good luck. Among the 100,000 cymbals, you may only find a “four -leaf grass”. The chance is only about 100,000, so it has become the most lucky symbol in the world.

Its leaves, one represents hope, one represents, one represents love, and the fourth piece that is more, represents luck.

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

Romantic light and lucky secret words, small fresh four -leaf grass earrings, bring a little luck to your life every day.

Third, piercing maintenance–

Silverware adoptive

1. It should not be worn for a long time.

Under the action of gravity, wearing heavy earrings for a long time can easily expand the pierced ears, and severe bleeding.

2. Do not bring alloy earrings.

The precious metal ingredients in the alloy are low and containing other metals, which may lead to allergies and inflammation. For your health, choose sterling silver or pure gold earrings.

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

3. No matter how long the ears are hit, you need to wear earrings often to prevent blocking.

4. Clean up your ears regularly.

5. The earrings we wear should be disinfected regularly with alcohol.

Because the secretions of the ears are also attached to the earrings, it will be oxidized and black after a long time, which is neither hygienic and affects beauty.

Laoyinfang “Four Leaf Grass” sterling silver earrings

好物分享 | 百元不到,能戴着睡觉的纯银耳钉

Lao Yinfang “Snowflake” sterling silver earrings

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