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Summary: How about the acoustic lamp? The acrylic lantern is a close relative of the glass family-organic glass. It is also the early product of thermoplastic plastic. It has the advantages of long -lasting color, good transparency, good chemical stability, and good abrasion resistance. Therefore, acrylic lamps are common in home. The aging lampshade will be aging after a long time. One of the phenomena of aging is that the inside of the lampshade becomes yellow. So, what should I do if the acrylic lampshade get yellow?

What is acalt

Acrylic, also known as organic glass, chemical name is polymethyl acrylic. Because its light transmission rate is similar to the glass, Acrylic can also be made as lampshade products. Acrylic is a plastic high molecular material. Easy processing, easy -to -dye ideal material. However, because acrylic is crispy, it is easy to spend and toughness worse than other materials. Acrylic particles are mostly used to make acrylic boards, acrylic lamps, acrylic stationery display racks, and other acrylic products.


Acklight advantage

1. Color

The color is durable. Yayli has a high appearance, bright color, and durable color for 5-8 years. In other words, it will not change color or fade in 5-8 years.


2. Lighting


Strong light transmission. The acrylic plate applied to the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmission. With the built -in light source, the brightness of the night is uniform and soft. The bonic character is glowing compared with the neon light.


3. Light source

Built -in light source. Without external wiring, it is not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring, which solves the problem of not beautiful exposure of the neon wiring outside. It also solves the problems such as short circuit and fire exposure to the air in the air. In addition, due to the good sealing properties of acrylics, the problem of unable to turn on the lights on rainy days is used.

4. The word lamp is consistent

The acrylic characters and light boxes are consistent. Regarding this, acrylic characters and light box forming are hot molding. After heating the acrylic board, it is formed by a variety of molds at one time, so several sets of or several products from the same set of molds They are the same. In addition, as long as the color of the same color number (such as: 136 red) is very consistent, and it is almost impossible to distinguish. In these two senses, the consistency of color consistency and specifications facilitates the publicity publicity of merchants, and it is also convenient for merchants to decorate and decorate the unity of store style.

5. Physics

The physical properties are stable, and the ability to resist high and low temperature is strong. This is also one of the important features of Acrylic’s application of outdoor industry. First of all, it has a strong ability to resist ultraviolet resistance, which is one of the reasons why it does not fade. In addition, it can resist high temperature 70 ° C and low temperature 50 ° C. In this interval, it will not change. Most areas in my country will not have this temperature difference, so in outdoor, merchants can use it with confidence.

In summary, Acrylic has many advantages, destined to implement its implementation in the outdoor advertising industry, but is it no shortcoming or not.

Abachable disadvantage

1. High cost, compared with metal, inkjet, neon lights, the price is several times or even 10 times higher.

2. The neon lights that are directly exposed to the outside are worse. Therefore, very high high -rise buildings are required, and Ackada is not required.

Why does the acrylic lampshade turn yellow

The acrylic lampshade will be aging after a long time. One of the aging phenomena is that the inside of the lampshade becomes yellow, so you cannot find that the lampshade at home will have a layer of yellow substance. Either because there are more environmental factors, the dust or smoke is covered on the surface of the lampshade, so the acrylic lampshade we use often turns yellow.

What should I do if the acrylic lampshade is yellow

If it is because the surface of the dust cover of dust or oil fume makes it yellow, it can be cleaned with a cleaner to clean, but if it is because of aging, the lampshade becomes yellow. This layer of yellow matter is already difficult to clean with a cleaner inside the lampshade. Usually, if the yellow coverage is not thick, you can use polishing to remove this layer, but if it is too thick, it is not possible. You can only change to another new one. If the age of aging is slower, the years of use of the lampshade will increase. There are many PS lampshades on the market as an acrylic lampshade, and there are also many raw materials for the acrylic lampshade. Door learning, you can communicate together if you have problems.

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