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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

1. Make -up chapter

Air cushion flat: Armani -Blank Me

Armani red air cushion:

At the same time, the texture of the skin is also retained, it feels like a good skin! Bad defects can cover up 50 or 60 %. Holding the makeup is good, it’s really not a matter of removing makeup.

It is more suitable for dry skin, the proper cream muscle makeup, autumn and winter are not stuck, it is expensive, more than 600 without replacement.

Blank ME air cushion:

It can also create a natural creamy muscle makeup. The concealing power is stronger than Armani. Generally, the flaws can basically be covered. The price is more close to the people, and it is also suitable for dry skin.

Lip glaze flat replacement: YSL416 -Jill Leen408

YSL 416 Lip glaze:

The translucent rotten tomato will bring a brown tone, white and not picky, and it will not become dark purple after a long time.

Jill Leen 408 Lip Glaze:


The upper mouth is also a softer color of the water mirror, which is softer than the YSL, the saturation is not so high, and it is more orange. There are some playful vitality girls. Slightly lip, but the price is beautiful.

Powder: Meikefei -Meino

Meike Fei powder:


It is not necessary to say that the powder has a long -lasting oil control, and there is a second grinding skin, and the effect of hiding pores. Sweat and makeup will not be mottled, that is, the price is expensive.

Meino powder:

After applying makeup, there will be a fluffy texture on the face, which will not destroy the base makeup. The pores on both sides of the nose also have a hidden feeling, and the makeup power is not weaker than Meike Fei. The price is more suitable for the student party.

2. Skin care articles

Whitening Essence: SKII Light Bulk — OLAY Little White Bottle

SKII small bulb:


The main component of the small lamp bottle is nicotinamide, which fade and inhibit melanin, thereby translucent skin. It is suitable for yellow skin, and people who want to lighten acne marks and spots are not cost -effective for students. There is no other problem except expensive.

Olay little white bottle:


There are also nicotinamide to lighten melanin, plus the hypertide to block melanin synthesis, uniform skin tone, light spots brightened, whitening power is also bars, and the price comparison is also higher.

Body milk: L’Occitane Body milk -Skinthon University Body Milk

L’Occitane body milk:

It contains 15%of the shea butter oil, which can repair drying, apply it lightly and not thick, and the severe sisters with dry skin and dehydration in autumn and winter can immediately relieve it with it. There is also vitamin E to anti -oxidation and dilute, which is also good.

Sun Yat -sen University Body Milk:

Rich skin care glycerin, moisturizing power online, desert large dry skin does not afford peeling, as well as nicotinamide and vitamin E brightening and whitening ingredients. The dull joints are white. Essence

Water milk: IPSA — March Story

IPSA flow gold self -discipline water milk:


Without alcoholic, the skin sensitive redness in autumn and winter changes can be relieved by it.

The fixes of flowing water containing sodium hyaluronate and the repair ingredients of multiple plant essences. The skin becomes stable, and it is no longer blushing. It’s Xiaogui.

March rational water milk:


The comprehensive moisturizing and hydrating, also has the effect of repairing barrier, anti -inflammatory and soothing effects, and the peaceful water contains active oat ingredients and regulatoryamide. The heat face is red and dry, and it will be relieved immediately with it. Red and swollen acne.

Anxin milk was turned into water, and it was instantly moist. The moisturizing power of the horned shark anxy is also excellent, and it will not peel when it is used in autumn and winter. The price is beautiful, dry skin, sensitive muscle true love.