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2021 is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the classic idol drama “Meteor Garden”. At that time, the “Meteor Garden” starring Da S, Yan Chengxu, Zhou Yumin, Wu Jianhao, and Zhu Xiaotian was launched. The drama is still used by many variety shows in the game session as an imitation material. Among them, the “Meteor Rain” sung by “F4” is one of the must -order songs of many audiences.


Twenty years have passed, what are the handsome and beautiful women who have caused a generation of idol plot festivals. What is their current situation?

So let’s talk about it today, what are the actors in “Meteor Garden”, what’s all now:


One: Big S is married and has children, life is happy and happy


Big S was already very famous before shooting this “Meteor Garden”. After performing “Shancai”, her reputation is even more famous. She has long hair fluttering. This shape once became a classic dress in the corner of the “school flower” in the idol drama.

After that, high -scoring idol dramas such as “Sword Rain”, “Proposal Affairs”, “We Grow up”, were nominated by the best actress of the Golden Awards with the acting skills in the suspense movie “Keeping Call”. It has also proved the acting skills of Da S.

Now the big S has been married and has a child, and the focus of life has moved to the family. Occasionally appeared in variety shows. Although twenty years have passed, her face is not too big when she is filming “Meteor Garden”. Changing, I can see that life is very happy and happy.

Two: Zhou Yumin worked hard to make a movie transformation, and the results were very small

After this “Meteor Garden” was broadcast that year, the most popular actor should be Zhou Yumin, who played the player of the melancholy beautiful male Hua Ze in the play.


Because his facial features are more delicate and deep, and with a melancholy temperament, he is obviously more gratifying to girls than the domineering of Daoming Temple in the play, so after filming this scene, Zhou Yumin became ” “National male god”, but he has different requirements for himself, and the future planning is different. Basically, he has not received many similar idol dramas.

When the other starring film “Meteor Garden” received the soft hand, he rushed to the transition, took the suspense criminal film and television drama “The Heroes of the Big”, and played the war plot “Other Shore 1945”. Although the drama filmed Not too much, but they are all running a good script and transformation.

It is a pity that his transitional road is not particularly smooth, so after 2016, he began to interpret the idol drama. Unfortunately, the audience did not buy it. Floating the street even worse his reputation. At present, he also has a highly configured criminal detective drama “Aversion drama” is about to begin.

Three: Yan Chengxu rotates in the romance drama

Yan Chengxu, who played the “Domineering Male God” Daoming Temple in “Meteor Garden”, became the ceiling of this type of actor after the TV series was broadcast. Without two, it is definitely the most exposed and most film actor among all starring actors.

At the same time, because he has been filming the same type of film and television drama, this has also led to 20 years. His acting skills have not changed. It is still an exaggerated desktop idol drama style. So with the age of age, the film and television drama he appeared on There are also fewer and fewer, and it is rarely seen in film and television dramas.


Four: Yang Yanlin and Li Ronghao married

In addition to the popularity of the protagonist, “Meteor Garden” that year was also very pleasing to the role of “Xiao You” played by Yang Yanlin.

After this broadcast, Yang Yanlin can be described in the four words “smooth sailing” in terms of film and television. “, In terms of music, it is even more full of flowers. Not only has it has a lot of songs with a high degree of singing, but also won the Golden Horse Award for Best Original Song Award for the song” Tattoo “.

And her love story with another popular musician Li Ronghao also gave many people a blessing. At present, her career is successful, her emotional life is stable, and she is very happy.

Five: Zhong Hanliangcheng’s front -line star

At the beginning, Zhong Hanliang played not the protagonist but a small supporting role in “Meteor Garden”. He did not expect that after this show, he became the most stable actor among all actors and the most actors. There are a lot of interpretation roles. From idol dramas to orthodox dramas, from costume dramas to criminal investigation dramas, both decent or villains can be performed well.


Now 20 years, Zhong Hanliang has become the old male god in the minds of many audiences, and has also contributed a lot of classic screen images.


I wonder if you have watched this classic “Meteor Garden” in front of the screen. Which character does the most like in the play?