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Mother has been cancer, has been processed, spent more than 20,000 yuan, then chemotherapy, 4 courses have spent more than 20,000 yuan, and the money in the family uses light, my savings are also used. However, the mother should still serial the treatment, but also tens of thousands of yuan, I am in the same time, my wife does not move out a beautiful little gift box, and I will take out 6,000 yuan of money to my hand.

I am very surprised, and I don’t have no embarrassment: “Wife, when did you have so much private money?”

The wife did not mind, smiled slightly: “This is a long time for more than 6 years, I have a special” savings of our sweet love “.”

Love savings? I am a foggy, my wife is not much explanation, just give me a small book, which records the “Love Savings List”, I saw the above wife with Juan Xiu’s font record:

The first married anniversary after marriage, spent a lot of money because of marriage, and it is already bought, so I advised her husband to spend another gift. However, when I got home from get off work, my husband didn’t get out of the gold earrings purchased from Hong Kong. I am happy … Savings 200 yuan.

My mother made a heart disease. After the husband heard the news, he didn’t say that from the bank to take the bottom, then sent his mother to the hospital for rescue. The doctor said that it is fortunate to send it in time, otherwise … Since then, the husband will visit the care before get off work every day. Mom said to me: This son-in-law is like a son! I have a sweet touch after I listen … Savings 300 yuan.

The night of wind and rain, I am working overtime, my husband heard that there is a little girl in the evening, and the night will grab the mobile phone, the jewelry, and it is still in the hospital. When I get off work, it is already 1 o’clock in the morning. When I came out of the company’s door, my husband had opened a rain umbrella under the roof … Savings 50 yuan.

Back to the hometown of the Spring Festival, the husband wrote the article to get a reward watch, belt, mp3, and tea have given my father, my sister and their children … savings 200 yuan.

That year, my sisters, I have to give me the outside, but I decided to do it at home, my sisters were also arrived at home, and my husband kusou did a few of his good dishes. The sisters were eaten. Praise, I earn “face” … savings 100 yuan.


After reading his wife, “List”, listened to the wife, a tenderness and moisturizing my heart, I hung my wife and said, “Wife, thank you for me. In fact, in this six years, you pay More than I want … From today, I have to pay for love ‘savings’! “

Wife said that the savings come from the time of daily life, square, bit by bit, such as a cup of milk during sleep, a bouquet of flowers in the festival, a gentle love, a cup of hot tea, a heart Humor, a concession time … I will deposit a “deposit” in love savings. In our family’s daily life, each other is respectful, mutual care, mutual support and mutual dedication, and we must take a “coin” in this “piggy bank”.

Love is a happiness and long-term savings. A person who believes in love and has a sense of marriage, and when they know how to save their love, they do a little bit. The more you have to get, the more accumulated, the happiness and warmth of this home will be.

Then let us start from the first day of each other, put a gold coin, silver coin, silver coins, use love, moisturize the marriage!